brilliant-but-scary-bad-wolf asked:

How do you think Arya’s story will end?

I’m sure Arya’s story will end as happily as possible, with family, in Winterfell. donewithwoodenteeth has a nice post about how marriage might factor into Arya’s future, and I definitely think that’s a possibility. In The Sworn Sword, Lady Rohanne Webber (short, thin, small breasted, skilled with her weapon) fell in love with Dunk (poor boy from Flea Bottom) and she wanted to marry him if she had been free to follow her heart; I can see some Arya parallels there. The ice zombie invasion is going to cause a lot of the old social order in Westeros to break down, and perhaps people wouldn’t care so much about a noblewoman marrying a commoner like Gendry, assuming Gendry survives. Or Arya could meet someone new in her future, idk.

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