Hi all, I was asked for some tips on what to do during a 5 minute break so I decided to make a post about it. However, I do not use the pomodoro technique or anything similar for various reasons but I noticed quite a few people did and thought it would help. So these are the things I do during a short break:

1) Play a song, close your eyes, and take deep breaths

  • This is my personal favorite because it helps me take a moment away from studying and let me body (specifically my eyes) and brain relax.
  • I choose a song that I really connect to at the time.
  • If you are into Spanish Rock, this is the song I currently do this to. I think the beats, lyrics, and pauses are more than perfect.

2) Taking a nice little stroll

  • I try to take mine outside. This helps with clearing your mind and getting your blood and muscles moving.

3) Watch a short video

  • Just remember to not watch more than one! Use SelfControl immediately afterwards if you need to!
  • I tend to watch DIY or organizational videos. (I like watching coffee tutorials from Mokabees and life/organization DIYs from the TheSorryGirls)

4) Eat a snack!

  • Studying requires a lot of energy so try to eat a snack that is both healthy and will power you up! Here is a list of brain food snacks with some recipes. My favorite are avocados and dark chocolate!

5) Quick exercise

  • I tend to do this one if I am home!
  • This especially helps me when I am feeling sleepy but do not want to drink more coffee. A small exercise makes my blood flow and brain alert!
  • I’ll do a one minute exercise of 5 pushups, 15 seconds of jumping jacks, and 15 seconds of in place high knees running. (Got this 1 min workout from the Fabulous app, which also has a 5 min mediation session, 3 min ab workout, 10 min stretching, etc. I know I always mention this app but it is only because I have found it very useful for these types of things!)

6) Have a small chat with a friend or family member

  • If I am in my apartment, I tend to go into the living room and have a quick conversation with one of my roommates. This will help both of you de-stress and have a nice break!
  • Haven’t called your mom, dad, or sibling in a while? Why not do it durin your break! 
  • Remember to keep it short though! Start out the conversation by letting the person know that you are studying and really wanted to talk to them even if it was just for 5 minutes. That way when you have to go, you wont sound rude!

7) Coloring

  • I recently purchased an Adult Coloring book as a de-stressing activity. I know for some people coloring is stressful (I thought the same too) but once you feel comfortable embracing imperfection and that you are coloring for yourself, it can actually be a fun activity!
  • This is the one I have, which doubles-up as postcards! My roommate and I will pick a page and take turns coloring a small section (like a beetle). This makes for a fun alternating break if you are studying with friends!

Those were my personal tips, but here are some more that I found online and thought they were great ideas:

8) A hand massage! 

  • Here are two video tutorials: 1 and 2 (I might try this one out when my hand starts to feel stiff!)

9) Pick a new desktop background

  • This one seems like it would be fun as a break! This would probably take me a long time, since I am a bit picky when it comes to these things.
  • It would probably best to spread this one out throughout multiple breaks if you do not automatically find the one.
  • This is the background I have right now. I downloaded it from Design Love Fest, DLF makes downloadable wallpapers from the art of different artists (with their permission of course!) 

10) Use the Thoughts Room to vent any frustrations or anxieties you may be feeling

  • So in my quest to find things to do on breaks, I found this amazing website by the Quiet Page Project. This one is called The Thoughts Room and you essentially go in, type anything that is bothering you, and see it fade away. I found it really interesting and relaxing.
  • Their other website got me even more excited! This one is called The Dawn Room and you go in, you are asked to type in a message for someone who is feeling upset/sad, and then you receive hundreds of encouraging messages written by others. If you are ever feeling upset I would really recommend using this website, it is very uplifting.

I love to hear feedback on any of my posts, so please feel free to message me what did and didn’t work for you! Also, i’d love to hear about the things you do on your breaks!

Best, Jessica

Fri, Feb 5th 2016 | 4:20pm

Break according to Kristen...

  1. Kristen deserves to take as much fucking time off as she fucking wants.
  2. Our idea of a break and Kristen’s ideas often don’t coincide.
  3. Don’t get prepared for any Kristen withdrawals.

I also want to remind you all that Kristen just told us all recently that she’s “in love” with what she’s doing.  So I’m not holding my breath that this “break” will be overly long.

We will be seeing a lot of Kristen this year:


  • Anesthesia
  • Certain Women/Sundance
  • Equals
  • Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (set for November release)
  • Woody Allen Movie (should be released this year)
  • Personal Shopper (Cannes???)
  • Chanel Métiers d'Art photoshoot

And least we all forget she already has the Lizzie Borden film that she’s attached to.  So whether 1 month or 10 until Kristen steps in front of a movie camera again, we will be seeing plenty of her.

more on Kristen and breaks….

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