breaking paradigms

[…] Brady may be best-known as a TV personality from series including “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Let’s Make a Deal,” but he got his start in the theater and has made a habit of coming back to it. On Broadway, he’s had stints in “Chicago” (as Billy Flynn) and “Kinky Boots” (as Lola), and in L.A. he’s appeared at the Wallis in “Merrily We Roll Along” and at the Hollywood Bowl in “Rent.” He talked with Variety about his current stage foray in the musical phenomenon “Hamilton.”

*You’re starring in the biggest musical hit to come along in years.*

I’m a fan. I think I’ve seen it eight times. I thought, “Oh my God, I need to be in this.” I love anything that changes the paradigm or breaks down a wall of perception. It may sound corny, but every night I am moved close to tears during the bow because I’m so happy. Because I’m part of something big. Sometimes when you have a name, you are the big thing in the room at that time. But with this, I’m just a piece of this. And it’s awesome.

*The show feels particularly resonant now, in the days after the Trump inauguration.*

Not only did Lin[-Manuel Miranda, the musical’s creator] show us what a complete badass Hamilton was, what a flawed man, what a great man, what a motivated man, what an amazing story he had — His story truly is the American dream. In the day and age of “Make America Great Again,” and people talking about who has the right to be an American, this show completely knocks on that door.

*How did you get involved?*

I’ve been friends with Tommy [Kail, the director] and Lin and that crew for awhile, and I think it was maybe a year into “Hamilton” that I kind of just nonchalantly threw my hat in. And then it became not so nonchalant. I was like, “Hey, could this work out? Are you interested? Could this be a thing?” So we started talking about it, and I knew that this is something you’ve gotta prove you can do, so I said, “I’d love to come in and audition.” So I flew myself back to New York and I sat in the casting office with everybody else. It’s weird auditioning for people you call your friends, but if you love what you do, you humble yourself to get yourself where you need to go.


*What’s your take on the role of Burr?*

I only knew [Tony winner] Leslie [Odom Jr.’s] take on Burr, which by virtue of being the first was the definitive Burr. And then I made it a point to watch Joshua Henry [who initially played the role in Chicago]. I did a lot of reading on the relationship between Burr and Hamilton, and I received a lot of books for Christmas, too, once my family found out I was doing it. I thought about what I loved about Burr and how I could make mine different, and the thing I came away with is: If you look at this show sideways, Burr is the more sympathetic character. Hamilton had this fire and this want and this desire to plow through the world and make his mark. Burr wanted to be successful, too, but he wanted to do it his way — “talk less, smile more” — get through life on your deeds, do what you gotta do. He was just as driven, but it was understated. I connected with that piece of Burr. He was trying to let his work talk for him. I feel like that’s my story, in a way.

*What’s the reaction from audiences been like?*

This audience is rabid. Chicago feels like a town that has its own franchise baseball team: They are very, very loyal. “Hey, this our Burr.” I walk down the street and people say, “Hey, Wayne!” It’s like being a baseball player who just got drafted to the local team, and everybody knows about it. I start off the show with the very first line, and I walk out and I just hear this deafening roar. It’s so loud I have to really trust that my sense of rhythm is acute, so I don’t lose the first piece of the song. The first night I came out and heard that, I felt like I was back in high school. Like it was my first time on stage ever.

*What’s your favorite song to perform?*

From a physical viewpoint, I love “The Room Where It Happens.” You really have to think it through, and you jump off the table, and then you do a dance at the end. But the song that really means something to me is “Dear Theodosia,” the song Burr sings to his daughter. Because every night I see my daughter. […]

Breaking paradigms about ballet: Perfect Ballet Body.


  • A dancer should have long arms,long legs,short torso in comparison with the legs and a small head. 
  • Women: Should be as flexible as rhythmic gymnast,skinny as a broomstick and pretty as a model.
  • Men: Flexible but not as flexible as their female counterparts,look manly in stage (even if he is the gayest of the gays),broad muscular shoulders, and handsome as a model. (To se ballet body paradigms google Svetlana Zakharova and Roberto Bolle they are the Barbie and Ken of Ballet)

Reality: Most companies would look in auditions only for the people who have all the attributes I wrote before. You can get out of the business if the people in charge consider that you are:fat,short(men),don’t have right proportions,bad feet,too skinny(for men). And even if you become a professional and you don’t have this body you probably won’t be casted as a lead and may have problems to book jobs.

breaking paradigms: Sometimes the talent is so big that the paradigm breaks. And Daniil Simkin is the living proof. He is short,(I personally think he is cute) But many people think he is ugly,skinny,he looks like a boy,not look manly,petite framed (for a man)…But he is so good,he don’t jump he flies and his physique helps him to do all that.

What’s the point?: The point is that Ballet is hard and have high standards and many young dancers are discourage because they don’t fit in those standards but when someone is good someone is good. So if you are good and you work hard (Hard work is the 50% of the ballet talent) You can make it.

The other side: Corps(The deepest corner of hell),Coryphée/demi soloist(hell,this is me) & Sujets/soloist (purgatory). We do dance,we do have a place in the company,we had the body,technique and all the stuff to get in,we all are professional,we all have the body type. In theory we could dance principals roles if the opportunity is given and in theory if we enter to the company we could become a danseur noble or a prima ballerina…But the thing is that here were are…And sadly but very probably where we will remain till retirement time comes.

A hard probably the hardest ballet reality:Is that in order to become a ballet dancer,children give up their childhood(because if you want a career you need to start as young as possible),we overload and go tired from regular school and the ballet academy or conservatoire,Where the teachers are strict(But luckily the ballet academies in our continent are different from the russian ones that you can see in the videos like “Beautiful tragedy” that’s more like a concentration camp that a ballet school)  ,we get older and we give up,friends,parties,going out,fun,being young! and sometimes even our family. We finally became ballet dancers we got in in a Ballet company,and sometimes that’s it. It doesn’t  matter if you give up your entire life for ballet if you are not a star you are not a star. Then comes the frustration that you need to do other things.(I had the luck of having 2 other career one as as ópera singer and recently as an actor) But many of the people of the company have to work as teachers,waiters,host in restaurants,gogo dancers,circus…even as sales girl in a department store…If you are in a lower category in a ballet company you can’t live with that money. 99% of the Ballet dancers who join a company won’t never be a principal dancer.

So having the right everything not necessarily means that you are going to be a Danseur noble or a Prima Ballerina.

“W Two Worlds is an excellent drama. Usually I can predict the plot of the stories very easily. It wasn’t like that this time. There were very surprising twists of events that I couldn’t foresee. Well done for the writers and producers of the show! “

Similar Confession:

“W two worlds is brilliant and clever and fresh, with the meta game going on it’s funtioning in a whole another level, breaking the rules, antiquated paradigms and going against the dramaland establishment. I’m so in love with this drama because it’s more than just a drama. But people are not used to such a brainy show that force you to be actively aware of the narrative and also it helps if you have some knowledge about the works both author and director are referencing. “

it’s really really shitty how showrunners are at a place where they’re letting (and expecting) fandom do the work they’re too lazy and entitled to do. Oh so Cap/Sam/Bucky are “the greatest love triangle in MCU history”? cool how about we see some of that love onscreen i.e why not have Sam lock lips with Cap or Bucky or each of them declare their feelings at some point? oh that’s right, this isn’t really about showcasing gay love, it’s about using and exploiting a subset of your viewers while continuing to avoid real, challenging, paradigm-breaking representation. this happens ALL THE TIME with these white dudebrow fests. BBC Merlin spent whole seasons REFUSING to develop their characters or advance the story because they knew if they just gave fandom enough scenes of merlin and arthur “bantering” or taking their shirts off people would tune in anyway and continue writing fanfics and making gifs and feasting on the “subtext” that will never be allowed to break the surface. same with BBC Sherlock. Same with Supernatural. Showrunners know what fandom thirsts for, they read the tweets and tumblrs, they know the formula for garnering slashdom interest and they run with it all the way to the bank. meanwhile, women of color/ queer women of color rarely appear onscreen, and when they do they’re quickly shafted or sidelined in favor of white male characters (see also: Merlin, MCU, Sleepy Hollow et al). and lemme tell you it’ll be cold day in hell before MCU lets chris evans share a kiss with anthony mackie onscreen. i’m not saying dont ship things or dont enjoy these films/shows. god knows i enjoy a lot of trash media. but i’m pissed that showrunners exploit and encourage the worst sort of trends in fandom with not a single effing drop of accountability.

Cutting Ties with the Old Paradigm

The impression i am getting from this energy is that we are cutting ties with the old. Eclipses are known for bringing immediate change sometimes whether we like it or not. I’m seeing personally a lot of endings come up, I’ve been rather nostalgic the past few days and yesterday was a whole other roller-coaster entirely. [I’ll write more on that later]  

With New Moon energy potent, telling us to plant new seeds we are not only in a huge manifesting window. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are actually having MORE momentum for these manifestations right now because of the strong shifting energy that is in place. The Equinox gate also gives us this massive momentum of change, we are really breaking from the old paradigm. I had a moment the other day where i realized i am no longer in the dark, struggling to get through the past self that i was. I am financially stable with a loving family, a home to call my own and have transcended my darkness into light. This energy is powerful when utilized correctly, it is ancient but it’s here for those who are listening. This is a huge manifesting window. 

My advice to you during this time: 

  • Really think about what you desire in your life
  • Stay positive as possible during this transition, if negative thoughts or feelings are coming up realize that they are only trying to get you to see outside of yourself. This shows us that it’s more than merely negative thoughts, this cognitive dissonance that is happening is creating a veil into releasing what no longer serves us. When we’re able to let go, we open ourselves to the new energy that we can create with our own thinking. So positivity right now is vastly important! 
  • Also try to really make time to look inward especially with the lunar eclipse on the horizon, shakti is rather present right now. The feminine current is very strong so our right-hemisphere is more active than normal. If we see this we can begin to create a stronger momentum of manifestation soo thoughts are extremely powerful right now. 
  • Release. Release. Release. - Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, whether it’s dwelling in the past, old relationships, old friendships or maybe even a job that isn’t making you happy anymore. Spring is the energy of rebirth! With the symbol of rebirth at our beckoning call this is the truly the time for new beginnings and endings of the old paradigm.

It is bound to be a little rocky right now. I definitely believe these two weeks leading into the lunar eclipse are going to be very transitional for all of us. It could also bring many emotions to the surface because this is definitely a heart shift. I would imagine that this may even bring kundalini energy to some because it’s really strong, it’s hard to say though. I expect great things are on the horizon leading up to this lunar eclipse. We’re still shaking off the snow and frozen icy memories of winter, but soon the Flowers will bloom again and the Phoenix will rise out of it’s ashes. reborn. 


Brilliant Shadows is now live on Kickstarter.  Head on over and take a look!

Overall, there is an astounding lack of variety and diversity in the world of mainstream gaming. Gender, race, and sexuality are often not present in modern games or eroticized when they are.  

Brilliant Shadows will attempt to break this paradigm by featuring a lesbian protagonist along with a slew of supporting characters that run the gamut in terms of both ethnicity and sexual orientation.

 While the focus of Brilliant Shadows is on adventuring through a fantastical world filled with danger and magic, we wanted to incorporate characters that would be reminiscent of the people you interact with everyday.

The state is not going to protect trans women

Most cops are a danger to most trans women on a rapidly escalating scale based on race, mental illness, poverty and other factors. 

Even if you’re not vulnerable enough to specifically be in danger from cops, they don’t care about you, they will laugh about your assaults, they will ask you why you brought this on yourself when attacked.

The state will not protect trans women.

What will protect trans women is changing communities. Making it not only unacceptable to disrespect the existence of a trans woman but absurd. Making it not only unacceptable to regard trans women as a violation of gender or “manhood” but absurd. To teach children and folk that trans women are good and important and worth protecting, that trans women are another type of woman, that no sexuality is threatened by us, to purge toxic heteromasculinity from every community, to break down the medical industrial complex backed falsehoods of sex dimorphic theory and break down the oppressive paradigms of gender.

Making these changes in communities won’t change the larger systems and the larger bureaucratic structures, but they will create safer sanctuaries for trans women to participate in revolutionary action.

Instead of having to fear everyone around us.

And in the meantime, since that process is slow, arming the fuck out of each other and protecting each other, while the folks we’ve finally reached who see us as worth protecting also arm themselves and stand before us and with us is the more immediate goal.

first track i’ve written for guitar! i apologize for my crummy playing, i’m working on getting better :-) this breaks basically every writing paradigm i’ve used before so it’s different, but i hope you all like it, let me know what you think. please reblog and spread it around, it means the world to me! thank you :-)

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I’ll keep pretending that life is a continual work in progress.
Like the wounds I’ve accumulated won’t one day catch up to me.

It’s the paradox of non-existence—the unknowable space outside of endings, before beginnings.
But in the middle of those, what is left there for me?

I’m not cut out for these forty-hour weeks.
This “real world” has no place for me.
I’ve watched life pass me by, watched my health steadily decline.
I don’t remember the last time that I felt all right.
So I close my eyes while on the highway just to feel alive.

Now I know my home is not the same, so I’ll leave to find new places, break the paradigm of pointless days.
I’m tired of the cold, and I’m tired of waiting for a miracle.
Awake with the fire of farewells, I’m setting out to make my mark. It will be small, but it will be mine.
No truth nor meaning will fall into my lap. I will make it for myself.