“Breaking Point” (New-U)

(I don’t know how exactly Jack is going to react, if Rhys will bring him back, but after Helios have crushed, finding (again) that your daughter is dead, being really pissed off, then being terrified of death to the point, that you begged on your knees and theeeeeen waking up in the body, realized that Rhys is brought him back…But this is how I see it.)



Robert Knepper (Theodore Bagwell) on season 5 of Prison Break at San Diego Comic-Con

psdfile_six by © LUVSOURCERS.

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New clip released at the SDCC panel

Moving In / CTH

Hey guys, this is my first time doing this… so bare with me? Also, Calum seems like the type of guy who would do this imagine. *smirks*

Scene: You and Calum move into yours and his new house and starts to break in the new bed ;)

- Sammi


Your Point of View

I laughed loudly as my idiotic boyfriend stumbled onto our new couch in our new shared house. Our parents decided that once we became mature enough we could move out and live with each other. “It’s so comfy.” he said, but the throw pillows muffled it.

Smiling at the sight, I turned around and placed the last box down on the hardwood living room floor then I closed the door shut as I felt someone’s arms wrap around my waist and a chin on my shoulder. I leaned into the chest and tilted my head to the side.

“I’m so happy! I’m moving in my own house with my beautiful girlfriend.” his laugh filled the room as he spun me around by my waist. My hands rested on his chest lightly, but not pushing him away, our foreheads were pressed against each others.

His light/dark brown eyes pierced into my (Y/E/C) ones and I was put in a trance by how cute his eyes were. It was like the colour changed according to the mood he was in, his eyes were always the best feature about him and I would always tell him that his eyes were mesmerizing, but he denied every time.

I snapped out my thoughts when I heard Calum’s laugh. “Were you listening to me?” he asked and I couldn’t help but stare at his lips as they moved. “Earth to (Y/N), hello?” he asked again, but confusion laced his voice and a little bit of concern in there.

Not answering him, I just grabbed his neck and tugged him down softly then crashed my lips to his. He tensed for a split second before kissing me back just as hard, his hands squeezed at waist just as his tongue ran smoothly over my bottom lip.

I opened my mouth a little for him and he poked his tongue in my mouth. There was no “fighting for dominance” because I was all his and no one else could have me. Calum left no corner of my mouth untouched and we pulled away for air. “Damn, baby.” he said and looked at me, his eyes a few shades darker.

I bit my bottom lip to conceal a moan as he grinded our hips together, his – now noticeable – boner rubbing against my leg through both of our tough black skinnies. My eyes rolled back some and I bit down harder on my lip, but he smashed our lips together and tugged my bottom lip between he teeth lightly.

I was really nervous because Calum is one of my many boyfriends, but he’s actually taking it slow with me – just like I asked – and I was really scared to let him take my v-Card before up until now… I actually want someone who really loves me instead of being a quick one night stand.

This time, the moan escaped my lips and into his mouth, I felt him smirk against my lips before his hands on my waist traveled down, hooking them around my knees – basically telling me to jump – and I jumped. He caught me with my legs hooked around his waist, his hands under my thighs and my hands holding his cheeks still.

“How about we break in the new bed?” he asked with a sly wink and pulled away as I blushed hardly and nodded quickly, not trusting my voice. “Awe, babe, I know it’s your first time. Trust me… I’ll make you feel good.” he said softly into my ear and nipped at the skin softly and I nodded.

Calum flashed me a smile before carefully carrying me to our new shared bedroom and setting me on our new bed that we built a few days back. I was pushed down lightly like if I would break at any moment and he straddled my waist and his held my wrists in one of his hands above me and his lips connected to my neck.

I tilted my head to the side so he could have more access and I let out a soft moan as he sucked on the part behind my ear, his tongue ran over it softly and he pulled away and smile. The crinkles by his eyes showing and his eyes locked on the spot his lips were just at.

I closed my eyes and he grinded down on me again, letting his free hand run up and down the sides of my body. Then I felt a soft tug at the end of my A Day To Remember shirt and my eyes opened themselves seeing Calum pouting up at me with the shirt in his hands.

“Can you take it off?” he asked cutely and I smiled nervously before digging my teeth into my bottom lip and nodding at the same time. He got off and sat next to me, watching me closely as I crossed my arms and pulled the un-needed material off and to the other side of the room.

When I looked back at Calum, it looked like he was thinking about something. His bottom lip was in between his teeth and he was staring directly into my eyes. I blushed and quickly covered my chest, then he shook his head, prying my arms off my chest. “Don’t cover yourself, you’re beautiful.” he said softly and placed a kiss on my lips and I smiled.

“As much as I love your ripped skinny jeans, they need to be on the floor.” he winked again and I nodded hastily. Standing up, I un-buttoned my jeans and stepped out of them. I was a master at taking my jeans off without falling and I bit my lip again.

I stood in front of him in only black lace bra and panties and I saw him walking towards me and place his hands on my waist, his shirt was thrown off and his chest was on show, his basketball shorts were also off and there was a tent in his grey American Eagle boxers.

One of his hands moved up swiftly and un-hooked the clasp to my bra, letting it fall to the floor and he picked me up again, placing me on the bed again. He crawled on top of me and bit his lip as he let his eyes scan over my body while I blushed like a fire truck.

His lips attacked my left breast and he took the nipple in his mouth and swirled it around with his tongue and I moaned as he bit down softly, making it perk up. My hands made their way to his hair and tugged at the soft curls making him let out a low groan while his hand lifted two fingers to my bottom lip and I opened my mouth.

Is he gonna prep me? I thought to myself as I swirled my tongue around both fingers and he shot me a smile. He then pulled his fingers out my mouth and kissed down my tummy, I felt him push a finger into me, pumping in and out slowly as he made his way up and sucked lightly onto the skin of my neck.

I tilted my head to the side so that I could give him more space, moans escaping my lips as the fire inside me only grew with every move he made. I could feel myself start to forget about the annoyance I had with the boxes today, and all I could think about was Calum and just him.

His thumb massaged my clit roughly as he added another finger into me, beginning to pump them in and out at a faster pace, my moans instinctively becoming louder and more frequent. I could even feel Calum moan against my skin only by the fact that he was pleasuring me.

I turned my head around so that I was facing him, his eyes locked to mine. I noticed they had turned a darker shade of brown and I had to keep myself from letting go just by the view of him taking his lip between his teeth as his eyes fluttered close, a satisfied smile tugging at his pink, yet plump lips.

“How good is this for your first time, baby?” he purred, opening his eyes again. I simply raised my eyebrows, too into what Calum was doing to even form the words in my head. As I tried to speak all that came out was something like ‘hon frop’ when in reality I planned on saying ‘don’t stop.’

Luckily, Calum had understood what I was trying to say; not knowing exactly what it meant. So in return, he increased the speed, his index and middle finger sliding easily inside of me while his thumb drew circles over my clit, starting to send me over the edge.

I tugged onto his hair a little harder, connecting my lips to his hungrily. Calum responded quickly, kissing me roughly as the two of us moaned against each others lips. Any kind of contact with Calum felt amazing, but I couldn’t tell you how incredible it was to have so many different types of contact with Calum at the same time.

The feeling was ecstatic and thrilling and every time it happened, it only made me want more. It was incredible how he could make me forget anything.I was so caught in the moment that I didn’t even feel the butterflies in my stomach indicating I was close.

All I knew was that at a certain moment my muscles relaxed and I let out a long moan, tugging at Calum’s hair as I screwed my eyes shut to let the pleasure run through my body at its own rate. After a few minutes of heavy breathing and Calum grunting lowly next to me, my eyes fluttered open.

I was captured in a kiss and I didn’t notice Calum was wanting more until he slammed into me, which I let out a small scream into his mouth and moaned when he broke the kiss. “You’re so fucking tight, babe.” he grunted out and I was a gasping, screaming and moaning, whimpering and crying out mess under him.

I am so sensitive since I just had a orgasm a few seconds ago, yet it feels so damn good. “Y-You’re also s-so bi-big.” I whimpered and he connected his lips to my collarbone. His mouth sucked harshly at the skin and I moaned at the feeling of my skin burned as he ran his tongue over the spot.

“H-Harder.” I said and he looked at me and smirked, his shoulders went up and he pulled out then slammed into me hardly and I let out a loud moan, my lips went to his shoulder and sucked a hickey onto it. “Calum.” I breathed out.

“I’m gonna cum.” I moaned after a while and came with a loud scream of his name. My knees and legs closed around his waist and I closed my eyes tightly as I clenched around him. All I could see was black and while as I came, I heard him groan loudly before I remembered that he didn’t have a condom on.

“Cal-Calum, pu-pull ou-out.” I shuttered trying not to moan, he pulled out and rolled next to me. I climbed on his thighs and wrapped my had around him then pumped him slowly and he immediately started to moan.

My hand clenched him in my hands and he let out a loud moan, I felt him twitch in my hand and I clenched my hand harder some and I moved my hand up and down faster. Next thing I know, he cumming into my hand and I didn’t know what to do… so I just licked my hand clean.

I laid down next to him and cuddled into his bare chest with my head on it, he was the bigger spoon, so all he had to do was wrap a arm around my waist and pull me closer to him. ”How was that for your first time, Y/N?” his voice was low and husky and you could hear the smirk.

“Well…” I coughed jokingly. “I hope we can do that again some time.” I said pulling away slightly and trailing the tip of my finger from his chest to his v-line and smirked as he tensed up slightly.

“That’s nice to know…” he said and I left a kiss on his chest before falling asleep to him humming a awfully familiar tune.

anonymous asked:


  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave: Saskatchewan
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex: New York
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: Gee, I dunno, take a guess Sassy
  • who breaks the most phones: New York
  • which one I could see as being lactose intolerant: Either(?)
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: Definitely NY 
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed: Saskatchewan
  • who uses the computer most: New York

With new eyes open…..

A sketch piece inspired from recent dream experiences where I break through to new peaks of awareness.

I wake up and have the strongest hallucinations after, it becomes hard to indentify myself, my room and the things in it.

I can look at something like a monitor but can not understand what it is, how it got there or what it means. I feel as puzzled as a newborn viewing the world again for the first time.

It takes about 5-10 minutes for things to become familiar and make sense again.

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Mumford & Sons - Believe

Coming back from a three year hiatus, “Believe” is the first single off the forthcoming album Wilder Mind. The song is more grown-up—the boys traded their banjos for guitars and the production quality is only an asset to Marcus Mumford’s vocals. It seems to set the tone for what to expect in Mumford & Sons third studio album: bigger sound, more rock ‘n roll with the same intricate, lyrical storytelling. 

EXO'rDIUM Tracklist (official)

1) Mama (remix)
2) Monster
3) Wolf (remix)


4) White Noise
5) Thunder
6) Playboy (short version)
7) Artificial Love (remix)
8) Unfair

Acoustic Medley (My Lady, My Turn to Cry, Moonlight, Monodrama, Call Me Baby, Love Love Love, Lady Luck)

16) Lady Luck (short version)
17) What If
18) Tender Love
19) Love Me Right
20) One and Only

SEKAILAY dance break + elf vcr

21) Stronger
22) Heaven
23) XOXO
24) Girlxfriend
25) 3.6.5.

CHANHUNSEKAILAY dance vcr (같이해 teaser)

26) Overdose
27) Transformer (remix)
28) Lightsaber (remix)

SEKAI dance break + ment

29) 같이해 (new song)
30) Full Moon
31) Drop That (remix)
32) EXO keeps dancing (new song)
33) Let Out the Beast (remix)
34) Lucky (remix)
35) Run (remix)


36) Cloud Nine
37) Growl (remix)
38) Lucky One


39) Angel *may change

cr. me myself and i listening to day one of exo'rdium