breaking the fourth wall

Mystery of the book

So in the superhero book Marinette gave to Master Fu, there are some weird symbols. BUT each of them means one letter in the alphabet:

So here we have the page about ladybug:

Nothing unusual, right? We already knew that. So let’s take a closer look:


brilliantorinsane  asked:

Hi! Do you happen to know at which scenes in T6T and TLD the characters look directly at the camera? I've heard it happens four times, but I've only found two of them. Thanks!

Hi Lovely!

Certainly! Here’s Sherlock in T6T at 14:58:

John in T6T at 1:10:04:

And there’s this one in TLD at 36:12, which is REALLY quick and if you blink you miss it!

And Culverton in TLD at 1:15:16 (this one I’m a bit “meh” about because I don’t think this was an “unintentional” fourth wall break):

And if you want to be pedantic, Sherlock literally breaks down 4 walls in TFP at 1:12:55

And people have said that this one of Jim in TFP at 38:25 is also fourth-wall breaking, but I don’t consider it this because he’s talking to Mycroft; the camera is where Myc’s shoulder is:

It’s not fourth wall breaking, to me, if the character is talking to another character. Sherlock does it often enough in the series when we are “the deduction wall”, as in when we are watching from the POV of the wall or the monitor. These ones are more noticeable because these are the ACTORS – NOT THE CHARACTERS – LOOKING AT THE CAMERA. 

The John one is the most blatant one, I think, because it’s ALL MARTIN, and it’s  the LONGEST ONE; HE LITERALLY ACKNOWLEDGES THE CAMERA AND TAKES A SIP OF WINE:

So yeah, gang, please add others if you see them. Remember: they have to NOT be part of the “script” of sorts. Just the actors breaking character and staring at the camera.

“Now, remember, the jewel necklace must be *super* prominent in this scene.”

Carl the Animator: “Right.”

Ted the Animator: “The kids need to follow along with the clues. The necklace is the key to the story, and the bad guy wants the gang to see him holding it.”

Carl the Animator: “An actually-plot-based reason for something to be overly-obvious? In Scooby-Doo? Is this real life?!”

Ted the Animator: “Believe it. After he steals the necklace, he’s clearly seen holding it by the police…”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm.”

Ted the Animator: “…as he gets out of the van, he holds it out for all to see…”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm.”

Ted the Animator: “…when he runs away, he laughs for a second, but doesn’t even bother to put it away because he wants them to s–”

Carl the Animator:Ok, ok, I get it already. Just tell me what I’m doing next.”

Ted the Animator: “Uhhhh… the running scene through the marsh, thanks.”

Carl the Animator: “Bingo.”

*7 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “…what did we just talk about, Carl.”

Carl the Animator:Drunk Orson Welles commercials?”

Ted the Animator: “Right before that.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh, the necklace.”

Ted the Animator: “It disappears between cuts as he runs! C’mon, we were doing so well before that.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s fiiiiine, I’ll just, uh… when he gets to the door, he’ll hold it up again all like ‘ooooh look at me, I’ve still got it, aren’t I clever.’”

Ted the Animator: “That’s what every Scooby-Doo bad guy does, though.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah. They’re so proud of how evil they’re being, they simply have to show off for the audience.”

Ted the Animator: “…I guess if I got away with climbing up buildings using tiny suction cups while wearing a bargain-bin halloween costume, I’d want to break the fourth wall too.”


“You see, in my dotage, I have come to realize that I’m not 100% sure I truly exist. I may, just may mind you, be born and thrust forth out of the collective minds of those two horrors (Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett). It doesn’t make me any less real, but they did gave me substance. Or substances. I’m not sure.”

-Murdoc Niccals (iTunes Interview 2010)

  • *sun woo, ji dwi, yeo wool, ban ryu, soo ho, and han sung sitting at the dining hall as suspenseful music plays*
  • ban ryu: i want answers. and i want them now.
  • ban ryu: who. did. it?
  • soo ho:
  • han sung:
  • yeo wool:
  • ji dwi:
  • sun woo:
  • jung kook: *randomly walks in with phone in hand* oh, hey tae hyung!
  • han sung: oh, hey! what's up?
  • jung kook: wait, who are you guys? where's the dorm?
  • yeo wool: i don't believe i know you.
  • jung kook: where's ji mim hyung? where's mom and dad? what?
  • han sung: mama jin and papa joon are out having their anniversary date and the dorm is actually down the hall, jung kookie. i'll explain everything later.
  • jung kook: okay then, hyung. nice meeting you weirdly dressed people then... *leaves*
  • soo ho: han sung, who's that?
  • han sung: just a friend. anyways, back to the scene.