guess who destroyed the fuck out of his science class and got top grade in the class

i am the worst person to watch action movies with bc i spend the whole time sitting there going

oh god their head they’ve got a concussion go the hospital holy shit their knees what the fuck you just needed cpr don’t get back up what about secondary drowning oh god oh god just take a break holy shit someone help them

Just because you are lonely does not mean you should invite someone toxic back into your life.

intense… kids


BREAKING NEWS (7/7/16): Uhhhhh…something is happening in Dallas right now. During a protest for Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and local victims of police brutality, shots rang out, injuring at least two police officers. Not sure of civilian injuries yet. There was live news coverage, so there will likely be video circulating shortly. Please proceed with extreme caution. This is a breaking news story, and I’ll give updates as they are received. 

Edit 1: This is still an active shooter situation.

Made For Each Other

Marinette’s signature pattern borrowed from @lady-buginette