When the Wildest Dreams MV comes out, let's thank Taylor by breaking the VEVO record (again) by viewing it over 20.1 million times in the first 24 hours of release.

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Box Office: 'Maleficent' Bewitches With $170.6M Debut

Thanks in large part to girls and women, Maleficent debuted to a powerful $70 million from 3,948 theaters at the North American box office in a major win for star Angelina Jolie and Disney. Overseas, the live-action fairy tale took in an impressive $100.6 million for a worldwide total of $170.6 million.


Riding a bicycle is a great way to go sightseeing, especially if your bike happens to be 15-feet-tall. This towering vehicle is the STOOPIDTALL bike. It was was created by California-based cyclist in cinematographer Richie Trimble and it’s the world’s tallest fully rideable bicycle. 

Or rather, it was the world’s tallest until Trimble went and broke his own record by building STOOPIDTALLEST, which measures 20 ft, 2.5 in tall. 

For a taste of what it’s like to ride such awesomely tall bikes, watch this video shot from Trimble’s perspective aboard STOOPIDTALL:

Follow Richie Trimble on Instagram for more photos, videos, and to keep an eye out for his attempt to break his own record yet again.

[via Toxel and AB Newswire]

Morty and the Mortys
  • Morty and the Mortys
  • Mod Evil Rick
  • Shit Posting - Singing Edition

Can’t you see it in our eyes?
I’m the one, I’m the— ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR
I’m not like the other guys
(he’s not like anybody, well..)

That’s not completely right
There’s a few that I’m just like

Morty and the Mortys
We’re gonna cloak Rick’s Mind
Me, myself, and I, and him
Are all the same guy

Morty and the Mortys
Come on, now we’re just fine.
Me, myself, and I, and him
Are all the same guy

m!countdown prerecording - 150611

onew, jonghyun and minho did grandpa voices. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

minho kept stretching his legs and checking to make sure that his pants weren’t going to break during the recording again and he ended up doing that really close to jonghyun’s back.

when they came back on stage after their first take jonghyun arrived first and stretched his arms. key joined him on stage and started singing randomly. when minho arrived he jumped on key - who was shocked by this, then onew followed minho and started “attacking” key as well. key left with a hand gesture like “nope, sorry”.

minho and key were having some sort of “fight” with kung fu moves which onew joined in on them with. when jonghyun saw he died laughing / was laughing so hard that he had to kneel on the floor.

they had to stop the first take because minho started laughing really hard because jonghyun’s voice went really high well singing. they all started making high speech / talking in high pitched voices after that. (source: _misnaa)

they performed one rehearsal and two and a half takes because jonghyun made a vocal mistake during one of his parts / his voice cracked. he apologized and then onew / minho started making fun of him by “cracking” their voices as well.

taemin said that he was hungry to jonghyun / said that he wanted to eat sashimi and tuna~.

at the end jonghyun told fans to be careful because they wear all wearing protective face masks. (s/n: music shows are making it mandatory for fans to wear face masks into recordings of shows / won’t allow them in without wearing one due to the mers outbreak / for precautionary reasons.) onew said a quiet but cute “goodbye” and minho ended with a loud one. (source: ham547)


OKAY so as you all know the Wildest Dreams music video is the best thing on this earth. WATCH IT UNTIL THE END (or just keep it in another tab and listen to it) AND THEN REFRESH. It already has over 300k views in less than 30 minutes. LET’S GO GUYS!

I think what Simon is doing it fuck up cuz like he going to make 1D do 2 more album and they spilt like no does he know how many heart he going to break cuz of this I feel that us Directioner should show him that he cant break them up and we sbould break the vevo record again and get them so many award please spread this doing any u can so we can keep 1D and not break them up

February 2016 breaks global temperature records, again

It’s Monday morning, who’s ready to talk some statistics?! Well, if that opener hasn’t lost everyone already then I guess I should try harder. Today I’m going to talk about the statistics of a global average temperature and what a blowout record means.

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The fact that Taylor immediately started to thank everyone for breaking the vevo record, again, says a lot about what kind of person she is and I’m so proud of her, I’m so proud that she’s my role model. Some people could learn something from her. 


[soompi News] Super Junior’s “Mamacita” Tops Various Asian Music Charts

Hallyu Kings Super Junior once again parades their popularity as they top various charts  with their comeback title song “Mamacita.”

Upon the release of their seventh album of the same title, Super Junior topped Korea’s Hanteo Charts and several other Asian charts as well, one of which is Taiwan’s KKBOX Top 100 Korean Music Chart. Super Junior has once set a record with the same chart for their sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” which topped the KKBOX Top 100 Korean Music Chart for a whopping 121 weeks. It would be interesting if Super Junior will break their own record again.

“Mamacita” also topped China’s Yinyuetai V Chart for the music video category, and was also first in the K-POP Channel category of Youtube‘s official page.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will continue to promote their title song and will be appearing in various programs as well.