I miss you too and this is easily the hardest thing I’ve had to do. But who knows what will happen later on down the road. Love you too

Dating someone when you both are dealing with addiction is hard. We are both so in love with each other still, but we had to break up. I’m doing really well and staying sober, him on the other hand is still in his addiction and can’t forgive me for hurting him while I was drinking. I miss him. And i hate that I lost my best friend. But maybe, down the road, we will both grow up and somehow find our way back to each other again.

A-Z Prompts: Mikey

Requested by: Anonymous

E, F, H, O for the Mikey Prompts :>


Michelangelo would play it off cool, as though he knows what he’s doing and that he’s totally chill about it, but in reality he’s freaking out. There’s quite a size difference between you two, in that he’s a 6-foot mutant turtle, and you are a fragile human that could break if pushed too hard, and as well he knows very little on the ins and outs of the whole thing (no pun intended ;) he’ll end up blushing until he’s as red as Raphael’s bandana, and he’ll be very quiet and unsure of his actions. It doesn’t take much for you to be able to show him what to do, and after the first few times Mikey is more than capable of doing things on his own from then on.


As much as you love Michelangelo’s humour and light-hearted nature, his immaturity can sometimes be a pain, and it can sometimes mean he isn’t taking things seriously, which can get on your nerves when you need him to be mature for 5 minutes. You hate shouting at him, but times when you are trying to talk to him seriously, and he just jokes about, makes you angry, and so you can’t always help losing your temper with him. It never lasts more than an hour though, because the way his eyes grow and cloud over with built up tears, and the way he pouts and sulks, makes it incredibly difficult to stay mad at him. You hate seeing him upset, especially when it’s your doing, so you can’t help but cave in and hug him until he forgives you after a while has passed.


Mikey probably wouldn’t even let you cover them up. He’d blush if one of his brothers pointed them out, but he’d stick his chin in the air and proudly proclaim that, yes, he did leave them there, and yes, you are his, and his only. You, obviously mortified by the fact Mikey is so obviously pointed to the marks on your neck, find it cute how proud he is of his artwork, and you go along with it just to see that smile he gives when looking at them.


It would probably include you yelling at him for putting himself in harm’s way, or almost getting seen by humans, and he’ll start making jokes or being his usual immature self while you are stood there worrying and freaking out. You’ll probably yell something like “This isn’t funny Mikey! For one second, could you not be so immature,” and he’ll suddenly become quite quiet, because he’s realised you are actually being serious. You’ll get exasperated, and eventually storm out of the lair, trying to clear your head before you seriously lash out and hurt his feelings even more. Later that evening you’ll be sat at home, feeling quite down at having hurt your boyfriend, when they’ll be a knock on the window. You’ll turn around only to find the apologetic face of your turtle boyfriend, perched out on the fire escape, holding a box of pizza and an extra game controller. And that’ll be that; neither of you will have to say anything for you both to know how sorry you are, and you’ll spend the rest of the evening as though nothing ever happened, and you are just as you have always been.

i was tagged by @sul-sul to do the handwriting challenge!! thank u so much ♥

i havent written anything down in like,, a solid week cuz ive been on break lmao my hand cramped up writing this

anywayz!! i tag: @winterbjorn, @finniepanda, @graentea, @seabubblee, @paragon-polygon, @granitesfall, @cat-nerd-sims, aaaand @lemonheadsims !!! also omg pls dont feel obligated to do this if u have already/dont want to!!

ive put a transcription under the cut bc my handwriting is a lil messy and hard to read ://

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Chasing Light

I hastily scrambled for a glimpse of sun breaking the rain

I stumbled and fell hard as the clouds never stirred to change

Luminous beauty and enveloping darkness are one and the same

Dawn lights candles the dusk will quench time and again

hina + yams hanging out in chapter 244 (。’▽’。)
in this universe, it’s been a year since the last time you told me you wanted me.

in a parallel universe, i never found the nerve to tell you how i felt. so we just faded with the ebb and flow of the ocean.

in another one, that first argument killed us. you were never mine and i was never yours. that’s a hard line to write.

in another, i didn’t cave in on myself when you said break. it was just a word. it didn’t have anything to do with bones or veins.

in another, i make it to california and we are happy. i wear roses in my hair and your skin always tastes like salt.

in another, i make it to california and we break up anyway. i hold a grudge against the west coast and use your name and your city interchangeably.

back in this universe, i think i finally get it. we may have gone up in flames, but it was still better to burn out than fade away.
I Need You. Justin Foley

Originally posted by void-obriens

Walking down the hall after hearing your tape was hard. Hannah was your best friend and though she didn’t say anything bad about you, it was still hard knowing you were a reason why she did what she did. Nothing felt the same, the nothing looked the same. Everything was different now. 

“Y/N!” You heard. You stopped in your tracks at the sound of Justin’s voice. 

You were Justin’s ex after Hannah and before Jessica. The break up was hard on you because you thought he actually cared. You were wrong. Though now he knew since Hannah took it amongst herself to make sure he knew. Yes you were grateful but you were mortified at the fact of everyone knowing. 

“What do you want, Justin?” You sighed. “Can we talk?” He asked. “No, we can’t. Jessica is waiting for you.” You snapped. “Please, Y/N. I just want to talk.” He begged. You looked at him for a moment before giving in. 

“Fine. Whatever.” You said. You followed him warily into the empty gym. 

“Did you listen to your tape?” He asked. “Yep. Even in death Hannah is still looking out for me.” You chuckled. “Was what she said true? Were you in love with me?” He asked, getting right to the point. “After everything that’s happened you still think she’s  liar?” You scoffed. 

“No, it’s just-can you please answer the question?” He asked. “Yes, Justin. I did love you. I thought you were different but you’re just like every other guy.” You snapped. “Y/N have you ever thought of listening to my side of the story?” Justin asked, his voice getting louder. 

You ran your fingers through your hair, looking down at your feet. ‘Don’t let him see you cry.’ You thought to yourself. “Your side of the story doesn’t even matter anymore. You broke my heart and didn’t even bother to help me pick up the pieces. You left me alone. I mean did you even care?” You yelled. 

“Did I care? Of course I cared, Y/N. I still care. For christ sake, I love you.” He replied. The whole room went silent. You looked up at him, tears still welling in your eyes. 

“W-what?” You stuttered. “I love you, Y/N. Always have and probably always will.” Justin said. “But what about Jessica?” You asked him. “I broke up with her this morning. Being with her didn’t feel right. Not even close to how it felt being with you.” He answered. 

Before you say anything, you go back to what Hannah said in your tape. 

“Y/N Y/L/N, I love you and you are my best friend which is why I’m doing this for you. Justin Foley was a narcissistic ass to everyone at Liberty High. Until he met you. You love him. He fills the void your parents left when they dropped you off at a foster home. You’re in love with him. And no matter how much it pains me to see you love a dick like him, you need him. So go get him.” 

You look back to Justin and before your brain could even respond to the rest of your body, your lips were already on his. Instantly, Justin kissed back. 

“I need you, Y/N” He said when the two of you pulled apart. “I need you too.” 

i. i crawled across the bathroom floor, my heart tied to one snapped heel, because i’d been taught supplication, not domination. you laughed and stomped on my fingers and i licked blood from the sole of your boot.

ii. i grew thorns instead of fingernails and barbed wire instead of a smile. i wrote it all over my body: ‘DO NOT TOUCH ME, I WILL MAKE YOU BLEED.’ ‘I WAS SOFT ONCE, BUT NEVER AGAIN.’ No one noticed until it was too late.

iii. him, for instance: soft-lipped, sweet-smiled boy with cool hands and a laugh like breaking clouds. i whittled him down, kissed hellish silence and late-night storms into his skin even after he begged for mercy. he stabbed himself in the neck with his favorite pen, because i’d taught him that the things you love hurt the most.

iv. i picked up your bad habits: your bite, your hard eyes, your fingertips that felt like honey and acted like arsenic. should a boy ever drag himself across bloodied linoleum and hold his hands out to me, i won’t hesitate to impale his wrist with the snapped heel i never bothered to fix – i was taught supplication, but now i’ve been taught to kill what loves me the most.

v. thank you for taking me apart and putting me back together loud and bloody. i no longer hear my own screams, as the screams of my lovers are louder.

—  I PICKED UP YOUR BAD HABITS // abby, day 235

For some reason I keep expecting a text from him. Maybe to say sorry or to just say hi. And I do miss him. I miss talking to him and late night phone calls. But not as much as I thought, I think it’s because those were becoming few and far in between, and I got used to silence, so this isn’t much difference. I know I’ll miss him. I know it’ll be hard for quite a bit. I’ll miss the hugs and kisses, but more the sense of comfort I had. How we fit just right. But again, not as much, because he was pulling away, and he was distant even when those happened. I’ll miss how we used to be, not who we’ve been these last few months. I’ll cry because the good times are really gone and I’ll smile because the bad times are done and past and he won’t ever make me feel insignificant again.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Hogwarts Jehanparnasse
  • Meeting in detention
  • One for testing out ‘herbs’ in Herbology, One for throwing Hexes at a certain blonde Slytherin 
  • Montparnasse stares at them in Awe for the full afternoon 
  • (and stares wondering why they are wearing a glittery robe) 
  • (and why do they have cornish-pixie hair clips)
  • meeting up in the room of requirement for a required make out session 
  • Montparnasse teaching Jean subtle hexes to avenge themselves 
  • Jehan helping Montparnasse with Herbology 
  • Dates in the Forbidden Forest 
  • Jehan protection squad Patron Minette 
  • Montparnasse wearing Jean’s knitted jumper over the Christmas break
  • Mx.Prouvaire inviting Montparnasse to spend Christmas with them
  • Sneaking into Slytherin dorms to make out 
  • Having a fight with the riddle-teller at the Ravenclaw dorms because it’s damn hard to get in okay
  • Jehan cheering for Chaser!Montparnasse 
  • Jehan wearing his boyfriend’s Numbered Shirt (and nothing else) 
  • Drinking Firewhisky in the Astronomy tower, talking Philosophy 
  • Jean sees that he can see the Thestrals too
  • Montparnasse finally does not feel like he is the only one touched by death 
  • Just two queer wizards being in love 

    Dedicated to @petalprouvaire In honour of our planned shoot and general 5am HC’s

anonymous asked:

Could you do fic on what would have happened if bughead decided to take a break/break up after their argument in 1x10. Thank you 😊

Sure thing! I’ll give it a go!

His head was aching for the third time today, it seemed that he had forgotten about these damn migraines over the past few weeks. He would credit that to Betty Cooper, his girlfriend, well his ex girlfriend now. He felt the familiar throb at the thought of her no longer being in his life, wincing as the pain hit him especially hard. The headaches had been sparse during his relationship with Betty, she kept him busy, kept the thoughts at bay, even when things seemed to be settling down and his head was free to think , she always managed to relieve the tension, be it over lazy kisses on her bed or in depth conversations about his favorite movies and her favorite books. She always seemed to know when his mind began wandering, abruptly stopping any headaches from pushing through with her witty banter and overall calming presence.

But that was gone, Betty was gone. After the explosion at his sixteenth birthday party, he hadn’t heard a thing from her, the closest he got to physical contact was when she brushed past him in the halls, her eyes always downcast and her ponytail whipping harshly. As for the blue and gold, their only communication was through email. Betty’s straight to the point emails made his heart ache, he missed her silly emails in the middle of the day with revisions for his articles, heart emojis and words of encouragement were commonplace, now they simply said “okay, I will submit this. Thank You - Betty Cooper.” It was all so formal if made him sick.

He knew he was wrong, knew he had gone too far, shoving Archie in her face like that, belittling her. He hated himself for bringing tears to her eyes, but the part of him that was too stubborn for his own good refused to apologize. He was just voicing how he felt, she didn’t listen, she wasn’t thinking. Archie strolled into the student lounge depositing his bag with a thud and sitting across from Jughead, eyeing him with concern.

“How ya feeling man? Still got that headache?”

Jughead nodded before shrugging his shoulders “it happens” he mumbled, placing his book down, Archie looked nervous. That was never a good sign. “What’s up pal?”

Archie dropped a hand behind his neck and began rubbing nervously
“Listen jug, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this but Cheryl is already on the prowl getting ready to spread it like wildfire.” He sighed, shifting in his seat. Now Jughead was worried, was it about Betty? Had Cheryl done something to her? Had Chuck?

“What’s going on?” He asked anxiously.

Taking another deep Breathe Archie finally spit it out

“Trev is going to ask Betty out today after school. He pretty much told the whole football team. Apparently all the vixens are encouraging her to go out with him, something about getting over you and how this is the first step. Veronica explained it to me but I missed about half of it. Whatever. Anyway I just wanted you to know in case…” Archie was cut off quickly as Jughead flew out of the chair, racing out of the study lounge.

“Oookkkayyy.” He shrugged carelessly, flopping down on his back and closing his eyes. He needed a nap, that was stressful as hell.

Meanwhile Jughead was practically tripping over himself on his search for Betty. She couldn’t go out with Trev, not again, maybe Betty could get over him but Jughead had to let her know… he was never gonna be over her. He spotted her standing by the water fountain, her long legs barely covered by her cheerleading uniform. He was moving so fast he nearly barreled into her quickly catching himself as Betty stumbled into the wall.

“Woah. What on earth?” She mumbled, catching her balance and looking up at the beanie wearing boy “Jughead? What do you want?” She didn’t say it in a harsh tone, she was merely asking her eyes sad and defeated, she was tired of running away from him. Well good because he wasn’t about to let that happen ever again.

“I’m sorry.” He started, quickly catching Betty’s hands as she shook her head, opening her mouth to argue “I’m sorry about everything I said, I was so angry, not at you, at me. All you were trying to do was throw me a party. I shouldn’t have said those mean things to you. I know I’m an idiot but I can’t lose you Betty. It’s asking a lot I know but if you could just…. not go out with Trev. I’m sure he’s a great guy but he’s not right for you. He’s too… good.” He scrunched his nose, his hands squeezing hers almost painfully.

Betty looked up at him after a few seconds, her eyes wide and a soft smile gracing her lips

“I was never going to go out with Trev. You were right he’s not my type. I’m so sorry Juggie, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have pushed you, I knew you didn’t want the party and I did it anyway, I just…. there’s something very wrong with me. Something we should talk about later.” She glanced around the crowded hallway nervously.

Jughead nodded in understanding tugging her just a little closer
“Tonight at pops, dinner on me. We can talk it out. All of it. For now though…” he trailed off, his eyes finding hers.

“We’re okay.” She whispered softly “a work in progress.” She smiled.

Jughead released a heavy breathe and dropped his forehead to hers

“I can work with that.” He sighed, bringing his lips to hers.

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Do you have any advice for drawing hair? I seem to have the most difficult time with it. Any tips?

I feel you, anon. Hair is hard. Here’s a few things I’ve picked up though:

Hair almost never falls straight. Even if the person you’re drawing has straight hair it’s not going to fall in a straight line. Also, less is generally more when it comes to adding lines/detail. And any lines you do include should rarely all be parallel to one another because it can look stiff and unnatural that way.

Try to break the hair down into larger sections. Hair tends to form into parts that fall in different directions together. 

Hair really doesn’t all go in the same direction, having different parts go different ways will give it volume and make it more realistic.

Other than that just keep working at it, don’t be afraid to let it be messy, hair is usually messy in some way or another. Sometimes blocking in a solid colour can also help you see whether you’ve got a good shape going or not.

Hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I LOVE the diverse way you draw faces and characters and I was wondering if you have any tips on how you do that? Too often when I practice drawing I get stuck in that "same face" rut and I struggle to branch out. It's hard for me to make it look natural and I usually end up so disheartened that I stop practicing for long amounts of time, which I know is not helping me at all. Again, absolutely love your art style. :)

Oh shucks ! Thank you friend. ‘Same Face TM ‘ is probably the hardest thing to break. Drawing in your comfort zone is relaxing and falling into patterns happens to everyone. I’m gonna tell you tho – it takes a lot of crummy drawings and tests to get into the more natural exploration. You just gotta keep pushing yourself! So here’s a little exercise I tend to do daily ( or every other day ). I give myself a time limit of about 10-15 minutes. I draw a bunch of random shapes 

And then I just take those shapes put faces in them. I don’t let myself think too much because the moment I start to they get harder and harder to draw! So here’s the result of my 10 minute time restraint

Voila! Just a bunch of random faces for kicks. And then you leave it and try it again the next day and so on and so on. I also tend to just look at people and their expressions / face shapes. Just observing can really go a long way for making it click. This is what’s helped me to look at faces and push / exaggerate things in ways that fit. I hope this is sort of helpful anon!