Exo reaction - Break up


“Wait what? Why do you want to leave me? What happened?”

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“Fine leave. Just know this! You are taking all of my heart with you as you walk away”

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“We talked about getting married.. Our dreams.. everything, you told me that you wanted to spend that time with me. Was it all a lie?!”

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You told him that you felt like he did not care anymore. That’s why you wanted to break up. “I do care. I might have a hard time showing it and being soft - But you help me closer to that everyday. Don’t leave”

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“I want nothing else than spending the rest of my time with you. I love you, but if i can see you happy without me i’m not gonna stop you.. Who am i kidding? I need you..”

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“I can change. You know that right? What is this about? are you not in love anymore. Just tell me..”

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“Yeah right, let’s see how many days it takes for you to come back” Kris was heartbroken, but instead of crying he just acted mean cause he did not know how to  handle all of this. 

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“You are seeing someone else right? I knew it. Tell me the name of the guy. I will not give up my girlfriend to that bastard” It does not matter how many times you try to explain that this ‘guy’ does not exist.

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“Did i do something wrong? Why are you not happy with me anymore? I only want to know a reason..”

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“What did i do wrong? I can change, just please don’t leave..”

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“I love you with all my heart. All i want is to be with you.. I only see myself with you. But at the same time it would break my heart even more to know that you are not happy with me. Just think about this okay? I will always love you..”

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“I did not know that you felt that way. All i want is for you to be happy, and if you feel like you would be more happy without me.. Then i will stand by your choice, even if it breaks my heart”

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What would vixx do when they know that you are going through some heart breaking things in your life?


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N would hold you close and tell you to let everything out. He knows things can be hard, but he’ll always be there for you.


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Leo would take you on a nice long walk, anywhere you want to go. He’ll listen to you for hours. He’ll stay out for a long as you want, until you feel better.


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Ken would probably try to cheer you up by performing cute dances for you. He’ll try so hard that you’ll have to cheer up. (baby) 


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Clueless Ravi (Just kidding!)

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Ravi would wrap you up in a blanket with him and put on all of your favorite movies. He wouldn’t let you go until you are feeling better.


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Hongbin would do anything to make you feel better. He’ll stay with you until you felt better. Hell he’d stay even after you felt better. The bean does the little things he knows to make you feel better.


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Hyuk would insist on cuddling with you. He’s known you long enough to know how much you love it. He’ll do so until he knows you are feeling better. Afterward you’ll both go out and do anything you want.

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How can I get over someone I loved who lied to me? I've tried everything, I even tried moving on to someone new and ended up hurting him. I promised myself I'd never fall this hard because everything that falls breaks, what can I do?

You need to change your routine. Don’t listen to the music you used to. Find new artists and avoid listening to songs only about being in love. Distract yourself a lot and try to tell yourself that you deserve someone better! There are so much boys out there. 

I was gonna keep working tonight, but I guess I need to chill tonight.

I woke up with my head spinning I been working too hard again. I do what I can to finish my workload. I watched the whole first season of Gurren Lagann on my stream last night.

When I take breaks I feel I’m being lazy. I don’t know how to chill since I have so much work ethic, because I’m used to it.

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Keith as a Galra Druid helping Pidge to do maintenance on Shiro's arm. Of course it would probably take months for Shiro to be comfortable with a Galra Druid Keith

… You’re the anon from before aren’t you?

-keeps their eyes on Shiro, they trust Keith, but they also know Shiro still has issues
-ends up focusing on the arm more in the end

-Constantly whispering “does it hurt?” “am I hurting you?” “do you want to stop?” “do you need a break?”
-is so worried he’ll trigger an episode
-very gentle
-he doesn’t want to hurt Shiro by accident

-very tense, it’s hard for him to relax because they’re working on his arm that is his weapon
-might slowly relax with how Keith is constantly asking if it hurts or if he wants to stop
-feels terrible for not being able to treat Keith as Keith before

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it's been only very recently that i've started reading some of your fics(mostly the ones from AMS), and reading your 200followers post... what happend with you at 12 was pretty much what happend to me couple years back. It was extremely heart breaking, and i swore that i would never write again. But here i am, 4 years later trying to pick up the pace again. I want you to know that i'm writing again, and you had some influence in it.

Aaah Jipe! I’m sorry you went through a similar experience. It is pretty crushing to the soul and it’s hard to get back on your feet. 

But, if it’s your passion don’t let anyone tell you different! Don’t let anyone stop you from being a writer! *waves around flags* Keep pushing on and keep writing, you can do it!

shoutout to the students who, in their pursuit of education, cannot afford to even go see a film at the cinema

shoutout to the students who had to give up their dream schools because they couldn’t afford it

shoutout to the students who recycle their stationery year after year

shoutout to the students illegally downloading books and textbooks because they can’t afford even the e-book versions

shoutout to the students living on the cheapest coffee

shoutout to the students who have sewed their bags/backpacks over and over again because they can’t afford a replacement

shoutout to the students working part time and full jobs to make ends meet and pay their bills

shoutout to the students who have to give up their passions, indulgents and going-outs because extra money is hard to come by

shoutout to the students affording to go to school, but too poor to do anything else

shoutout to the students that run themselves thin in the process of getting an education

shoutout to the students that prevail despite all this

shoutout to the students who need to take a break from all of this

you’re great

How to Build Emotional Resilience

1. Talk to someone: Sharing how we feel helps to reduce the inner tension (but make sure it is someone who cares about your feelings).

2. Work on improving your self-esteem: Self-esteem is the way you see and feel about yourself … and there are lots of lots of things that undermine our self esteem. For example, experiencing a break up, putting on unwanted weight, doing badly on a test or being excluded by our friends. It’s important that we keep on working on our self-esteem by treating ourselves well and noticing when we succeed (instead of noticing the negatives).

3. Manage your stress levels: If we’re always feelings stressed then it’s hard to cope with life. We tend to over react and have a negative mind set … which drains us of our energy and saps our will to fight. So take a look at your lifestyle and see what you can drop. You may be doing too much, and don’t have time to relax.

4. Make the time and effort to enjoy yourself: Doing things that we enjoy helps to improve the way we feel. So build in little things like having coffee with a friend, or going to a game, or taking time to watch some sports.

5. Choose a healthy life style: Pay attention to your diet and how much you exercise; try to limit alcohol, and don’t deprive yourself of sleep.

6. Develop good relationships: Do your friends make you happy? Do you enjoy their company? Are they kind of people with your best interests at heart? Do they treat you with respect and help to boost your self-esteem? If not, then work on finding new relationships!