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It was a Thursday. The day of the week when all of the Avengers trained together. The rules were that everyone had to be in the gym by 6, break at 9 for breakfast and back in the gym again at 10 until lunch and most importantly showers at 12.

The gym was huge which was probably Tony’s idea despite the fact that he rarely ever went in there. In fact, nearly everyone in the Avengers trained alone so it really was unnecessarily big.

Bucky and Steve were sparring together, as were Natasha and Wanda. Wanda had always said she wanted to learn hand to hand combat and now Natasha deemed her ready for it, she was very happy.

Sam, Tony, Clint and Scott all went for the treadmills together looking like a bunch of middle-aged dads trying to work off their beer bellies. Rhodey sat at the side of them making comments like ‘Faster Guys! The ice cream truck is getting away!’

Thor was lifting weights to improve his Godly physique whilst Bruce was testing himself by seeing how many push ups he could do before he collapsed. Vision was the only ‘person’ who didn’t attend the group sessions. That just left you and Peter.

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  • Draco:So tell me again...why in the middle of the night have I been called down here?
  • Goblin:Well you see as her husband you are the next of kin and...
  • Draco:And...?
  • Goblin:We can't get her out, when we try she just "shhhs" us.
  • Draco:You mean to tell me, that 1. she broke in 2. got past all of your magical security and 3. is still in there completely undisturbed?
  • Goblin:Yes.
  • Draco:Okay, another thing, why are they here? *gestures over shoulder*
  • Harry:We are Aurors, and her best friends.
  • Ron:Plus if it were anyone else she would be arrested, and you wouldn't know until after they detained her.
  • Goblin:Here we are....Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Vault.
  • Harry:Good luck mate.
  • Ron:We will be out here if you need backup.
  • Draco:*Glares and mumbles 'chickens' under his breath, and walks into the vault. Looks around and finds Hermione sitting in a chair with an ancient looking copy of Hogwarts a History open in her hands.* Ahem...Hermione sweetheart?
  • Hermione:Shhh...
  • Draco:Hermione sweetie what are you doing in here?
  • Hermione:*turns page* I was reading one of my copies of H.O.H. and it said that the very first and only copy of H.O.H. was in the Hogwarts vault at Gringotts.
  • Draco:And you thought to come down here and read it yourself, without getting permission?
  • Hermione:Oh I know if I owled McGonagall she would have said yes, but then I would have had to wait for her reply, and then set up a time to come down here. This was faster.
  • Draco:So you mean to tell me, that you woke up in the middle of the night with the urge so strong to read this book that you; snuck out of the Mansion, snuck into Gringotts, bypassed their over the top security measures that they even improved upon because of the last time you broke in and out of here, snuck down to the Hogwarts vault, and broke into it...all because you couldn't wait to read this book?
  • Hermione:*smiles and looks up* Yes.
  • Draco:*kisses her forehead* Alright sweetie, just make sure to put everything back where you found it. *Exits vault*
  • Harry:So how did it go?
  • Goblin:Is she going to leave?
  • Draco:Ha...good luck with that she won't be leaving till she's done.
  • Ron:Well that's good enough for me, shall we go for an early breakfast?
  • *the three men walk away discussing where to eat*
  • Goblin:But...but...she can't!
  • Hermione:*in the vault* SHHH!

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