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Favorite Television Characters

Breakout Kings
» Lloyd Lowery, Played by Jimmi Simpson 
     ⌊ I can see your lady boner. 
     ⌊ Jules, I totally finger blasted that guy!
     ⌊ My god that is your natural scent. Woman, you smell like cake.
     ⌊ I’m so close, I just can’t…It’s like trying to find the G-spot.

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“Julianne…. I feel like… every relationship–or, or pairing–is unique, y'know? I mean, look at Rodney and Lorraine, and what they went through to be together. And I realize the only advice that I should have headed is Alfred Lord Tennyson’s, because… I think it is better to have loved and lost, then… to never have loved at all. And I just want to tell you… that I love you.”

Lloyd Lowery to Julianne Simms, 1.07 "Ain’t Love (50) Grand?“