Something going wrong in any MCU movie is somehow related to Tony Stark and It’s Fucking Annoying And Completely Unoriginal. Is Marvel Incapable Of Coming Up With Something Else? Why Is It Always Tony? I’m really Tired TM of this bullshit. Like, they LOVE Robert Downey Jr., but Tony Stark? Nope. Tony Stark Is Just Thier Punching Bag. A supervillain’s origin story just HAS TO INVOLVE TONY FUCKING STARK!

just letting anyone who cares know that i’m going on a sort of semi-hiatus thing for a little while. i’ve been struggling to participate in fandom the way i that want to lately and it’s been making me feel useless and sad. my brain is also being impossible, so functioning every day is a real piece of work. 

i’ll have a queue set up, but that will be about it, aside from the occasional scrolling and liking. 

it’ll only be for a couple weeks i think. just need to get my shit together. 

(i will also slowly but surely be working on the drabbles that i owe and will post them when i’m finished. i’m just really having a hard time concentrating, i’m so sorry)

Supergirl Liveblog

-I knew Daddy Mon-El wasn’t all bad, THANK GOD.
-fuck you Momma Mon-El. B y e honey.
-Thank the gods Mon-El is safe with his love Kara.
-I was seriously worried for a minute there?? I thought that guy with the mind control was just controlling Kara. Nice plan though. Love it.
-Awwwww my children.
-Karamel is so pure and has had so much development I love this so much. Mon-El has changed, okay? Just because you don’t like the ship, doesn’t mean you can’t accept that fact.
-Oh shit, Mom and Dad Mon-El are breaking up. Shit. Well. She’s an evil witch.
-God damn it.

Overall, stress levels were all over the place. Glad Mon-El is safe (seeing the character development there is so great) and glad him and Kara are happy. Sad that Mon-El’s dad’s dead? But I mean, it’s whatever. Lmao. He didn’t deserve that, though. How is she going to explain that to the guards? Does she even need to? Did she marry into royalty?

girlfriendhaver replied to your post: callout culture on the whole i’d say hurts as much…

its not even their fault its all the 20+ year olds making break ups and shit into ‘abuse’ which in turn tells 15 year olds that doing small ‘problematic’ things is just abuse and its just bad overall

seriously i know that if i got any modicum of exposure on this website before i was like, 18, it would have fucked with my development so much and im really glad i didnt

anonymous asked:

Hi Malaya! Which blog do you associate with each BTS member? I associate you with Taehyung because you are both so cute haha and you both love Jhope so much x3

msjdjmdmsmd please this is so cute thank u 💗 :(( i think im similar to tae too jjfijrjskmmskd
hmm im not close w many ppl on this site so 🤢 but

@btsspringday is namjoon bc they both love documentaries and break shit.. did u kno ying broke an oven and microwave… namjoon antics.. also ying would accidentally release the date of her collab early like nj did.. also shes cute as hell like namjoon but nobody heard that.. shes also jin bc shes old like him

@akmv is jin bc shes funny as HELL like jin she makes me burst a lung everyday also ill always remember the iconic cowboyjin url + jins halloween costume also lauren reminds me namjoon too bc she loves taco bell and that namjoon taco burrito video…

@2eok is hobi bc shes the angel of our gc and doesnt bully me abt jimin.. she also takes the best selfies like hob 🤧 shes also jungkook bc shes our golden maknae that everyone lovs and she makes me laff like jjk.. 

also actually all three are hobi bc i love them as much as i love hobi and theyre beautiful like hobi and theyre the first thing i think of when i wake up like hobi 🤢🤢🤢 this turned into a I Love My Friends post srry MSJDJSDJKJD

today in Finnish grammar class just before it ended:

Me: menkää tauolle (=go take a break)
Class: ????
Me: shit
Me: *spends fifteen minutes* explaining imperative & the difference between mene and menkää and how they are used*
Me: do I also explain to them the third person imperative
Me: ….

*the entire break

When you love, I think it’s better to love with your whole heart than to be safe and reserved. I know it might set you up for getting your heart broken which is no fun, but even if that does happen, at least you know that you gave it your all. If it didn’t work out, it wasn’t your fault because you were brave enough to say, “hey, I love the absolute shit out of you, I hope that’s enough”.


So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

rose is a great character because she’s easily one of the most intelligent characters in the whole cast and yet she’s such a fuckin dumbass

like who looks at a bunch of lovecraftian dark gods that are literally called the Horrorterrors and immediately decides “yes, i can trust them, these are an ally”

I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but…
You’re making the cause look bad and you’re making your people look bad. Especially when you’re attacking innocent businesses and stores that have zero to do with the POTUS. That is not protest. That is being disrespectful. And it’s not okay.