“Carlisle,” the taller of the two very tall feline women greeted him when they arrived. Both of them seemed as if they’d been stretched—long arms and legs, long fingers, long black braids, and long faces with long noses. They wore nothing but animal skins—hide vests and tight-fitting pants that laced on the sides with leather ties. It wasn’t just their eccentric clothes that made them seem wild but everything about them, from their restless crimson eyes to their sudden, darting movements. ”


1. 2014 Cannes Film Festival “Cloud of Sils Maria” Premiere wearing Chanel Couture 

2. 2013 Met Gala wearing Stella McCartney 

3. 2012 AFI “On the Road” Premiere wearing Balenciaga 

4. 2012 “Breaking Dawn Pt 2” Premiere wearing Zuhair Murad 

5. 2012 London “Breaking Dawn Pt 2” Premiere wearing Zuhair Murad

6. 2012 “Breaking Dawn Pt 2” Tokyo photo call wearing Louis Vuitton

7. 2012 TIFF “On the Road” Premiere wearing Zuhair Murad 

8. 2011 MTV Movie Awards wearing Balmain 

9. 2012 Cannes Film Festival wearing Reem Acra

10. 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards wearing Stella McCartney