breaking the bad

“Don’t tell me your indomitable endurance is wavering! We still have dessert yet~”


“Don’t talk with your mouth full, Iwa-chan”

This came about from tossing around some ideas on here about a FHQ scenario where knight!Iwaizumi is creatively punished for going rogue on his Demon King. I.. clearly enjoyed the concept too much OTL

Kojuro’s tweets [2/5]

Kojuro: Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?
Kojuro:  Breakfast was delicious as usual. Well, it’s about time to start work.

Masamune: The castle is livelier when Shigezane is here.
Kojuro: Lord Masamune, did you mean ‘noisy’?
Shigezane: Hey, aren’t you being really mean to me?

Kojuro: The sun is shining, but the temperature is dropping… Be careful to keep warm.
Kojuro: I wonder if Lord Masamune has completed his preparations for winter…?

Genya: Kojuro, isn’t your head filled with nothing but Masamune?

Kojuro: Naturally. He is the lord I serve, after all. Also, call him Lord Masamune.

Kojuro: Is it already dinnertime? …how quickly time has passed.

Kojuro: I’m going to clear the leftover work with Lord Masamune now. Shigezane, Genya, don’t get in our way.

Kojuro: I overdid it… I suppose it’s time to sleep. Good night, see you tomorrow.



For the record, before somebody comes to assassinate me in my home, I do not think that you’re automatically a bad writer if your favorite books are [you know]. 

I’m just saying that if they are, it’s very likely that you take inspiration from them to some degree, and while that’s fine (depending on what elements inspire you, of course), it could also be an indicator that your stuff isn’t something I, personally, would be interested in.

Obviously there are exceptions, but generally blogs that like those books also post stuff about them, which I also want to avoid, so if you do have a story that I might be interested in but you post stuff relating to [the thing], then you probably won’t get a follow from me.

Feel free to think I’m petty, but I just … I know what I want and what I don’t want, that’s all.

And yes, I’m aware that my thing is kinda similar to [the thing] and that it’s vaguely the same genre and demographic, but … still.

It’s okay, I miss home too.