Reblog if you have ever had a miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth or lost your baby due to any other reasons. I bet 99% of people know the ribbon of breast cancer but do you know the ribbon of loss? Did you know that it’s also more common to loss a child/baby then it is to get breast cancer yet speaking about child loss is sooo hush hush. No longer will I hide in silence. No longer will I keep quiet. I LOST A BABY GIRL. I HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY CHILD LOSS.

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I'm looking into Israel-related charities currently, so I'd like to get your thoughts on them. I am a proud Zionist, but I also want to help Palestinians. With that in mind, how do you feel about Hadassah? Ifnotnow?

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I personally have never heard Hadassah talk much about the Conflict- I would assume that they maintain a very neutral stance so that they do not alienate anyone that sits on the political right or left.

I would recommend not donating to IfNotNow.  Similar to Aipac’s shift further towards the political right over the past few years, IfNotNow is shifting to the far-left.  Both the far right and the far left are dangerous territories to sit in as they tend to be pretty divisive, “black and white,” and extremist in nature.  A recent example is how the Chicago chapter of IfNotNow not only didn’t condemn the Dyke March organizers for removing Jews from their march, but they congratulated them.  I do not donate to organizations that promote exclusion or antisemitism - even if they are branded as a Jewish organization.

But there are many pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian, pro-peace, organizations out there!   The following (some are just pro-Israel, but not inherently anti-Palestinian) come to mind right away!

I hope that this helps!


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all this time i thought hash browns were some type of brownie, but now i finally found out the truth and w t f……….

this changes every breakfast at a diner scene ive ever read


since my sister happened to find my blog and i value having some goddamn privacy more than everyone being able to read my writing while my family is going through one hell of a terrible situation, i have temporarily changed my url. i am also on a semi-hiatus now, due to said situation. thanks for your understanding+concern!! ill stay in touch