breaking up on honeymoon

Just remember, we started out the same way. We were friends. Then it gradually became more. It always does. We were everything to each other, then nothing. We were always there for each other, then we were always fighting. Before we knew it everything blew up in our faces. Just give it some time babe. Sure it’s good now, but the honey moon phase ends.

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I made a new list because the links were broken on the other one! I promise to have most of these on AO3 soon!



Reaper/Gabriel Reyes


Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76:





  • 40/41 year old Jacob finds out Jack the Ripper has S/O and goes to rescue her -  “Tell me to go and I will..” (COMPLETE)
  • “I’ve seen the way you look at me…”   (COMPLETE)
  • “I don’t hate you…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Who crawls through someone’s window…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Stop running from this…” (COMPLETE)
  • Quickie on the train (COMPLETE)
  • Jealous Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Caring Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • You and Jacob attend Henry and Evie’s wedding. During the reception you two sneak off to have a little fun of your own (COMPLETE)
  • “Please talk to me.” (COMPLETE)
  • “I want to unlace your corset…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Secret passages…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Tell me a secret.” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now.” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’ll get my c*ck when you earn it.” (NSFW) (COMPLETE)
  • “How bad do you want me?” (COMPLETE)
  • Jacob comforts you when you’re down (COMPLETE)
  • “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass” and “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” (COMPLETE)
  • “There are certain moments…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Hm? Oh, sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you” or “I need you more than you need me” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’re a terrible cook.” (COMPLETE)
  • Jacob comforting reader about certain insecurities (COMPLETE)
  • More Jealous Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Snow day with dad to be Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Unrequited love (from both Jacob and reader POVs) using “I want you to be happy with or without me.” (@hoodedbirdie) (JACOB NOT IN LOVE WITH READER) (READER NOT IN LOVE WITH JACOB)
  • Jacob as your mentor - doesn’t want to at first but ends up falling in love with you. (WIP - Look for Firm But Fair)


  • “Honestly, just stop it.” and Edward comforts reader and it leads to smut ;) (COMPLETE)
  • Smut in Havana (COMPLETE)
  • “I couldn’t take my eyes off you..” (COMPLETE)
  • Modern Edward x Reader in which Edward is very flirty (COMPLETE)
  • Some yummy porn with plot (COMPLETE)
  • “You can trust me.” (COMPLETE)
  • Edward tries to show reader that her boyfriend isn’t the right one - angst (COMPLETE)
  • Ballroom dancing (COMPLETE)
  • Edward and reader get into an argument that ends in good times. (COMPLETE)
  • Birthday fic (COMPLETE)


  • From prompt list: “You’re jealous aren’t you?”, “Have you ever thought about…like…us?”, and “What, you scared I’ll kick your ass again?” (@freedomaboveallelse) (COMPLETE)
  • Templar!Reader leaves England to join the Colonial Rite. Shay shows her around NY and develops feelings for her. (@bunnyyumyum) (PART 1)
  • Shay is new to the Order and meets reader. They are both oblivious to the feelings they have for each other so papa Haytham has to step in and help out. (COMPLETE)


  • Claudia helps Ezio get laid (NSFW) (COMPLETE)
  • Ezio challenges new Assassin…leads to smut (NSFW) (COMPLETE)


Yusuf Tazim:



  • “On a scale of one to ten…” Or Okay but consider this…” (COMPLETE)
  • “I never thought you’d hurt me…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Teach me to fight” (COMPLETE)
  • “I will never apologize for saving your life…” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’re so beautiful.” (COMPLETE)
  • “I need you in my life…” (COMPLETE)
  • “You wanted me to be rough…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Am I in love…” (COMPLETE)


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  • osnapitzari: what's that noise?
  • Cat Valentine: Oh it's Ariana's fans!
  • osnapitzari: And who are you?
  • Cat Valentine: I'm Cat Valentine! You'll meet me in about a few years after 13!
  • Ariana Grande: Hey! Sorry I'm late! I just got back from my concert at Madison Square Garden!
  • osnapitzari: I performed at Madison Square Garden??
  • Ariana Grande: And acted on Nickelodeon!
  • osnapitzari: So your saying... I made it?
  • Cat Valentine: Mmhmm!
  • osnapitzari: Wow!
  • Ariana Grande: Congratulations Ari :)
What I want to see in Iron Fist season two (version 2.0):

1) The most obvious storyline to continue would be Davos becoming Danny’s nemesis. That would mean a move away from the Rand Corporation corporate politics and more focus on the aftermath of K’un L’un’s destruction and the war with the Hand. I don’t think the Hand storyline will necessarily continue since they were soundly defeated in “The Defenders” but it would be interesting to see Davos try to build something from the remains. Like maybe he gathers the remaining Hand ninja who escaped the final battle. 

That being said, the show should still find a way to balance the Davos storyline and the Rand Corporation storyline, which leads to my next point. 

2) This may be difficult to pull off but in order for Iron Fist to truly fit with its Defender sister shows, I’d like for the show to actually delve into some social issues. To recap: 

* Daredevil season one dealt with gentrification while season two dealt with the concept of vigilantism/faults in the justice system

* Jessica Jones dealt with rape culture/toxic masculinity

* Luke Cage dealt with racial and class issues/inner city problems 

Because of who Danny Rand is, Iron Fist could really dive into the lifestyle of the 1% and show their effects on society. Have Danny Rand learn what his company and other corporations are doing and use his team-up with Ward Meachum in order to show what it’s really like being part of the 1%.

I know that sounds very different from the street-level focus of the other shows but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s a lot of good drama that can come from this, such as Danny being repulsed by the upper class’ excessive lifestyle, learning that other companies like Roxxon are getting away with major natural disasters caused by their actions, being inspired by Tony Stark shutting down the weapons division of his company despite taking a massive hit in his stocks, getting tempted by wealth and trying to impress Colleen with his wealth (before she tells him she doesn’t care for his money, you know, the usual), truly learning the extent of his privileges, and so on.

Like how Luke Cage immersed its audience with life in Harlem, Iron Fist can do the same but with the focus on the rich and powerful. 

Now how can the Davos storyline connect with the 1% storyline? Well, remember in Daredevil season one where Madame Gao was selling “Steel Serpent” heroin? There you go, Davos is the mastermind behind the heroin trade (along with other drugs) that’s seeping into all parts of the city, including the 1%. 

3) Danny Rand lightens up a bit. Come on Netflix, the guy’s more likable when he’s funny or at least not trying to hammer in his “I am the Iron Fist” message down everyone’s throats. I also say this because we really do need a “jokester” Defender among the four.

Matt is all about his Catholic guilt and pessimism, Luke is a nice, lovable guy but not the comedic-type, and Jessica is just pure sarcasm. It’d be nice to have Danny be the funny one of the group, especially since the Hand is defeated (for now). He can chill for a bit. Plus, this would give Danny a lot more personality, which would benefit Finn Jones since his performance so far has primarily been repeating that he’s the Iron Fist and that he protects K’un L’un. 

4) Danny Rand x Misty Knight may be a thing in the comics but for season two…I don’t know. Honestly, I think it’d be a bit forced to have Danny leave Colleen and go with Misty this early. If (and this is a big if) Marvel decides they still want Danny and Misty to still be a thing, here’s how I think they should go about it.

First off, break up Danny and Colleen in the best way that they can. And I don’t mean throw in some bullshit like what Agents of SHIELD / The CW does. Have it be a natural break-up. Now that they’re past the honeymoon stage, they start to realize that they aren’t really compatible with each other. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be the small stuff, like they disagree on simple topics and they hate each others’ hobbies. Then, when they realize things aren’t working out, have Colleen end the relationship, with Danny agreeing that this is for the best.

(Colleen should end it since she’s the more emotionally mature one in the relationship)

That’s when you start teasing Danny and Misty. Definitely have them become close friends throughout season two and then near the end of the season, start giving hints that Misty and Danny may have feelings for each other. Like maybe throw in some subtle (or not so subtle) stares in the final episode. Save their romance for season three. 

You can actually treat this like a balancing beam. As Danny and Colleen approach the end of the season, they start to grow apart while Danny and Misty grow closer together. Of course, this would be done right if the show had a good writer who can handle the relationship dynamics. Here’s hoping that they do have one.

Once again, this point is all based on the possibility that Marvel wants to go for the Danny and Misty route. For all we know, they could remain rooted to Danny and Colleen. So take this point with a grain of salt.  

4.5) As a supplemental to this point, don’t make Misty and Colleen enemies. We still need the Daughters of the Dragon spin-off. Have the break-up be clean with no bullshit jealousy and petty rivalries. 

5) Introduce Shang-Chi! He’s basically Marvel’s version of Bruce Lee and seeing as how Iron Fist was created during the martial arts craze in the 1970s, it would be nice if they introduced the other major Marvel hero that cashed in on the fad. Shang-Chi needs more love from Marvel anyways and Iron Fist would be a great spot to introduce him.

In fact, more Asian heroes would be welcome. Blindspot is another one that comes to mind, as well as the other Hand characters that haven’t been introduced yet (like Kirigi, Master Izo and the Gorgon)

6) Don’t do what Scott Buck did in season one. Fix the pacing, focus on strong characterization, and don’t stall the story early in the season. We don’t need a repeat of the mental hospital arc. 

7) I don’t really have an opinion on the Meachum family but it would be great if their writing was more…nuanced? I don’t know if that makes sense but from where season one left off, it looks like Joy’s going down the villain path while Ward is on the redemption path. Hopefully, the writers give these characters some solid development.

Someone else can write meta on Ward but for Joy, the writers should use Cottonmouth as an example of how to write her descent into darkness. Cornell didn’t WANT to be a gangster but he fell into the role, like what’s happening to Joy. I just don’t want her to be written as outright evil since that’s just boring. 

EDIT 8) Fix the damn fight choreography. Ask the Daredevil team if they could borrow their choreography team for a bit. 

Now that the Defenders is done, they have NO excuse for poor fight choreography. They have the time to focus on improving the fights. I don’t even wanna hear that the producers have to rush the fight scenes again since the big crossover event is finished. 

Tender Touch

Request: Hi, your style of writing is phenomenal!! You’re so talented.  I was wondering if you could do in one where Y/N and Shawn are newly married and you’re on your honeymoon and it gets heated but it’s your first time and you’re a bit nervous.  Then Shawn says it’s okay to wait until you’re ready or comforts you bc you feel like you’re overthinking it and you’ve both been waiting for this for a long time but you’re nervous you won’t be good or you’ll be embarrassed Thank you so much!!

a/n: Ah hello! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the absolute world to me!!! Just a heads up for people, there’s no actual smut in this, just talking about it! I hope you all enjoy!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I now pronounce you husband and wife…”

It seemed as though that was only minutes ago, but you were at your wedding reception mingling about with the people you and Shawn invited to your wedding. It was a weird feeling, being married. You went through all the stages: talking to one another, then becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancé, and finally husband and wife.  There was nothing after that.

 When you first start dating someone, your immediate thought isn’t that they’re “the one”, that thought usually comes later on in the relationship.  It came to you about a year into your relationship with Shawn and it scared you out of your mind.  Spending the rest of your life with someone?  How could you not get annoyed with them?  But the more time you spent with Shawn while you two were dating, the more you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with him.  Everyone’s annoying at times, and of course you two have fought because it’s unavoidable in relationships, but the two of you always came out stronger.

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Cries In The Night

Requested by @little-dis-kaalista-pythonissama:  The reader and Dean had been together for a while, but he doesn’t know why she has nightmares.   (I excluded the second half of your request so as not to ruin the ending;) I hope to write a second part!)

Note: I am so sorry for the long silence!! Everyone has been amazing and encouraging. I will try to work harder at bringing y’all new stuff. Thanks for the support XOXOXO

You stare down at the head stone as the night wind tugs at your hair. The stone is new, smooth, and shiny. It hasn’t even been there a full day. The words etched in the stone are black in color, gloomily spelling out a name you will never say again. You want to reach out and touch it, as if connecting with the person lost. But there’s no movement. You can’t move. Grief- or so it’s classified- holds you still.

No tears rush to your eyes. No sobs ache in your throat. Just the emptiness of being alone. A sense that may never go away. Your knees tremble, as if they won’t hold you up for much longer. You take a ragged breath, trying to breathe the name of the dead. As you start to utter the name, the scene before you changes and you’re whirled into a room. A bedroom.

You can feel the soft bed covers beneath you as you frantically glance around the room. It’s dark and you appear to be alone. All you can hear is the fast, loud beating of your heart. Then….. drip, drip, drip.

You look down at the hand you rested on the bed and saw three splatters of blood. Head lifting slowly, you look up in time to see the ceiling burst into flames. In the midst of the burning flames and smoke you can see the face of-


You sit upright, gasping for air and crying in short, labored breaths. Dean is on the bed beside you, his strong arms wrapped around your shoulders.

“You’re okay, it’s okay.” His soothing voice broke through your panic and you sunk into his embrace. He stroked your sweat dampened hair, gently hushing you as he rocked you back and forth.

Terror stills clings to you like a cloak, but having Dean there is a comfort and a strong rope to reality.

“It was just a dream.” he soothed. “You’re safe.”

You nod. Of course you’re safe in Dean’s arms. Nothing bad can happen here. You snuggle deeper into his hold and release a sigh of relief. This isn’t the first time you have woken screaming in the middle of the night. Nor was it the first time Dean had come to save you from the terror that gripped your mind and body. He often stays till you fall asleep again, not once asking what your dreams about. Maybe he knows you can’t explain them. Or maybe he’s hoping you’ll tell him when you’re ready. Whatever his reasons, you’re grateful.

The warmth of his embrace chases away the last lingering bit of fear and your eyelids start to grow heavy. His heart is beating by your ear and the sound lulls you into a deep, dreamless sleep.

“Rise and shine, morning glory.”

You moan and pull the pillow over your head. Dean is way too cheerful for this early in the morning. He pulls the covers from your body, the nippy air causing you to curl up into a ball.


“Sun’s up and we gotta hit the road.”

“Since when do you get up before nine?”

Dean yanks the pillow from your grip. You moan loudly as the sunlight from the uncurtained windows blinds you.

“Since we have a case and Sam had been blowing up my phone since five this morning. Up, up, up.” He grabs your hand and you make your body go limp so he’s pulling dead weight. “Come on, Y/N.”

“I’m tired.”

“I have coffee.”

You growl like the angry bear you feel like and stand. Dean presses a paper cup of steaming coffee into your hand and the aroma stimulates your senses.

“What’s the case?”

“Possible possession. Little town in Mississippi. Sam’s already there and getting the run down. Wants us to meet him there.”

“Sounds exciting.” But there’s no enthusiasm in your voice. You take sips of coffee as you dress and put on shoes. As you grab your bag from underneath the bed, Dean reaches for your left hand. He plants a gentle kiss on the ring he had put there four months ago.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t get more sleep.” His green eyes ask if you’d care to elaborate on the reason, but you shake your head softly. So he pulls you close and kisses you with such passion and conviction that you feel breathless. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I know, I love you too.” you whisper, touched by his sudden display of affection. After four months of marriage, he still kept any affection strictly to alone time. Probably didn’t want to be seen as a softy by his brother or other hunters.

“All right, well, let’s hit the road.”

Sam meets you and Dean at a little cafe off the highway. You haven’t seen the youngest Winchester since the wedding and jump into his arms. He chuckles and hugs you tight. You’ve come to see Sam as your little brother too.

“So, tell us what’s so important that you had to end our honeymoon?” Dean asks gruffly, breaking away from his brother’s arms.

“I’m sorry: breaking up your honeymoon? Dean, you’ve been married for four months.”

Dean shrugs, his annoyed look never cracking. “Yeah, well, we had a lot to do and see, and do-”

“Yeah, I don’t need to hear about any of that.” Sam shivers like he’s heard of a nasty food and turns to you. “I heard you guys had solved two cases on your ‘honeymoon’,” he used his fingers at quotation marks. “and figured the ‘honeymoon’ was over.”

“Dude, quit with the fingers.” Dean rolled his eyes, but smiled as a waitress walked up to take orders. “The special please.”

“Me too.” you add.

“Just water for me.” Sam turns back to you as the waitress walks off. “So, I thought you guys could help me on this.”

“What do you have?” You lean forward as Sam pulls out his laptop and turns it on to the webpage.

“Three women died in Arkansas ten years ago. They each had an infant that was six months old. Same age as me when Mom was killed.”

“Whoa, wait, like serial killer kind of thing?” Dean frowns and holds up a hand to stop the conversation. “Sammy, we’ve been looking into Mom’s death for years and we haven’t heard of anything even remotely related to her death.”

“Apparently we weren’t looking hard enough.” Sam reaches into his coat and pulls out a leather bound book. “Because Dad seems to know exactly who we’re looking for.”

“Where’d you get that?” Dean’s green eyes are wide and he reaches to grab the book, but Sam moves it out of his reach. “Sam! Is that Dad’s journal?”

“Yup, and I’ve got it. Just listen, Dean. Dad’s out there right now hunting down the thing that killed her. I talked to him last week, and he says it’s a demon. And Mom wasn’t the only one it killed.”

The air suddenly goes cold and gooseflesh dots your skin. Sam’s voice seemed to fade into the distance as you remember the fire. The heat of the flames on your skin. The sound of screams.

The condiments on the table rock violently as you jump up, knocking the tray out of the waitress’s arms as she walks up.

“Y/N?” Sam and Dean are staring at you in surprise. You turn and run to the restrooms at the back of the cafe. You hurry into the nearest empty stall and lock the door. You press your body in between the stall wall and toilet, trying to gain safety from the enclosure. You rock back and forth, and try to clear your mind.

There’s a knock on the bathroom door and Dean’s muffled voice penetrates the thick door. You don’t answer. You can’t let him see you like this. He’ll want to know what happened and you don’t know what to say. What can you say?

Minutes go by. You’re unaware of the exact amount of time that passes. The bathroom door opens and a pair of boots walk in. Men’s boots. They stop outside the stall door and there’s a gentle knock.

“Y/N? Baby, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, just an upset stomach.” Not a total lie. Your stomach is churning from the pounding fear. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Dean, I’m fine. Just give me a minute.”

You waited till he left the bathroom before standing up. Your body was trembling and you shakily unlocked the door. With legs of rubber, you walked to the sink and dampened a paper towel. You take deep breaths as you wash your face, surprised to see mascara trails from tears you don’t remember crying.

Sam and Dean were standing by the exit door, both wearing a look of concern. You square your shoulders and walk over.

“Sorry about that. Sam, you were saying?”

“Look,” Dean reached for your arm. “why don’t we check into a motel and you can get some rest.”

“No, we have a job to do. Sam, why don’t you tell us the rest while we’re in the car?”

The boys don’t argue because it’s obvious both are interested in the demon story. The three of you climb into the Impala and Sam continues.

“There have been multiple deaths just like Mom’s. Mothers with infants being put on the ceiling and bursting into flames. Three in Nebraska two years before I was born, two in Kansas the year Mom died, three in Missouri ten years ago, and two in Arkansas eight years ago.”

A shiver of fear runs up your spine and you try not to tremble.

“All of the mothers had infants that were six months old exactly.”

“Okay, so we’ve got a demon serial killer on our hands. How do we find him?”

Sam has his laptop out again while Dean drives. “I did some research and there are three mothers in town with infants who are turning six months old today. From the looks of it, this demon-”

“Demon serial killer.” Dean corrects.

“Whatever. It’s working in a pattern. He’s moved from Nebraska, to Kansas, to Missouri, and then to Arkansas. Each attack was three deaths, two two years later, three more ten years after the first, and two more ten years after the first.”

“Dude, you’re speaking a totally different language.”

You inch forward in my seat. “Three every ten years. Two following two years later. Sam, you said the last killings were eight years ago.”

“Yeah, but the last batch was only two. That means the cycle is starting all over again. Tonight, those three mothers-”

“Will be killed.” You finish.

anonymous asked:

#6 with pietro please :)

Mrs. Maximoff [Pietro x Reader]

Originally posted by heartstacey

Dragoste- Love and  Dragă- Dear

You felt like you could puke, which wasn’t the most attractive thing to do so you fought the urge. You stared across the street at the small bistro a pout on your lips. It was too late now, you were already here. You were brought from your thoughts when you felt your hand being lightly squeezed you turned to see Pietro looking over at you with an eyebrow slightly raised. Oh right, you weren’t alone.

Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” His Sokovian voice thick, it made your heart flutter. A rush of guilt consumed you as you thought of what you were dragging Pietro into. Playing husband. He was innocent in this affair.

“Because my ex-boyfriend is a douche,” your reply causing Pietro to laugh loudly.

“Enough said, Dragoste.” Squeezing your hand again a big smile on his face, you couldn’t help but mimic the look. He was always able to do that for you, calm you down or just make you feel better in general. You always teased that was another power he had.

“No really, I bumped into my ex last night at a bakery and he is dating someone already, and it’s the person he cheated on me with; and so they tried to small talk me and I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind and it was that I was married.” You rushed out feeling slight relief at confessing everything.

“And your first thought for the perfect husband was me, Dragă? How sweet.” He teased making you laugh and shake your head.

“No it was Cap but he’s on a mission.” Pietro’s smile vanished instantly causing you to laugh more, “i’m kidding!”

“You better be Mrs.Maximoff.”


“So how long have you been married?” Your ex asked cocking his head slightly staring Pietro down. It had been a good hour since you stepped foot inside the bistro. And surprisingly, it wasn’t painful being in the accompany you were with. 

You blamed it on the fact that Pietro kept his hand on your thigh reassuringly and he would whisper mean nicknames about your ex. You could see that your ex’s face was slowly getting redder each time Pietro leaned in to whisper.

“Oh what?” Pietro looked at you was a sly grin, “Maybe three months?”

“We only broke up six months ago,” Your ex muttered to himself but everyone heard.

“Yeah, when she came home and told me what happened I was there for her. And I guess it didn’t take long before my feelings to grow and then we started dating and here we are.” Pietro smiled at the two people across from us.

“That’s so cute,” your ex’s new girlfriend cooed. It may shock some, but you were never mad at her. You were just mad that your ex cheated and couldn’t break up with you first.

“Yeah, some can say were still in the honeymoon phase.” Pietro chuckled his hand inched up higher on your thigh and your cheeks flushed.

“Piet!” You exclaimed smacking him lightly on the arm. Your ex was seething in the corner.

“What? You know you like it Dragoste.” He winked kissing your cheek.


It was safe to say that it didn’t take long before your ex interrupted saying him and his girlfriend had to go. Not even giving an excuse before leaving while his girlfriend waved happily at you.

Now you and Pietro were back home. “You would make a good wife,” Pietro suddenly said as he shut the door behind you after you walked in.

“Why is that?” You asked turning to him with a raised brow.

“Because, Y/N Maximoff sounds like heaven when I say it out loud.” He flirted coming closer to you.

You giggled a blush rushing up your neck and to your cheeks. You put a palm to his chest stopping him from getting any closer, “whoa there tiger, we gotta date before we can get married.” You joked patting him on the chest lightely.

“Well then are you free tomorrow night at seven?” You shook your head. “Good, I’ll pick you up then for our first date.” You stared at him in shock as he smirked at you, “What? You didn’t see that coming?”

Cory and Topanga

For those of you who grew up with Boy Meets World or are just getting into Girl Meets World now, I’ve had a thought re watching some old episodes.

Cory and Topanga is the ship that gave us EVERYTHING. Think about it. There are fan fictions out there for countless other ships depicting scenes that were given to us. We got it all.

First kiss

First date

First fight

First break up







Children’s Lives

We are the lucky few in the shipper community. I mean, something like this doesn’t always happen. And they didn’t sugar coat it either. They showed how hard it could be to adjust to life as a married couple. They showed that not all couples are perfect when they each kissed another person. They are such a REAL couple. And we got to see it all. I will never take that or what I’ve learned from them for granted.

I'm so grateful for my mom.

I can always count on her to listen and offer advice when I’m going through something like a break up. I now understand that sometimes when the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship ends, you can come to realize that you’re better off as friends.