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Battle Mentality.

Easily one of the most memorable aspects of breaking for many, Battling may be considered as a crucial element of breaking.

However, many are forgetting the essence of creativity. For example, Minnesota(MN) Joe above in the video is shown using many of his own footwork steps, freeze variations and combos. However if you look at some of his battles he doesn’t use seem to use them. Perhaps he’s trying to save rounds, sets or combos, but his style seems generic in battles compared to the complexity of his moves in this video.

MN Joe is dope, and I don’t mean to rat on him, far from it, many cats do it, they pull out just regular power and it’s mostly to do with the industrialization of break competitions. Nor am I saying the industrialization of break competitions is bad, it’s just being done with carelessness because it’s being run by people who don’t understand the dance. Yeah, flips and crazy powermoves will earn some hollers from the crowd, but even those will get boring eventually if done repeatedly. Unless you do it a certain way. As a crew, Renegades, and most likely many other have said, “It’s not what but how you do it.”

Style is everything. Take your time when you get down, even if it is a battle! Even the generic, improper, media-given name “Breakdance” has the the word dance in it…so Dance. Or Break, your call. Just be yourself, your turn to dance, your moves.

Video : 

MN Joe “Finding Balance” | STRIFE.TV

Break Life, Homie.
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quarter final battle against dean (filthee feet) in victoria this past weekend. my first bboy outing by myself and i had a really dope weekend.  probably some of the best runs ive done in a long while hahaha