breaks between homework

josh-is-the-boss  asked:

It's okay if you don't have time to draw! Just get your school stuff done and in between breaks with homework & stuff you can draw, just don't work yourself too hard and make sure you eat and drink plenty of water and always stay safe because you deserve so be in a happy and safe Environment! 💙 love you so much please keep up the good work

Thank u dude, I’ll do my best ♡

Tiny Box Tim and Septiceye Sam decided to paint something for everyone who has their exams/tests coming up soon. They wish you, your friends and families the best of luck. <3 

Lots of love, Septiceye Sam & Tiny Box Tim 

hello everyone ! exams are coming up soon, and i personally wish you all the best of luck. this isn’t just directed to the markiplier and jacksepticeye fandom, but to everyone. please please please; put your health first. remember to eat and to drink, take regular breaks between revision and homework; take naps if you are feeling tired. your health matters all you lovely people !

Save the Worlds was a pretty amazing episode, that felt more like a movie than an episode. SO Have a gif I drew of Penn with a mysterious glowy crystal, whats it gonna do? What’s gonna happen next? We just have to wait and see now huh?

If you like animated shows, or just imaginative stuff in general I’d say take a peek at Penn Zero and catch up, 21 episodes is a breeze to watch when they’re all great. Go on, you wanna be there when new episodes come out!

Penn is a pretty fast draw, nice for breaks between homework. =^D This is probably the most fan art I’ve ever drawn from an animated show in a very long time.