breaking the glass

  • me:*opens a blog*
  • me:*glass breaking and me yelling "FUCK" several times in the background as i scramble to hit the exit button*
Oh dear… Harry’s always having accidents, only the other day he was bounding on my bed and somehow managed to crash on to the bedside table. My framed pictures went flying and he even managed to break the glass of two of them. I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with his boisterous behaviour.
—  Lady Diana on Prince Harry while discussing with Inspector KenWharfe on first day of work with the two princes. [Source: Hutchins, Chris (2014). Harry The People’s Prince. London: Neville Ness House Ltd. Kindle Edition. ]
I Can Feel It In The Air | Chapter 3 | Body Discovery

Silence had fallen over the day. Without incident, without any more breaking glass… There was no relief to be had, it seems, given Smallchan’s concern. On hearing her panic, you gradually followed her back to the beach.

It didn’t take long.

Almost right away you could spy a form laying flat on the docks. Something was sticking straight up from the docks, too… Apprehensively, you drew closer, only to find…

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This badass woman just became the NFL’s first female coach 

The Arizona Cardinals made history Monday when the team announced the hiring of Jen Welter as a training camp/preseason intern coaching inside linebackers. The move makes Welter the first known woman to coach at the highest level of men’s football. But on the field, Welter has been breaking the football glass ceiling for over a decade.

What the signs remind me of

Aries: The sound of a fire alarm, happy screaming, the energy of toddlers, love at first sight, condensation, and the smell of coffee.

Taurus: The sound of presents being unwrapped, when you lose your voice, looking into the sun, the feeling of falling, and blowing kisses.

Gemini: Frosting, abstract paintings, juxtapositions, long showers, the sound of glass breaking, and words with multiple meanings.

Cancer: When the wind makes you cry, the taste of lemon, tight hugs, birds singing, a tap dripping, stubbing your toe, and saying I love for the last time.

Leo: Biting your lip, wiping off make up, kissing strangers, biting your nails, leaving lipstick on coffee mugs, not wanting to go home, and the feeling of jealousy.

Virgo: Detective novels, biology class, plucking your eyebrows, hugging your pillow, being licked my a dog, the feeling of something soft and a feather falling to the ground. 

Libra: Laughing until it hurts, love at first sight, crying for no reason, unexplained betrayal, butterflies in your stomach, brilliant people, licking your lips.

Scorpio: neck kisses, loneliness, unrewarded success, beautiful scenery, porn with a back story, kissing in the rain, comforting a friend, underestimating a mistake.

Sagittarius: Bomb fires, running on the beach, over exaggerating pain, skipping school, smoke, tree stumps, footprints, holding hands, driving for fun.

Capricorn: paper cuts, listening to music in the background, taking risks, screaming at someone you love, having something made for you, the feeling of being in love.

Aquarius: Optimism, religion, horror films, people who apologise too much, drinking hot chocolate, fireworks, typing on a keyboard, building something up from nothing.

Pisces: The feeling of swallowing, hiccups, slipping over, avoiding conflict,the colour of the sky, post it notes, yawning, remember an old memory.


HENRY: I was hoping that when I brought you back, things would change here. That the final battle would begin.

EMMA: I’m not fighting any battles, kid.

HENRY: Yes, you are. Because it’s your destiny. You’re going to bring back the happy endings.

Breaking the Glass ~ Brani

Most times, Brigitte would have gone personally to meet a guest, especially a dear friend like Dani, but this time she needed a moment to prepare herself. Dani wasn’t a virgin anymore, and feeding from her shouldn’t present any problem, anymore either. Yet she felt anxious for a reason she couldn’t quite place. As she paced the floor of her room she reminded herself that it would be fine. She wouldn’t attack Dani like she had Austin, Dani had volunteered, and it wasn’t as if Dani had never fed anyone else before either. It would be fine. She took an unnecessary breath and was just beginning to play the first few lines of a concerto in her mind, fingers unconsciously fluttering along with the notes, when the knock came at the door. With a slow exhale, she opened the door, tentative smile in place. “Come in.” Her eyes flitted around, unable to settle on Dani’s for very long. “I’m… guessing you ate already, but… should I ask for a bit of fruit or a drink for you?”


Man Assaulted and Arrested for Filming Militarized Police Raid, From Across the Street

You go inside right now…it’s a lawful order…go inside right now” 

In Gresham, Oregon, a man was filming a heavily militarized SWAT raid on his iPad from across the street, when he was assaulted by 1st Amendment violating thugs dressed in Kevlar.

According to the man who uploaded the video to YouTube, who goes by the name Skylow Production, he woke up at 4:00 am after hearing a loud disturbance, so he came outside to investigate.

I was laying in my apartment sleeping and I heard multiple bombs blasting and glass breaking and my entire apartment shook repeatedly. I grabbed my Ipad and ran outside as fast as I could to see what was going on. There were 5 or more Tank/Military Trucks just cruising through my neighborhood.In the video we see two soldiers police officers approach the man filming. They quickly threaten to arrest him for ‘interfering’ despite the fact that he is clearly across the street. We can see one of the officers try to grab his iPad, and then they turn to walk away.

When the man filming says, “this is going to iCloud,” that is when he was assaulted and arrested.

According to his description, the man was charged with two crimes.

I was assaulted multiple times and I feel like it was Gresham Police Abuse and my rights were violated. I now owe $5000 and I am charged with 2 crimes. 2 CRIMES! At first I was scared to post this video but now I don’t care because the Gresham Police Department has already made a copy of it as proof of my crimes. I feel more like this is proof of their crimes or am i crazy?