My favorite kind of characters are those goofball, comic relief characters that are very happy and nice. then we learn bit by bit about them and their underlying traits, maybe some self esteem issues, maybe why they’re so happy and optimistic. they get some character development here and there and maybe a bit of subplot revolving around them

and then we see them break

It’s Monday, and I hope you are enjoying your Easter! It looks like Ian and Cortland might be, so why not pop over and have a read of the latest page?

Breaks Webcomic page #68

Number 68 huh. That is a big scary number and it is also the last page of issue 3. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in issue four, right? Well, I already know, and I can promise you there will be some interesting developments to say the least.

My own tentative title for the script for issue four was: “The Yogurt Liberation Front!” I think I will leave that one without comment…

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Oh also friendly psa: don’t take a break from school work by going on Tumblr until you start-up your work again. Aside from running the chance of getting lost in space and time and refreshing your dash in a state of internalised silent panic until your eyes burn out of your skull at 4am, you will also find that your eyes and body won’t get a break from the work - just your brain. To take a proper break which will rejuvenate you for more work, which is the purpose of a break, you gotta get up off the computer and go rest your eyes away from a screen. 

Here’s some-things you can do:

  • make a drink 
  • bounce a ball (really great for relieving tension)
  • stretch
  • eat something (no refined sugars and fat, that will slow your brain down)
  • jog (on the spot for a timed minute is enough)
  • draw some faces
  • brainstorm an idea for something fun - on paper! 
  • (eyes closed, lie down if you can)
  • take a 15 minute nap (ONLY FOR DISCIPLINED TYPES)

Remember that the longer you drain your brain the slower it works, your productivity levels decrease and you get angry; a good model for time management is to break up an hour and a half study time into blocks: 

20 mins work
5 mins break
20 mins work
5 mins break
20 mins work
20 mins break

Try it! You will get better work done in three slabs of 1.5 hours than you will in one night of back breaking, brain draining marathon studying. Plus, you won’t be so frustrated, annoyed and tired after; sustainable studying is essential for getting through study in one piece.