breaking up ain't easy

Camille Riggins “Breaking Up Ain’t Easy”

Things between, Camille and Carlson haven’t been quite the same since the party she gave and he was having a jolly good ole time flirting with all of her friends. Also since then, her and Harley has been getting pretty close and are now on a even personal level. It was time that she let, Carlson in on how she has been feeling as of late.

“Well…Carlson…I called you over because I wanted to talk to you about us. Things have been going sorta left field for some time now and I think that it may be time for us to…sorta…go our separate ways”.

Taking aback and feeling a bit shocked in what, Camille was saying to him, Carlson let his eyebrows speak for him. Camille continues..

“BUT…I don’t want us to end on bad terms, you know? I want us to be able to still be friends…if…if that’s ok?”.

“C’mon, Mille. I thought that we were moving past all the negativity. I made a mistake and I apologized for what I’ve done. What more do you want from me…-”

“I know that we are suppose to move past it all but…”

“…I’m not…I don’t feel that I could trust you any more. I don’t want to feel as if, every time I turn my back, I have to worry about you flirting with someone or trying to get with one of my friends…-”

“But I DIDN’T!”, Carlson says in his defense as if it’s going to make the words that, Camille say to him go away.

“I don’t like feeling as if I’m beneath you, Carlson. I’m more than that”.

Carlson didn’t know that, Camille felt that way when he did a little flirting. He never intended for her to feel as if she isn’t more than what she’s worth. And she was worth a lot to him. She had his heart. Something no woman has ever gotten from him.

“Wow” Was all that he managed to say as he held his head in shame.

There was nothing more to say. They both sorta just stood there in silence for a while. Camille knew that she made the right decision in letting, Carlson go.

But if it was the right decision…then why was she feeling so bad after breaking it off.

Carlson wasn’t going to let it go that easily.

“You got me messed up! You think I’m just gon let you break up with me and walk away like I’m just some simp ass dude!?”.

“I’ve treated you with RESPECT and your just going to take my heart and rip it up like that!…like I meant nothing to you at all! I LOVED YOU, CAMILLE!…I LOVE YOU! I’m not letting go that easily”.

“I’m sorry, Carlson but you should have thought of that before thinking with the little head instead of the head on your shoulders! I’m no Simp ass female neither and I’m not to be treated like NOBODIES TOY. I’m done! It’s over!”.