breaking the stone

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Worse than before square one: being arrested and demolished and persecuted in SILENCE: they’ve shut down live feeds (must be an illegal block) and are behaving in ways that keep the media from being able to cover what’s happening.
They warned that they would come on the 22nd and instead came today so there would be no media coverage. Please please post so it can reach the people it should.
This makes me sick to post this: The raid has begun at Standing Rock (per Sunny Savage who is there). There is apparently a standoff happening right now. Backwater bridge has been opened, and there are large numbers of police, DAPL security, and National Guard circling the water protectors. Raids and mass arrest are imminent. Apparently, Trump is behind this. Live feeds are blocked. Media are not there, except for TYT. If you copy and paste, more people will see than if you click “share.” Send love & support by reposting if you will.

“it’s love- yeah all they’re looking for is love, from someone else…” - la la land, 2016


Side-by-side of Trump’s inauguration concert vs. Obama’s says everything you need to know

  • Photos from Obama’s inaugural concert in 2009 versus Trump’s concert on Thursday, reveal just how many fewer people showed up for Trump.
  • The Washington Post estimated over 400,000 people attended Obama’s 2009 concert. Read more

And yes, Trump walked out to The Rolling Stone’s “Heart of Stone”

  • For his entrance, Trump chose The Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone,” a love song about a creul lover who takes no pity in a woman’s pain.
  • “There’s been so many girls that I’ve known,” the first verse of the song reads. “I’ve made so many cry, and still I wonder why/ Here comes a little girl, I see her walking down the street/ She’s all by herself, I try to knock her off her feet. … Cause you’ll never break this heart of stone.” Read more 

The Librarians || Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake || Criminal

Basically, Cassandra Cillian and Jake Stone are in love with Ezekiel Jones, to the tune of Britney Spears’ ‘Criminal’. (Clips are from all 3 seasons so there may be spoilers.)

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Noct tried to fix it headcanon

So part of my fanfic research involves rewatching pretty much all the cutscenes in the game. Last night I was rewatching the first train scene and I realized how absolutely gutted Noct looks and it got me thinking…

When you first go to the hotel in Altissia is when Gentiana shows up with Umbra to explain the time travel thing. Now meta-wise this is just a mechanic that let’s you go back to open world play whenever you want. But, let’s look at it as a plot device. Several weeks pass between Noct waking up in Altissia and the train scene (which is part of why Gladio is telling him to get over it) and Noct is still so messed up…what if it’s because he used Umbra? What if he tried to go back and replayed it over and over again Groundhog Day style? What if he tried to save Luna, tried to protect Ignis, tried to fix even any small part of it but he couldn’t. It’s one of those fixed moments in time where it doesn’t matter what you do, things always turn out the same. And he tried and he tried and nothing ever worked until he was forced to give up (or likely Gentiana made him stop).

What if that’s why he’s in such a funk on the train? Because he’s dealing with the fact that the people around him can die, they can get hurt, and he can’t save them.

The Librarians meme season 2  ⇒ Five Episodes [5/5]
And the Point of Salvation

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve told me that story.”

“Why’d you let me tell it again?”

“I like the way you look at me when you tell it.”