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MCU fan-cast: Charlize Theron as Ororo Munroe/Storm

I’m sure she has her fans, but for me, Halle Berry never really captured the character of Storm. It’s not entirely her fault; however much the actress was miscast, the character suffered from the X-Men movies’ Notbeingplayedbyhughjackman Syndrome, a common malady. And instead of being defined by her warmth, her elegance, her power, or her regal nature, Storm ended up literally an angry black woman.

Recasting the character, you want a complete break and paradigm shift from what is, after four movies, unmistakably a failed character. Instead of a flaccid ‘leadership role’ that looks a lot like playing second banana to Wolverine, let’s emphasize the character’s strength, her beauty, her assertiveness, her regal nature. You can do all these things, even without making the character the grand leader–look at Thor or Black Widow in The Avengers, who take orders from Captain America while remaining effortlessly cool and badass. But, in deference to the character’s importance, I don’t want an unknown or some TV actress playing her. I want a genuine A-list Oscar winner backing the character, making audiences sit up and take notice from frame one.

Charlize Theron has been game for a number of weird, small genre roles. Even when the end result let her down, like with Aeon Flux, Snow White & The Huntsman, Prometheus, A Million Ways To Die In The West, et al, I think she still deserves kudos for putting herself out there, and with the right part + good writing backing her up, I think she could be as downright iconic as she was playing Furiosa (and she shaved her head for that role, so we are halfway to mohawk!).

And unlike some other Ororo Munroes, she’s from Africa. I’m sorry, I hate to get all ‘politically correct,’ but when you have a character that was born in Africa and married an African monarch, maybe we should cast an African. I might be the only one who feels this way, but representation matters, and Africans deserve to see themselves on-screen.

En unas pocas centurias, the future will belong to the mestiza. Because the future depends on the breaking down of paradigms, it depends on the straddling of two or more cultures. By creating a new mythos—that is, a change in the way we perceive reality, the way we see ourselves, and the ways we behave—la mestiza creates a new consciousness.

- Gloria Anzaldúa, from ‘Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza’

Women who are called into divine feminine service – that of raising the collective feminine spiritual vibration quotient on this planet – are not shrinking violets.

These women – who no doubt possess an ocean of the purest unconditional love and compassion at their conjoined Hearts – must be strong, bold and wise enough to make waves wherever they are sent.

These women are the Ones who walk into old paradigms and shake them up at their core.

These women are the Ones who have heard the Call of the Mountains, of the Sea, and of the Stars and Wind, and are doing something about it.

They are compassionate enough to have heard the desperate cries of those who need their Light. They are brave enough to move out of their own self-deprecation and self-doubt, and move into communities that require a sensitive, wise, age-old and intuitive voice to lead them back to sanity.

These women are not ‘nice’. They are not compliant. They are not people-pleasers. They do not seek approval from every ego that crosses their path. They do not adhere to the embedded morality and restrictions related to ‘what good girls do’.

They are not ‘good girls’. They are not ‘bad girls’ either. They refuse to be put into boxes because they have chosen to release and liberate their Spirits.

If they only lived to seek approval from others then they would be agreeing to the status quo as it is right now in this world.

These courageous, pioneering females have appetites for life, for love, for sex, for food, for men, for women, for the earth, for the Light.

They have appetites for power, and they are greedy for personal and spiritual expansion.

When you control a woman’s appetite for anything, you make it easier to control her.

These women were never, ever destined to be controlled. They have been given very specific roles by the Goddess to go into achingly-old and crumbling patriarchal paradigms, and break them up.

They have been selected to charge into places that are stuck, dead, overgrown with weeds, blocked and numb. They bring with them their overarching Higher Wisdom and carefully-honed skills of healing.

They know, deep inside, that the people and places that they are sent to are designed to be broken open, broken down, broken through.

This is not an easy task because it demands total courage and conviction of the Self.

It demands total Wholeness, Self-Realisation, Commitment to Truth, Unwavering Faith and Devotion to the Greater Good.
It demands Vision and Foresight.
It demands staying centred in the eye of the storm.
It demands all their inner resources to create frequency changes, stir up the emotional and spiritual waters, expose secrets and lies, confront denials and plant the seeds of extreme and radical transformation.

When these Women are called in, changes start.
All that has been repressed and denied begins to surface. The healing starts, but first comes the chaos.

Women of Spirit are not afraid of chaos, because they know that all New Light is born from it.

They are not afraid of intense emotions. They are not afraid of the ego’s reactions to being threatened by Divine Love.

Women who are in their Wholeness are a threat to the Old Order.

Women who love themselves, their bodies, their hearts, their intuitive senses, their psychic gifts, their ability to love without manipulation or fear – these women are dangerous to the status quo.

These women have energy to change the earth, bring Her back to balance, bring Her back to Love.

Because they are not wasting time or energy hating themselves. They are not wasting time worrying about what others think of their brazen confidence, their unapologetic, raw creative and sexual power, their mesmerising intelligence, and ability to rule the world.

These women do not have to apologise for existing.
They do not have to make themselves quieter, smaller, more ‘appropriate’, less visible or diminished.
They are sent to Earth to love with a fierce quality of compassion and wild, sacred intensity that has no roots in the ego.

This kind of Healing Love can only ever emanate from the Spirit.
These are brave, wise, visionary, patient, persevering, devoted and relentless females.
They will keep going until their last human breath on the earth plane.
They will not stop.

These are Women who Live to carry out tasks of great global and universal importance. Don’t underestimate the nature of these Holy Tasks. There are many who live here who want to bring them down; who can’t handle their ability to reveal Truth; who wither in the face of such unbridled self-love.
Who the hell do these women think they are?

Who do they think they are, to go around believing in themselves, loving themselves, admiring themselves, using their talents, expounding their ideas, opinions and wisdom, spreading their goddamn-blinding-Light?

Women who don’t need approval from men to feel they are valid. Women who don’t need to be kept by a man to feel they are safe. Women who don’t need to be in a relationship just to feel worthy.

These are women who really, truly love men.

These are the women that hold the Real Keys to the spiritual progression of the Masculine.

They are the Ones who will love men from a place of re-discovered Wholeness and Empowered Essence.

This is what Men really want, and need, in order to be free, divinely-motivated, built-up, charged and ready for the New Era.

These Women of Spirit NEED men, and adore men. But they are programmed to CHALLENGE men at their very existential core.

In order for these Women to be ravished, taken, blown-open to God and taken into worshipful ecstasy by Men, they need first to have challenged them, pushed them, confronted them and ignited their Spirits.

These Women have a Contract to show the men who are ready for them Who They Really Are.

And this only happens if women make waves, make noise, challenge untruth, unashamedly reveal and display their power, and look unwaveringly into the eyes of any who would seek to diminish them.

If you know a woman like this, you will already have felt the vibrations of her.
If you are this woman, don’t give up.
If you want to be this woman, you have full Divine permission.
Go, and rock the world on it’s axis.

You were never, ever born to be forgotten. You will always, eternally, be remembered.

~Sophie Bashford

[…] Brady may be best-known as a TV personality from series including “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Let’s Make a Deal,” but he got his start in the theater and has made a habit of coming back to it. On Broadway, he’s had stints in “Chicago” (as Billy Flynn) and “Kinky Boots” (as Lola), and in L.A. he’s appeared at the Wallis in “Merrily We Roll Along” and at the Hollywood Bowl in “Rent.” He talked with Variety about his current stage foray in the musical phenomenon “Hamilton.”

*You’re starring in the biggest musical hit to come along in years.*

I’m a fan. I think I’ve seen it eight times. I thought, “Oh my God, I need to be in this.” I love anything that changes the paradigm or breaks down a wall of perception. It may sound corny, but every night I am moved close to tears during the bow because I’m so happy. Because I’m part of something big. Sometimes when you have a name, you are the big thing in the room at that time. But with this, I’m just a piece of this. And it’s awesome.

*The show feels particularly resonant now, in the days after the Trump inauguration.*

Not only did Lin[-Manuel Miranda, the musical’s creator] show us what a complete badass Hamilton was, what a flawed man, what a great man, what a motivated man, what an amazing story he had — His story truly is the American dream. In the day and age of “Make America Great Again,” and people talking about who has the right to be an American, this show completely knocks on that door.

*How did you get involved?*

I’ve been friends with Tommy [Kail, the director] and Lin and that crew for awhile, and I think it was maybe a year into “Hamilton” that I kind of just nonchalantly threw my hat in. And then it became not so nonchalant. I was like, “Hey, could this work out? Are you interested? Could this be a thing?” So we started talking about it, and I knew that this is something you’ve gotta prove you can do, so I said, “I’d love to come in and audition.” So I flew myself back to New York and I sat in the casting office with everybody else. It’s weird auditioning for people you call your friends, but if you love what you do, you humble yourself to get yourself where you need to go.


*What’s your take on the role of Burr?*

I only knew [Tony winner] Leslie [Odom Jr.’s] take on Burr, which by virtue of being the first was the definitive Burr. And then I made it a point to watch Joshua Henry [who initially played the role in Chicago]. I did a lot of reading on the relationship between Burr and Hamilton, and I received a lot of books for Christmas, too, once my family found out I was doing it. I thought about what I loved about Burr and how I could make mine different, and the thing I came away with is: If you look at this show sideways, Burr is the more sympathetic character. Hamilton had this fire and this want and this desire to plow through the world and make his mark. Burr wanted to be successful, too, but he wanted to do it his way — “talk less, smile more” — get through life on your deeds, do what you gotta do. He was just as driven, but it was understated. I connected with that piece of Burr. He was trying to let his work talk for him. I feel like that’s my story, in a way.

*What’s the reaction from audiences been like?*

This audience is rabid. Chicago feels like a town that has its own franchise baseball team: They are very, very loyal. “Hey, this our Burr.” I walk down the street and people say, “Hey, Wayne!” It’s like being a baseball player who just got drafted to the local team, and everybody knows about it. I start off the show with the very first line, and I walk out and I just hear this deafening roar. It’s so loud I have to really trust that my sense of rhythm is acute, so I don’t lose the first piece of the song. The first night I came out and heard that, I felt like I was back in high school. Like it was my first time on stage ever.

*What’s your favorite song to perform?*

From a physical viewpoint, I love “The Room Where It Happens.” You really have to think it through, and you jump off the table, and then you do a dance at the end. But the song that really means something to me is “Dear Theodosia,” the song Burr sings to his daughter. Because every night I see my daughter. […]


June 19, 2017


by Didi

Peru born Diana Contreras, aka Didi, has lived in Miami since the age of 5. Armed with formal training in Art Education—undergrad as well as graduate—from Florida International University, Didi has been making her presence known on the streets of Miami and is on a mission to prove street art is not just a man’s world. “It is important to showcase women in order to break the paradigms that women can’t do what men can do” she told Miami New Times, going on to say that she has seen support of women artists grow in recent years. Her “three muses” were painted in 2015 for the Miami Book Fair. The mural is on NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood, on the side of the recently shuttered Play-In, a “multi-sensory activity center” that for almost 7 years provided space for children to run, jump, climb, explore, and create.  @didrok

Unworshipped Gods & You

Hello I am here to spread the good word with this prelim primer on Unworshipped Gods. Enjoy.

*this is all from astral direction experience so expect some measure of disagreement with me; I am not the authority to end all on the topic or the astral in general, and I should not be seen as such. Anyways!

What are Unworshipped/Unrecorded Gods?

I use many names. Unworshipped Gods, Unknown Gods, Lost Gods, Unrecorded Gods for those who want a different name! But they all mean relatively the same thing.

These are the Gods that never had human names, or maybe they did once, and then they were lost to the annals of history–likely by their OWN hand. Perhaps they have never been here at all, or been known here. They are not always Gods for humans, they are often wild, natural forces, something beyond-us. They are far older than we are.

They are the Gods you don’t see mentioned.

Why the word Unworshipped? If I find one isn’t it Worshipped?

Because astral, that’s why. No but really. I chose this name to describe an astral concept because a lot of deities “die” from this world on purpose, removing all trace of themselves, in order to go into seclusion for a time, or a period of rest, on another plane. Many entities you may talk to don’t actually want any attention anymore, but they still may pick you to receive a lesson or two, or set up some kind of reciprocity. But generally these entities operate differently.

But what if an Unworshipped God wants me to spread their name?

This is a possible thing, an Unknown God could very well want to enter the public sphere. But many do not.

There are quite a few people on tumblr that come to mind at the moment that are in fact building personal traditions around THEIR Unknown Gods–and sometimes that’s really the path that is calling you, and you just don’t have the tools yet to explain it. That’s okay.

Why are Unknown Gods important?

Mostly because of the fact that they fall through our collective Spiritworker/Witch/Pagan cracks, precisely for being Unknown.

In the Spiritwork/Pagan/Witchcraft communites, many of us are guilty of wanting to know a God/Spirit’s identity that is seeking us out YESTERDAY. We pass around association checklists and are satisfied that SOME deity we know of has to be what it is, and then it’s fine.

But…what if it’s not?

There aren’t checklists for Unknown Gods. Not really. That’s usually because of the name, and some other factors. Unknown Gods are not always Everyone’s Gods. They may come to you, privately, quietly, under guise of night, and ask you not to reveal their name to others. They may not want to be for public consumption. They may be in retirement, but something about you and what you can bring intrigues them, they take an interest, they begin trying to get in contact.

But picture, for a moment, that someone is sending you letters. You understand someone is trying to contact you, but the letters are in a foreign language you don’t understand. This language doesn’t exist on earth. It may be CLOSE to a language you’ve seen before, but not…totally right.

But this language must exist here, you think. It’s logically impossible otherwise.

You post the letter online, show it to friends that work with known deities, they (being very helpful) give you some pointers, possibilities on who it might be. None of them feel exactly right, but…I mean, it must be ONE, right? Eventually you settle on one that seems “close enough”, and set up everything from there, even if it’s not them.

But…this is missing the point. If you lack the context to recognize when something is NOT adding up, you will tend to identification errors when you try to make it make sense. Sometimes the simplest answer–That this DOES NOT make sense inside your existing paradigm–is the right one.

The problem with Unknown Gods is the fact they’re Unknown.

Many people don’t even realize this can be A Thing. That you can have a deity with no name or station approach you and godbother the hell out of you until you get frustrated enough to sit down and admit something isn’t making sense here. Often this needs to break your existing paradigm of Gods. 

What do they do?

Everything. God is not really a title reserved for a select few on the astral. Everything has some kind of overseer–a God for pebbles, a God for entire planes, a God for the orbits of planets. So many, and so many thousands more.

Not every Unknown God is a Big one. Maybe you made a deal with a God that raises giraffes on some remote peninsula 700 years ago. I dunno your life. Stranger shit has happened, I assure you.

What does that have to do with me?

It should expand your horizons.

For every man, a God, as my astral family says. I’ve talked to many deities/gods of many different planes, and they are all a fascinating source of information–provided they will receive you, or have perhaps found you out personally.

You aren’t limited by what humans know, and now perhaps you realize you didn’t realize you were being limited. Oooh, paradox.

What’s the difference between God, Spirit, Guide?

Semantics, mostly, and development. You can have an unworshipped god actually seek you out to become a kind of mentor or guide, you can have a god actually sign up to be a guide, you can have a regular spirit that essentially BECOMES an unknown god over time, with age and energy. Potato, potah-to. We could sit here all day discussing the minute differences, but it may be faster to just, you know, try asking the God themselves.

What do I do the next time I’m being Godbothered, now that I know about this new class of deity?

Really, REALLY take time to sit down and slowly dissect what you are being sent. Be cognizant the checklist for your deity/spirit/guide may not exist yet, and that is okay. When Kratos (white wolf, unworshipped god, british asshole, also my guide) showed up, my checklist was like this:

  • Asshole
  • British as hell
  • White arctic Wolf
  • Wears nothing but suits
  • Information broker
  • Black hair with a white stripe

So you can imagine my utter confusion and 6 months of research before I finally admitted I had no idea what on god’s green earth I had got myself into with this dude

Your checklist doesn’t have to neatly match an existing deity’s list. It is completely fine if you are, in fact, being bothered by a VERY known deity! But, to me, I find it better to approach the identification process with a very WIDE net, then pare down from there–so as not to miss anything if the God of Shitake Mushrooms is really trying to talk to you personally about the benefits of fungus.

Dusken told me I could go to the astral and bother ever God I see and demand names and spread them all over the internet!

No. Return to step 1. Then maybe have a glass of water or five, damn kid

So what’s my takeaway point?

Take time to really get to know the next entity that wants to talk to you.

REALLY allow the space for them to characterize themselves in their own terms, which may not be human ones. That’s honestly all I’m advocating for.

Allow the possibility your new guide/god may not have terms yet to describe them, and that this is okay, the get-to-know-you-process can be a Process.

I wish you the best of luck with your journey w/ unworshipped Gods.

And anyone who has had experience with such entities, feel free to comment or reblog with add-ons!


The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 15:

Andrea Torrealba | 28 | Homosexual 

Q: Why did you decide to come to the photoshoot?

A: Because I think it’s important to make sexual diversity visible and support initiatives that push towards change. 

Q: What does the flag mean to you?

A: It simbolizes the constant fight against sexual prejudices. 

Q: What do you think about the fact that there is an LGBT+ community?

A: I think it’s important because it helps us break the paradigms that exist today and to support each other in this process of liberation.

Stories (A BnHA Fanfic)

Word count: 1440

Rating: T

Summary: Shinsou Hitoshi wants to rewrite the stories that he tells himself.

Notes:  Inspired by a fantastic piece by @animeaves, please check it out! They are very talented and deserve all the recognition they can get! You can find it here! Thanks to @sugarmagic for the beta and thank you for reading this!

TW for some violence and depictions of bullying.

Keep reading

We still suffer because we have more confidence in our ability to endure it than our ability to stop it. We were raised and trained to endure white supremacy, not end white supremacy. “Black woman” is not in the list of “things it’s ok to die for” in this country. Neither the Blackman nor the Black woman is truly standing up to defend the other. We are neglecting our responsibilities as a people together. We send our children to the enemy together. We spend our dollars with them together. We boycott Black businesses together, and we stand to the side and watch each other get brutalized together. No gender is in any moral position to call out the other. And for the record, we weren’t afraid to stand up for the Black woman during slavery, we were taught to endure it by the Black woman who reasoned that if the enslaved Afrikan man stood up for her and was killed, she would be left in this world without the only true compliment and comforter that she had. We are in a better position to fight today but we have become such good “copers”, trained largely by our mothers and fathers, that it takes specialized training to break that paradigm. As a fighter, it’s a tricky proposition to fight for a people that will fight you for fighting for them, especially if it’s against white folk. That’s why we’re still suffering even though many of us are still standing… - Amin Imamu Ojuok

anonymous asked:

can u please rec some rentboy fics? thank u!

I can :)

Unhook the Stars by jad (62k)
“Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people – with words. Guest appearances by Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Teddy Lupin, Gregory Goyle, the Weird Sisters, ex-wives, several Weasleys, a Boggart, and a Honey Badger. 

Another Mask Behind You by lettered (116k)
Draco is a high-end prostitute who hides his identity.  Harry unknowingly hires him.  And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, more porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies. 

Number Seven by Sara Holmes (265k)
Harry already has two children, an ex-wife, annoying colleagues and an international crime ring to deal with. So when Draco Malfoy reappears after eight years AWOL in France, of course Harry is going to leave him well alone…Right?

Gone Down the Angel On a Lonely Night
by @femmequixotic (17k)
Eight years after the end of the war, Harry stumbles upon Draco in an unexpected place: Islington.

Kiss A Boy in London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore) by @femmequixotic (36k)
There’s only one cardinal sin for a whore.

Touch Me Fall by lumosed_quill (23k) 
Malfoy was such a ponce. And he was a complete snob. And he was so fucking fit Harry wanted to jump him where he sat. It would be too easy to forget his objective tonight: to really, really, really get Malfoy out of his system.

Breaking the Line by Kedavranox (19k)
Draco was a Dom for hire. Harry was his best client. But Harry disappeared and now Draco’s retired.
Draco’s doing fine (he’s even attending parties!) but who should show up to the latest BDSM shindig, but Harry Potter himself?
Can Draco play with his ex-client without breaking the line?

Paradigm by Cheryl Dyson (57k)
Harry Potter is an Auror and Draco Malfoy is a rentboy, but this is not a typical rentboy story.

Kisses are for Lovers by kjmom1 (22k)
Draco is a high class prostitute famous for taking clients virginity and doing it with a tenderness and care so they feel loved. Harry comes to him for the same treatment.

Shameless by QueenyMidas (50k)
Coming around on his third year in the local Escort service, Draco gets a new client that surprises him. Harry Potter, after having dropped out of the Auror academy a few years back, finds his life without direction or meaning when he orders a helping hand. Along with an Auror investigation gone wrong, once-separated lives intertwine again in a mess of scandal and moral ambiguity. EWE, disregarding Colin’s death.

The Shadowy Corners by Kedavranox (29k)
Fifteen years after the war, Draco is still struggling to survive. Living in squalor and under heavy Ministry restrictions, Draco takes Pansy’s advice on an option he had never thought to consider before. A means to regain everything he lost and more, courtesy of the wizarding hero –Harry Potter.

…and with persons even worse by leela_cat (14k)
Someone’s killing rentboys in Lower Knockturn, and the case is getting attention from the top. No one at the Ministry wants another Ripper, stalking Knockturn Alley or moving into Muggle London. Harry Potter agrees to go undercover, but can he keep his identity a secret when Draco Malfoy is the rentboy assigned to show him the ropes?

Coins by inell (2k)
Coins make a certain jingling sound whenever they are tossed onto the top of a wooden bureau.

Railway Lands by Maelipstick (65k)
Draco finds his own way to cope with being a failed Death Eater at Voldemort’s headquarters. Voldemort finds a way to destroy the wizarding world even after his death. Harry is trying to hold the world together while his mind quietly comes apart.

Let the Poets Pipe of Love by bookshop (12k)
Harry is a virgin, Draco is a hooker, but when they get together they have nothing but fun sex fights—well, something like that.


Brilliant Shadows is now live on Kickstarter.  Head on over and take a look!

Overall, there is an astounding lack of variety and diversity in the world of mainstream gaming. Gender, race, and sexuality are often not present in modern games or eroticized when they are.  

Brilliant Shadows will attempt to break this paradigm by featuring a lesbian protagonist along with a slew of supporting characters that run the gamut in terms of both ethnicity and sexual orientation.

 While the focus of Brilliant Shadows is on adventuring through a fantastical world filled with danger and magic, we wanted to incorporate characters that would be reminiscent of the people you interact with everyday.

Cutting Ties with the Old Paradigm

The impression i am getting from this energy is that we are cutting ties with the old. Eclipses are known for bringing immediate change sometimes whether we like it or not. I’m seeing personally a lot of endings come up, I’ve been rather nostalgic the past few days and yesterday was a whole other roller-coaster entirely. [I’ll write more on that later]  

With New Moon energy potent, telling us to plant new seeds we are not only in a huge manifesting window. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are actually having MORE momentum for these manifestations right now because of the strong shifting energy that is in place. The Equinox gate also gives us this massive momentum of change, we are really breaking from the old paradigm. I had a moment the other day where i realized i am no longer in the dark, struggling to get through the past self that i was. I am financially stable with a loving family, a home to call my own and have transcended my darkness into light. This energy is powerful when utilized correctly, it is ancient but it’s here for those who are listening. This is a huge manifesting window. 

My advice to you during this time: 

  • Really think about what you desire in your life
  • Stay positive as possible during this transition, if negative thoughts or feelings are coming up realize that they are only trying to get you to see outside of yourself. This shows us that it’s more than merely negative thoughts, this cognitive dissonance that is happening is creating a veil into releasing what no longer serves us. When we’re able to let go, we open ourselves to the new energy that we can create with our own thinking. So positivity right now is vastly important! 
  • Also try to really make time to look inward especially with the lunar eclipse on the horizon, shakti is rather present right now. The feminine current is very strong so our right-hemisphere is more active than normal. If we see this we can begin to create a stronger momentum of manifestation soo thoughts are extremely powerful right now. 
  • Release. Release. Release. - Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, whether it’s dwelling in the past, old relationships, old friendships or maybe even a job that isn’t making you happy anymore. Spring is the energy of rebirth! With the symbol of rebirth at our beckoning call this is the truly the time for new beginnings and endings of the old paradigm.

It is bound to be a little rocky right now. I definitely believe these two weeks leading into the lunar eclipse are going to be very transitional for all of us. It could also bring many emotions to the surface because this is definitely a heart shift. I would imagine that this may even bring kundalini energy to some because it’s really strong, it’s hard to say though. I expect great things are on the horizon leading up to this lunar eclipse. We’re still shaking off the snow and frozen icy memories of winter, but soon the Flowers will bloom again and the Phoenix will rise out of it’s ashes. reborn. 

“W Two Worlds is an excellent drama. Usually I can predict the plot of the stories very easily. It wasn’t like that this time. There were very surprising twists of events that I couldn’t foresee. Well done for the writers and producers of the show! “

Similar Confession:

“W two worlds is brilliant and clever and fresh, with the meta game going on it’s funtioning in a whole another level, breaking the rules, antiquated paradigms and going against the dramaland establishment. I’m so in love with this drama because it’s more than just a drama. But people are not used to such a brainy show that force you to be actively aware of the narrative and also it helps if you have some knowledge about the works both author and director are referencing. “

Post-apocalyptic Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

It was a toss-up to me whether or not I should make the family members scared of the apocalypse or holding their own, but we’ve all seen Rick Potion 9, and I like that Jerry is one of those people for whom the collapse of society was the best thing that ever happened to him. Forego your precious status quo and say hello to Mr. Crowbar. 

Of course in Rick Potion 9, Beth breaks the delicate continuity paradigm over her knee when she realizes her father’s a loser, so in this apocalypse, I’ve decided the paradigm is 10,000x stronger when she realizes he’s an axe-wielding badass. Did I mention all these are on the same canvas? You’ll get that in a bit I promise.