Walking near the front of the entrance, I managed to find someone who was willing to talk to me! She told me that she was the caretaker of the park, but sometimes on her breaks, she’d like to pump up the jam (whatever that means), near the stereo.

Me: I’m Xing! What’s your name?
Lady: I’m Racheal, how’re you feeling today Xing?
Me: I’m feeling quite awesome, I love what you’ve done with the park! Do you usually take care of plants? I’ve just been starting myself and it’s hard work!
Racheal: Once you get used to it, you can do everything quite efficiently. Also, you might be able to evolve plants, and fertilize them! Oh!! Just you wait until you can graft!

All of this terminology was spinning around in my head, and I didn’t know hardly anything. On Sixam, the only plants we had were tended to by the planet itself, so we had no need for gardening.

Racheal: Oh I’m scaring you, aren’t I? Don’t worry, once you’ve increased your skill, I can tell you more about it. Meanwhile, I’ll lend you my– HEY! DON’T PLAY WITH MY PETUNIAS!

Racheal ran off to stop some teenagers from messing up her flowers. I think I’ve just made my first friend!

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Hey, do you still play Splatoon? I haven't seen much of it on your blog lately. I understand if you're taking a break from it or are like me and just plain fed up with it, I was just curious is all ^^; And congrats on beating Wind Waker! It's the only Zelda game I've ever beat (not that I've played many), and boy was it frustrating for someone not used to games like that. x.x

i know a lot of ppl have sorta grown away from it, but i actually do still play quite a bit of splatoon!! i dont blame people who dont play so much anymore, these days it’s hard to avoid all the overkill jerks who play, it really infuriates me and turns me off from the game tbh…

otherwise i guess ive just sorta moved on from drawing a lot of squid stuff!! i drew my squids the other day for a first time in awhile actually tho, hah.

WINDWAKER WAS pretty tricky for me, i dont usually like looking up hints when i play games but i had to look up a lot of stuff for this game to help me move forth. SO I FEEL U… it’s worth it in the end tho :’)

I’ve learned today that mom of my childhood’ best friend had passed away. I remember her as warm, patient and carrying lady. She would drive me home tho it was like two blocks away. Both she and her husband, my friend’s dad, seemed like nice couple, a bit cuckoolanders - they were scientists after all, but in good way. And it seemed my friend had a good relationship with them. It’s hard to tell how she’s doing now. We are no longer that close, as I haven’t talked with my friend for a year. I know now my job today was to distract her from thinking about it all, and give her some sense of normalcy, but…

 It seems strange, like some break in reality. We kind of expect things to remain as they were, to be forever. That we can go back and pick up as they were. Death in all of this is a distant thing. It doesn’t happen to us, it doesn’t happen to anyone we know. Until it does. And then things can’t be as  they were.

Please, if you pray, give one to my friend, her mom, and their family.

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Birthday: 20.03.1997

Gender: Male

Relationship: nah..

Favorite Subject: hmmm.. don’t know

First three songs on shuffle:

1. Motörhead-  electricity

2. Destroyer 666- blood for blood

3. Sargeist- Burning Voice of Adoration

Siblings: one brother

Height: 2,03 meters (6′8)

Favorite color(s): black

Pets: a bearded dragon 

What time do I wake up?: as late as possible ^^

Last thing I googled: correct pronuncation of Batushka

Favorite Books: Jungsmusik by michael göhre

Favorite Bands : hard question.. its just way too much.. take a look at my blog, there are some of them ^^

Favorite TV shows: hmm.. i like some series: Dexter, prison break, vikings etc.

Dream job: probably musician 

Why I made my blog: it’s just a different way to express myselfe i think

Lemonade or Iced Tea: cold beer

Cats or Dogs: Dogs !

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Day or Night: Night

Text or Call: Text

Meet a celebrity: is hans fyrste (Svarttjern) a celebrity ?^^

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Request prompt: Any member of BTS or Got7; AU or not doesn’t matter; >3,000 words; give me the fluffiest story you’ve ever written (MAKE ME CRINGE); I want ALL the context and backstory (I wanna KNOW these characters); entry level job (retail/food industry) setting (AU: maybe they're coworkers, NOT AU: maybe they bump into each other); I want to be blushing so hard at the end of it that it makes you blush. Do you accept this challenge? ;)

This took me over 3 hours to write… but enjoy. (it was so much ㅠㅠ)

Let’s Play

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You put your head on Tae’s lap. His didn’t perturb him at all, he was used to this. After 5 years of knowing each other, nothing was new. You had been through all his break ups and girlfriends. Most of the time they were jealous of how close you were with him, and your boyfriends weren’t too happy about it either. You remember one girlfriend Tae had. Her name was Sara, she was so clingy, and got mad so easily. One day she walked in on you helping Tae make her food. She went ballistic, calling you all sorts of names, almost tearing the house apart. She broke up with him that day, he cried. He felt that it was his fault. 

“Tae,” you said poking his chest. “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat!”

“Y/N not now!” Tae said, his tongue in between his teeth. He smashed the buttons trying to get past the level on Mario Kart. You huffed sitting up. You watched him play for a little while and then began to push him. He grunted, still focusing on his game. You frowned, and began to poke him, he swatted you away with his free hand. You scowled, and drape yourself over him, covering his hands. Your hands covered his eyes, so he swerved off the track.

“Y/N!” Tae pouted, as the game sounds announced his loss.

“What?” you said smiling up at him. He rolled his eyes pinching your cheek. 

“Let’s get food,” he sighed, standing up. You fell of his lap and landed onto the floor with a soft thump. Tae giggled, and helped you up. You grabbed his hand when he hoisted you up, he hugged you. You felt yourself blush, your heart pounding.

“Y/N,” Tae said quietly. “What do you want to eat?”

“Ya! Tae! I can’t believe you,” you laughed pushing him away. He laughed, giving you a square smile. You both headed out and went to your favorite fried chicken place. On the way you passed by the cafe “Cafe Bean.” You smiled looking at the place.

“Hey Tae,” you said, tapping his arm. You pointed at the cafe and smiled. He laughed, nodding. 

“Y/N,” Jimin’s voice greeted your ears and you looked up from your foamy drink.

“You’re late,” you said annoyed.

“Sorry babes,” he smiled. “I had to pick up Tae.”

“Don’t call me that,” you said as a boy stepped out from behind Jimin. He had a blank expression, his fluffy brown hair falling over his eyes. His stripped sweater going tastefully with his jeans. 

“Hi I’m Y/N,” you said getting up and smiling at the boy.

“Taehyung,” the boy said. His expression changed suddenly, he looked at you as though he had never seen a girl before.

“Want some shaved ice?” Jimin said taking a seat.

“The green tae one is really good,” you said, going back to your drink.

“Okay, I’ll go get it,” Jimin said. You opened your mouth to protest, you didn’t want to be stuck with some stranger you didn’t know. But he walked away before you could say anything.

“Y/N do you like Jimin?” Tae asked.

“No,” you laughed. His face broke into a smile, it was so square.

“You have an interesting smile,” you laughed.

“Do I?” Tae asked. After that day, you guys hang out more and more, becoming closer friends. 

“Chicken! Chicken!” Tae clapped his hands, happily. You laughed, watching him like a happy child. You guys entered the store, and said hello to the lady who ran to the store. She smiled at you guys, and lead you to a table in the back. You sat down and ordered straight away, the lady came back placing a plate of steaming chicken in front of you.

“Welcome back you two,” she said smiling. 

“Thank you,” you said, smiling at her. You kicked Tae under the table, he was too busy staring the food to notice.

“You’re welcome dear. You two would make such a cute couple, are you sure you’re not dating?” she asked, peering down at you two. You flushed, and shook your head.

“She would make any man happy!” Tae said smiling at the woman. She chuckled and left you alone with Tae.

“Tae, why did you say that?” you asked, your heart pounding.“No reason,” he said starting to eat the chicken. Your heart sank and you began to eat as well. You finished your meal in peace, and head out. The lady sending you happy glances on your way out.

“Want to go to the arcade?” Tae asked, you nodded. He smiled and took your hand leading through the streets. You stared at him while you walked through the streets. What was going on? Tae was being cuddler than usual, and the comment. Your face heated up at the thought. He stopped suddenly, and you collided into his back.

“Tae?” you said looking up at the back of his head.

“Y/N do you like Jimin?” he asked.

“Come on, you know I don’t,” you laughed.

“Do you like anyone?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” you said, before you could stop yourself.

“I like someone too,” he said. Your heart was thumping so hard it hurt against your chest.

“Tae…” you whispered.

“The girl I like… she is kind, and smart. And is always there for me. I don’t think I could live without her,” Tae said. You pulled your hand out of his.

“She sounds great. Did you tell her this?” you asked, hanging your head so he couldn’t see the tears forming in your eyes.

“Y/N, it’s you silly,” he said, cupping your head in his hands. Tae’s smile faded when he saw your tears.

“Do you not like me back?” he asked softly.

“No, I do. I just thought it was someone else,” you gave him a watery smile.

“Y/N,” Tae laughed, and pulled you into a hug, kissing the top of your head. 

shoutout to the students who, in their pursuit of education, cannot afford to even go see a film at the cinema

shoutout to the students who had to give up their dream schools because they couldn’t afford it

shoutout to the students who recycle their stationery year after year

shoutout to the students illegally downloading books and textbooks because they can’t afford even the e-book versions

shoutout to the students living on the cheapest coffee

shoutout to the students who have sewed their bags/backpacks over and over again because they can’t afford a replacement

shoutout to the students working part time and full jobs to make ends meet and pay their bills

shoutout to the students who have to give up their passions, indulgents and going-outs because extra money is hard to come by

shoutout to the students affording to go to school, but too poor to do anything else

shoutout to the students that run themselves thin in the process of getting an education

shoutout to the students that prevail despite all this

shoutout to the students who need to take a break from all of this

you’re great

I’ve been trying to quit smoking and I do really great until someone says your name and then I go out and smoke a whole pack in three hours.
Last time we spoke, two weeks ago, I told you whatever we were, it wasn’t working, and you told me you were blocking my number because we always end and you were sick of being the one fucked up about it.
I laughed about that later when I finished crying. To imply that you were the only upset one feels like an insult to all the days I wasted trying to forget your face.
My mom told me she thought I did the right thing, but she still understood my sadness and consoled me while I cried and we watched the golden girls.
We’ve done that before, when you left me five years ago. I didn’t eat for a week until she told me that if I didn’t eat that day she was putting me in the hospital.
I choked down toast and wanted to vomit every single time I thought of you and the way you looked at me and lied to me about the reason you were leaving.
Even though we’ve loved each other since then, I still want to throw up now, half a decade later, when I think about that summer without you.
I attempted to drown your memory in cheap vodka and I tried to burn you away with cigarettes and weed but your name was already etched into my veins.
I saw a psychiatrist that summer. He asked what I wanted and I said I wanted to eat again. I wanted my hands to stop trembling and I wanted to feel something other than sad.
I’ve heard that if you really love someone, you never truly stop.
I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that with every beat of my heart, a part of me aches for you even now.
I wanted this to say something that I don’t know how to say directly to you, but the things I think translate best when left in my head.
I’m sorry I can’t find the words.
I leave before I am left now
And I don’t think my heart could handle being left by you again.
I’m taking the easy way out and I hope that years from now you’ll think of me and smile instead of grimace over the bitter taste I left in your mouth.
—  Texts I’ll never send, no. 1