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Just A Babysitter

“I’m going to put Frozen on for you two while we wait for your Mom to pick you up okay?” You laughed as the two little girls cheered and ran behind you.

“Unnie can we have a juice too?”

“Please…” both of the girls chanted trying to convince you to give them a second juice box.

You sighed giving up “okay fine but if your Mom asked I only gave you one.”

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My Daily Routine:

Hi, a lot of you have wanted to know what my routine and schedule was for school days and on weekends/holidays:


  • 6:00 - My alarm goes off at 6 and then I will exercise for (usually on a cycling machine, I go for a run, or I do some kind of HIIT circuit).
  • 6:30 - Then I have a shower and get dressed and ready for school
  • 7:00 - I then go into the kitchen and have breakfast, talk to family and listen to the radio etc.
  • 7:40 - Leave for school. I arrive at 8:10 and lessons start at 8:30. There are 5 lessons a day (each 1 hour long).
  • 15:20 - Lessons finish. I either walk home, but on a few days a week I go to concert band/orchestra until 17:00, and once a week I have a saxophone lesson after school.
  • 16:00 - I get home about 10 minutes before this, get myself a coffee and check tumblr. Then at 16:00 start my homework and making notes. I will usually take short breaks between homework tasks.
  • 19:00 - I usually stop working around this time. I will read a book, watch TV or go on tumblr. Once every 2 weeks I have a Youth Council meeting from 19:00-21:00.
  • 20:00 - I have dinner and watch TV, talk to my family etc. and just generally relax. I have a rule that I don’t work after 20:00 so I can make sure I have the evening to myself and I’m not stressing about school
  • 22:30 - Sunday to Thursday I usually go to bed around this time to make sure I can get enough sleep.


  • 9:00 - Usually I get up around this time and exercise (usally a cycle or run) but sometimes I get up earlier and read/go on tumblr; I’m not very good at sleeping in late.
  • 9:30 - Once I’ve exercised I shower and get dressed etc.
  • 10:00 - Have breakfast and usually start making notes or finishing off any homework I didn’t do after school during the week.
  • 13:00 - Have lunch - on a lot of weekends I will usually have lunch out with friends or family, and if I don’t I will usually go out in the afternoon to see friends for a coffee etc. 
  • The rest of the day is usually spent reading/watching TV/with friends. What I do during the weekends and holidays really varies from week to week and so there’s no routine I do rigidly. I just always make sure I’m up to date with work/studying and that I see my friends and relax a bit ready for the next week of sixth form.
  • Quite a few weekends I volunteer on Saturday for a Mencap children’s daycare. The hours I work on those days are 9:30-15:30.
  • When it gets close to exams and I am on holiday/study-leave then I will spend a lot more of the day studying. Usually I will work 10:00-13:00 and then from 15:00-18:00 with short breaks about once an hour. This gives me 6 hours of good revision a day, but with a long lunch break and the evenings to myself.

exeron  asked:

Oh gosh hi! Fellow Aussie here and going to start the dreaded HSC year (well kind of already in term 2 of it but yeah) What kind of study plan did you have and how did you deal with being clueless about choosing what to do??! Thanks 😅

Hey! Thanks for asking!! Lovely to meet fellow Aussies around tumblr ^_^  tumblr mobile version hasn’t been working lately, so I had to get on the computer to finally type this reply up lol.

  • As for my study plan, if I had to summarise it, I just studied a lot and regularly. Like I did everything assigned. 
  • Everyday after school I would go to the library because I had to wait for my brother to get back from his school, so I’d aim to finish my homework during that period, or at least by 7pm. 
  • The rest of the time I would make my study notes according to the syllabus dot points provided by the Board of Studies for whatever topic I learned that day in class. If you learn everything about those dot points, you will get a Band 6 with little additional effort. 
  • I tried to understand or resolve any problems I had during class time by asking questions as they came up, so that I wouldn’t have to spend time re-learning the content when it came to exam revision. 
  • About 4 weeks prior to exam time, I would allocate time to start memorising everything I wrote under the dot points. 
  • I would do a different subject every day, because it was better than switching to study all 6 subjects for half an hour each day. You can get into the flow of it better. I marked the subjects on a monthly calendar and rotated so that I would study each subject. I would allocate more days for harder subjects like English Advanced, and less time for Agriculture (which I could memorise in no time at all - in fact I probably spent like 3 days during stuvac to revise the whole year’s content). 
  • I’d usually schedule a break between homework and study time for like dinner, a shower, and some light manga reading. 

I’ve made a post about how I chose my degree, so that will be out soon. I’ll tag you in it :D

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aizawa shouta (5)

(shouta gets some help in preparation for the sports festival, and he’s not the only one looking forward to it.  huge thanks to @bokunoheroaca-shame-ia for helping me with an idea for this first scene and getting the ball rolling!!)

Somehow, Shouta legitimately expected not to see Yamada Hizashi again before the sports festival.  Their encounter in the cafeteria felt like a fever dream, bizarre and out of place in the daily grind of high school life.

And yet, here he is.


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Save the Worlds was a pretty amazing episode, that felt more like a movie than an episode. SO Have a gif I drew of Penn with a mysterious glowy crystal, whats it gonna do? What’s gonna happen next? We just have to wait and see now huh?

If you like animated shows, or just imaginative stuff in general I’d say take a peek at Penn Zero and catch up, 21 episodes is a breeze to watch when they’re all great. Go on, you wanna be there when new episodes come out!

Penn is a pretty fast draw, nice for breaks between homework. =^D This is probably the most fan art I’ve ever drawn from an animated show in a very long time.

The Average American High School Student:

Has 24 hours to spend in a day.

-9 hours for healthy sleep of teenager
-9 hours at school (7:30-4:30, when I personally leave and arrive at home)
-6 hours (1 hour homework per class on average)
-1 hour eating/cooking
-.5 hour for hygiene (longer for ladies that spend an hour straightening hair and applying makeup and whatnot)
-3 hours for extracurricular stuff (theatre, football, a job, etc.)
-1 hour for normal social activity with peers (includes concerts, texting, parties, Waffle House at 2 AM etc.)
-1 hour for family social activity (I like to spend time with them because I love them)
-1 hour for chores (We all got ‘em)
-.5 hour for the spacing effect to take place (always take a 15 minute break between homework blocks to learn more)
-8 hours

If one assumes that I only get sleep from midnight to seven, I have -6 hours.

If a student has no job, no extracurricular activities, does not practice a healthy sleep pattern (as stated above), and does not participate in healthy and normal social activities, then and only then can we complete our regular homework.

Meaning a student would have to risk their physical health as well as their mental health in order to maybe pass high school.

In any case, the average high school student has -8 hours every day.
Yet here I am, on my computer, not working, but procrastinating by figuring all this out for the last half hour…

We are not lazy, we are just literally unable to be doing everything we have to.

Tiny Box Tim and Septiceye Sam decided to paint something for everyone who has their exams/tests coming up soon. They wish you, your friends and families the best of luck. <3 

Lots of love, Septiceye Sam & Tiny Box Tim 

hello everyone ! exams are coming up soon, and i personally wish you all the best of luck. this isn’t just directed to the markiplier and jacksepticeye fandom, but to everyone. please please please; put your health first. remember to eat and to drink, take regular breaks between revision and homework; take naps if you are feeling tired. your health matters all you lovely people !

Something He Does That Annoys You

Some are short. Some are long. Oh well. Atleast I fucking uploaded ok? Leave me some preference requests in my ask box. I tend to do preferences more often than imagines because it just seems easier to me, even though I have to do 5 different ideas. But still, I like doing preferences more than any other sort of thing.

Harry - Dancing 

Its not particularly the dancing that annoys you because lets be honest, you love a good boogie. But its the times that he chooses to do it. He will randomly burst out into some random move he saw on the interview and force you to join in. You will tell him that you have to finish something for school or that your supposed to be working (considering you are currently touring with them as a part time stylist) but he will never take no for an answer and will pout his pretty pink lips and widen his perfect green eyes and you always give in, even if you get in trouble for not turning something in completed. Like today for instance, you were sitting on one of the many couches backstage in the room that was dubbed the living room for the boys, set with a full kitchen, tv, gaming system and couch set. You were working on an important essay that one of your teachers had assigned you to be completed over the weekend and it was half finished and due tomorrow. You really wanted to knuckle down and get it done now so later you could enjoy cuddle time with Harry without the stress of school. You had been going good so far with no distractions as it was only midday and there were no fans screaming outside. However, your peace never lasted very long. The boys had decided to come inside and were running around the room you were in, dancing around to the songs that were playing over the radio and making as much noise as possible. It never really bothered you, as you had learnt to tune out the boys a long time ago, but today you were particularly stressed because this task was taking forever to finished. You looked up from your laptop that was perched on your lap and locked eyes with Harry, silently pleading with him to take his shenanigans and the boys into a different room but he apparently was in a playful mood and started to move over towards you, dancing weirdly in front of your tense body.
“Come on baby! Dance with me!” he cheered, holding out his hands for you. You simply shook your head, going back to typing on your laptop.
“Can’t today Hazza. I have a really important essay due tomorrow and I’m barely halfway done,” I explained, hands flying over the keyboard.
“But babbbyyyy! You can finish it later!” he whined, plopping down next to you and snuggling up to your body.
“Harry please not now. I wanted to get this done so later we can do anything we want,” I pleaded with the curly haired lad.
“You’re only stressing yourself out! You need to take breaks in-between homework sessions. You’ve been sitting her for like 3 hours working on this. Just come dance for like half an hour then you can go back to your boring schoolwork,” he said, taking my hands off the keyboard and trapping them in his own soft ones. I sighed, agreeing with the boy.
“Fine. But only 30 minutes,” I sighed defeatedly, closing the lid of my laptop and placing it gently on the table. Harry cheered, yanking me up from my spot and over to the makeshift dance floor. The other boys crowed around us as we all danced like idiots to whatever song came on.

Louis - Pranking
Louis was well known for being the prank master, always coming up with new ways to fuck with his fellow bandmates and crew members. He never usually did anything to you and even if he did, it was never anything that bad. He knew you would always get him back so he usually partnered up with you. Everyone hated when that happened because neither of you knew when to stop and you both usually got into big trouble. But that being said, it never stopped either of you. You had been travelling with the boys for the past few weeks, helping out when you were needed but mostly taking photos and cuddling with your boyfriend. Everyone was quite surprised that you hadn’t played a prank on anyone, little did they know that you were planning something and were just waiting for the right time to hit. You were all currently in New York. It was just past midday and everyone was happily lounging around waiting for their lunch. You were sat on one of the smaller couches, legs over Louis and phone in your hands as you scrolled through your twitter feed, responding to certain comments that made you smile. You had noticed that Lou was trying to get your attention until he began tapping your leg, making your eyes flick upwards to his beautiful face.
“Oh sorry was listening,” you grinned sheepishly, locking your phone and giving the boy your utmost attention.
“I was asking if you were ok. You seem pretty quite as of late and you haven’t tried everything. Its making people worry,” he chuckled, rubbing your thigh soothingly.
“Yeh I’m fine. This is the calm before the storm,” you winked, leaning over to press a light kiss to the corner of his mouth, making him pout.
“FOODS READY CHICKENS!” a loud voice brought you both out of your moment, both of you rushing towards the table to get fed. You hadn’t really eaten much this morning, only a granola bar and a cup of tea, and well Louis had been spending too much time with Niall, so you can say that you were both famished. As you piled your plate high with various bits of food, you watched as everyone around you did the same, Niall pretty much taking half of what was there. You smirked slightly, prancing back to your spot and munching on your food with a shit eating grin on your face.
“Why is she grinning like that?” you heard Liam whispered, making you look up from your plate. You shot him a wink, making his eyes widen in alarm.
“OH FUCK SHES PUT SOMETHING IN THE FOOD!” Zayn squealed, dropping his plate on the ground and spitting out whatever he had in his mouth. Everyone immediately stopped eating, staring at you to see what your reaction was.
“Why would I have put something in the food when I’m eating it?” I laughed, continuing to munch on my bagel.
“She doesn’t have any of the muffins. THERES SOMETHING IN THE MUFFINS!” Harry yelled, chucking his muffin across the room and running around from his pile of food. Everyone immediately discarded of their muffins, making you bend over in laughter.
“She mightn’t have put anything in the rest of the food, but I sure as hell did,” a new voice piped up, making you stop laughing. You looked at your boyfriend in alarm, watching his cheeky grin get even wider than before.
“I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!” Niall cried, hugging his plate close to his chest.
“What the fuck am I eating Louis!” you yelled in fright, dropping your plate onto the table. He just giggled, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “LOUIS TOMLINSON WHAT IS IN THIS FOOD!” you yelled, taking his plate from his grasp and putting it on the table next to yours.
“I just thought everyone needed a bit of help with their sex life. We all know Lux was a sibling,” he shrugged nonchalantly, playing it off as it weren’t a big deal.
“Did you put a fucking hormone pill in the food!” Lou piped up, pausing mid bite and glaring at the naughty boy.
“HEY IN MY DEFENCE I’M EATING IT ASWELL SO EXPECT LOUD NOISES FROM MY HOTEL ROOM!” he held up his hands in mock surrender, wincing when you whacked him across the head.
“Loueh! I don’t have anyone to sleep with! What am I gonna do with all these hormones!” Harry cried, falling to the floor.
“Louis isn’t gonna be there to help you cause he’ll be dead when I catch him,” you glared at the feathery haired boy, seeing his eyes widen before he took of, running out of the room and down the hall. You chased after the boy, warning him of the various things you were going to be doing to him when you caught him. It was only until Paul stepped in that you were finally able to catch up to the fast boy, Paul holding him for a quick second so you could jump on his back, sending you both flying to the floor. You play wrestled with each other, finally managing to pin him down, straddling his waist and holding his hands above his head, faces inches from each other.
“Caught you,” you whispered, leaning down to press a small kiss to his jawline.
“Babe as much as I love this position, I have a bit of a situation going on and I need to take care of it,” he chuckled awkwardly, wiggling his hips around, making you giggle.
“I see the viagra I put in the muffins finally kicked in,” you laughed, making his eyes go wide.
“WHAT THE! And you told me I was the naughty one!” he sighed, not believing what your telling him. You simply winked, rolling off the boy and watching him dart into the closest bathroom to take care of his issue. Yeh… When you both unknowingly teamed up, it turned out to have the best results.

Niall - Impersonating You
Ever since you and Niall had started dating, he always found things you said and do funny and made a habit of impersonating you. Whether it was the way you said a certain word or the way you pursed your lips when you were mad about something, he always exaggerated your movements.
“Niall I’m being serious right now. Stop moving and stay right where I put you,” you demanded, moving his body to where you needed him to stand for the photo. He laughed at your attempt to scare him but moved willingly with your movements until you were where you wanted him. You took your hands off the lad, stepping back slowly and holding your hands out in front of you, as if trying to train a dog.
“Babe I’m not a dog. You don’t have to do that,” he scoffed playful, not moving from his position.
“Well apparently I have to considered you have the attention span of a goldfish,” you joked, moving Harry to his position next to the Irishman.
“Maybe I move because I want you to put your hands on me,” he winked, making you slap him on the chest lightly.
“See Harry’s a good boy and stays where I put him. Why can’t you be good like he is,” you said playfully, moving the other boys into their positions.
“Because Harry’s a kiss ass and just wants you to bake him more cookies,” Niall explained, making the curly haired boy blush.
“In his defence, your cookies are really good,” Louis chimed, high-fiving his bestfriend.
“Yeh yeh whatever. Seriously just stay there guys. It won’t be for too long I promise,” you pleaded, turning around to grab your camera from the table. You turned back around and immediately began taking photos of the boys, calling out things you wanted them to do. It was going fine until Niall decided to move a little too far over, snuggling up to Harrys side. The curly haired boy threw an arm around him, pulling him even closer. You rolled your eyes, taking the photos anyway, deciding it would make a cute ‘Narry’ moment. As you pulled the camera down from your face to check the photos, you caught Nialls gaze and gave him an annoyed look, watching him do a sass finger in return, raising his eyebrows challengingly.
“Alright were done for now since Niall seems to enjoy making this difficult,” you rolled your eyes, said boy copying you not a second later, adding on a sigh. Yeh he annoyed you but you guess it was a cute little perk of his and it made you feel a little better than he only impersonated you. You knew he didn’t do it to intentionally annoy you. He was just doing it to make you laugh. And you did giggle, but never on the outside. Don’t want him to get an even bigger ego.

Zayn - Pranking You
Everyone thinks that Zayn is the quiet and shy one. The one who never really says much and just goes with the flow but they were dead wrong. When he was around the lads or the crew, he was the complete opposite. He had a habit of constantly pranking people, teaming up with Louis most of the time to make your life a living hell. And while it did make you laugh seeing the shocked expression a security guard got when he was covered in a crap ton of whipped cream, you hated it when he did it to you.
“Hey Liam have you seen Zayn? He’s supposed to go get his hair done and Lou is like freaking out,” you approached the kind boy, seriously worried about your boyfriend.
“I think he went outside to play soccer with Louis. Better check on him before he gets kicked in the head or something,” he laughed, remembering the last time those 2 had played with the ball. Lets just say Zayn had to wear more makeup that you normally did to cover an enormous black eye. You nodded, quickly rushing to the back doors, throwing them open and looking around for your tattooed cover boyfriend. You heard Louis’ shouts from around the corner and you took off in that direction, thinking that where the sass master was, your boyfriend wasn’t far behind. It was never a secret that the 2 were always together, plotting something or trying to trick security. As you rounded the corner, you let out a horrified scream at the sight you saw. Zayn was on the ground, clutching his bleeding leg and groaning in pain. You rushed towards him, dropping down onto your knees and desperately trying to work out where the blood was coming from.
“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!” you yelled, turning around the glare at Louis.
“Hey it wasn’t me! He went to go kick the ball and tripped over air,” Louis held up his hands in defence.
“Fucking christ Zayn why do you always feel the need to hurt yourself before a concert,” you scolded the whimpering boy, tugging his hands away from his leg and inspecting the wound. “Wait theres not even a bloody scratch on here.” Laughs suddenly erupted from your ‘injured’ boyfriend as well as from the boy standing behind you, both clutching their stomachs and literally rolling on the floor.
“Jesus christ you should have seen your face!” Zayn giggled, tears pouring out of his eyes.
“Are you serious right now! Zayn what the hell! What if you were actually hurt!” you scoffed, getting up from your kneeling position and walking away from the pair.
“Awww come on babe you have to admit, we totally got you,” he chuckled, standing in front of you and holding your shoulders, preventing you from moving.
“You always do this shit to me. I was seriously worried,” you whined, dropping your head, embarrassment coursing through your body.
“I’m sorry but it was just too hard to resist. I promise I’ll never do it again,” he grinned, pulling you into his arms and resting his head on your shoulder, kissing your jawline softly.
“Fine. But don’t think your getting away with this. Your cooking me dinner for a week and giving me a back massage whenever I ask for one,” you explained, finally wrapping your arms around your stupid boyfriend.
“Of course baby. Anything you want,” he agreed, holding you tight to his chest.
“I can’t promise that I’ll stop pulling shit on ya,” Louis yelled when he ran past us, making you wrench out of Zayns arms and chase the boy inside, yelling expletives as you ran after the boy, a chuckling Zayn following you.

Liam - Working Out Around You
It wasn’t the fact that he was working out, because you seriously loved when he worked out. He would always complain about sore muscles and ask for a back rub and you were happy to comply. Any excuse to touch his body was a win for you. It was the fact that he worked out when he was around you. Whether it was at you guys’ apartment in London, doing simple sit ups and push ups every morning and night, or when you were at one of his concerts when he decided he want to do a quick work out before the show and would run around the arena or do some boxing with the trainer they had on tour with them. You hated it for the simple fact that he looked so fucking hot doing his work out routine that you got all hot and bothered and wanted to fuck him right then and there. So basically, it was a hormone problem. You had never brought up this little problem to him, thinking it would only make him do it more often just so he could get more sexy time. You kept it private, only Lou knew and that was because she had caught you many times peeking around a corner to watch the boy as he did his routine, Hey, you may hate it but that didn’t mean you didn’t want to watch. Take today for example. You were on tour with the boys as an assistant, getting them anything they needed, whilst you completed your final year of online university. You had lost track of the others a short time ago and decided to go and track down your boyfriend. You walked around the large stadium, greeting people as you went and waving to a few fans that had stopped by early in hopes to see the boys. As you entered the back part of the arena where no fans could see in, you spotted your sexy boyfriend in one of the makeshift gyms upstairs. You jogged inside and up the flight of stairs and stood in the doorway of the room, watching as he did sit ups and boxing at the same time, shirtless and extremely sweaty. This was your favourite Liam. When he was completely concentrated on the task at hand, muscles tensed, chest sweaty and hair flopping all over the place. You hid slightly behind the door, watching him as he did his routine; sit up, punch the trainers hand pads a few times and lie back down and then beginning all over again. You had been so focused on the muscles in his chest that you didn’t actually realise he had stopped and was now standing in front of you until a few moments later. You blinked a few times, jumping back and attempting to pretend that you hadn’t been intently watching your boyfriend work out.
“That was slightly creepy. How long were you standing there?” he laughed, wiping his sweaty forehead with a towel.
“Uh not long..” you trailed off, eyes slowly dropping to his lower abdomen, blushing slightly when you realised where you were really going to look.
“Why are you blushin’? It’s not like you haven’t seen it all before babe,” he winked, taking your hand and pulling you to the showers. You stayed silent as you followed the boy, standing awkwardly in the middle of the mens shower rooms, averting your eyes when he started to undress.
“I probably have work to do. I’ll just leave you to your shower,” you chuckled awkwardly, starting to inch your way out. Liam stopped you before you could go, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him, his face stopping inches away from yours.
“Why’ve you gone so shy all of a sudden?” he asked, light nudging his nose with yours.
“I just um..” you trailed off, looking down at your converse clad feet like they were the most interesting things in the world.
“Go on..” he hinted, pressing a light kiss to your cheek.
“I hate when you work out!” you blurted, hands immediately flying up to cover your mouth. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, questioning in his mind why any girl would hate their boyfriend working out. “No I didn’t mean it like that… It’s just it annoys me when you work out like right in front of me because it…” you stopped, immediately turning bright red.
“It….?” he prompted, pulling you even close.
“It makes me horny ok! Whenever I see you working out I just want to fuck you right then and there!” you blushed, tucking your head into his chest in shame. He started to laugh, tilting your chin up so he could see your beautiful face.
“Babe if thats what the problem is then I know a way we can fix that,” he winked, tugging at your shirt. You giggled, lifting your arms up so he could slip it over your head. Lets just say you both got in a lot of trouble for being late to band practice.

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If u have time to go on and reply to asks why don't you have time to update the fics that you started??? You're blog is literally just you replying to anons.

Yes, because replying to the people that follow me is pretty important to me and it doesn’t take a lot of the scarce time I barely even have. I can literally reply to messages at school or anywhere else, and it’s easier to do in between homework breaks than having to plunge myself into a story for like ten or fifteen minutes and then do it again like two hours later when I don’t even remember where I left off. 

If you don’t like that I can’t upload as soon as you would like (or as I would like, for that matter) then unfollow me, or if you’re not even following me then that’s fine. I’d rather have amazing anons who care about me and respect that I have a life that doesn’t revolve around writing than an anon that doesn’t.