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Things to Do When You Can’t Seem to Write

Are the words just not coming? Try getting away from the screen for a few minutes.

Do Something Productive

  • Take care of the dishes – load or unload your dishwasher, or wash a sinkfull by hand. If you have to leave any to soak, try writing for a few minutes while they do.
  • Put away that basket of laundry you’ve been ignoring.
  • Clean your bathroom sink.
  • Put away any shoes, jackets, or other outerwear you left lying around.

Do Something Fun

  • Write/draw/paint in your journal, if you have one. Do a page, then try writing again.
  • Read a chapter of your current book.
  • Set a timer for five or ten minutes and play a simple game that will let your mind disengage–my go-to is Spider Solitaire.
  • Call/Skype/text a friend and have a chat for a few minutes.

Make Your Writing Space More Pleasant

  • Straighten up your desk. Throw out any scraps of paper that have served their purpose, but check to make sure you’re not tossing out story notes! Dust the surface off, and put away anything that belongs somewhere else.
  • Light a candle.
  • Get a glass of water, or make yourself tea or coffee.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Grab a small snack if you’re hungry.
  • Are your hands dry? Mine get terrible in winter. Moisturize!
  • Lips, too –grab that lip balm.
  • Feeling sluggish? Take a short walk or do some jumping jacks to get your energy level up.
  • Feeling grungy? Take a shower. “Inspirational” showers are my favorite, I get so many ideas in there.

If one of these doesn’t break you from your funk, try one from another category to switch things up. And if you still don’t find your writing mojo, maybe you need a longer break, or to pack it in for the day. Just remember, working hard is great, but forcing yourself to write can burn you out, so keep yourself in balance!

Shower Moments

Writer - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - Nope

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight

Summary – Reader(F) thinks she is alone in the house she shares with her imprinter/fiance Sam so she jumps in the shower but is surprised by him when he comes home early and joins her

Warning(s) - intimate moment (showering together), flashback of previous (accidental) abuse, short, fluff

I changed some things from the book/movie (Sam also has a brother in this, just to help the plot)

A/N - Request are open :)

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you recognized Bella, because her hair but mostly because of the way Paul was reacting. you could tell the situation was going to go down hill really fast. 

you were there in an instant. you lightly touched Paul’s arm, “Paul.” you said. he looked at you for a second, chest still heaving, “Paul, we should get coffee.” you stated.

now everyone looked at you. Paul turned to face you, “yes.” he said. you could see the tension drain from his shoulders. Sam looked between you two but you ignored it, simply grabbing Paul’s hand and pulling him towards the house, “let’s get you a shirt.” you stated.

he grinned, “you dont like me like this?” 

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Boy I tell you what… The thing that gets me through the day is my ability to romanticize the ordinary. Being wrapped up in my favorite blanket drinking coffee out of a silly mug I got for cheap is blissful for me. A cat curled at my side purring herself to sleep is a blessing. Taking the time to appreciate a lovely sky while sitting in traffic calms me down. I may be living a perfectly ordinary life but I learn to appreciate it when I experience things and allow myself to believe it is extraordinary. That’s how I get through it, man



The dhole (Cuon alpinus) is a canid native to Asia. Other English names for the species include Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog, whistling dog, red wolf (not to be confused with Canis rufus), red dog, and mountain wolf. During the Pleistocene, the dhole ranged throughout Asia, Europe and North America, but became restricted to its historical range 12,000–18,000 years ago.

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Theo Raeken

Why does he look so damn hot in this gif? Like he’s getting head?

Summary- The reader is a hunter who’s had a crush on Theo for a while and takes him to her place to torture him with pleasure.

Idk if that make sense but I just got the idea from the gif lol.

In honor of teen wolf sunday.

Warning- Daddykink!Theo Sub!Theo(Begin half) Sub!Reader, Dom!Theo., Blowjobs, chocking, bitting, unprotected sex. That’s all I could think of

Word Count-2,553

Theo pulled on the zip ties groaning at the tightness around his wrist. He had been captured by an unknown hunter, Theo was in his truck hesitant on calling Scott from what he had discovered when he was at the clinic a spider that disappeared into thin air. When he was in his truck a flashlight came into his view, he thought it was the sheriffs department but it turned out to be a hunter by it’s lonesome who shot a dart into neck knocking him out.

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Paul Lahote // been a while

request: y/n hasn’t seen paul in a while because of some vampires trying to cross onto their lands, and goes into a slump untill he comes back to her. 
pairing: paul x female reader
warnings: fluffy
word count: 
a/n: turned out a bit different but hope you enjoy it!

It has been a while since (y/n) had been in his arms. Wrapped under his muscles, keeping her warm and safe from harms. His breath would fan over her neck and she’d cuddle up tightly against his warm body. His scent would fill her senses, he smelled of the forest and spices and she couldn’t get enough of it.

It has been weeks since she’d seen him properly and it was slowly dimming her light and personality. The pack was on patrol twenty-four-seven, not able to take decent breaks with the vampire coven trying to come onto their lands for a reason they could not figure out.

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Cullen Family Imagines

Being A Cullen Sibling Would Include

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Being Renessmee’s Twin Would Include

Imagine Being Reneesmee’s Twin

Teenager’s Fantasy


Love Beyond A Lifetime

Heart Over MInd

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Jasper Hale/Cullen


Major Eclipse Part 1

Major Eclipse Part 2

Hale Siblings

Volturi Coven Imagines




Sippy Cup




Dating Would Include

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Remember Being Human

The Shifters (Wolves)

Imagine Growing Up On The Reservation

Graduation Party


Dating Playlist


Song That Describes Your Relationship

His Rejected Imprint

Non-Imprint Girlfriend Pre-Imprint (Warning: Suicide and Depression)

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Why I Hate Imprinting

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"Why did I even give you those" "Why did you make them so cheap."

So, playing with a second-time DM. The party was a group of three, a half-elf Warlock of The Great Old Ones named Larry, a human Tempest Cleric of Ba'al named Cyrus, and me, a warforged Bard named Beat.
We were all Level 1, and this was our first session.
After we had left a ruined old underground church via a back entrance into a river, we ended up near a town that had been mentioned as being where someone hired an assassination attempt on the Warlock. A traveling merchant showed up, offering various wares and one that is noteworthy is, two vials of this rather potent acid. It’s so potent, the bottles themselves are bottles made of force magic. They were being sold for 30 gold, and the DM tauted them as literally instant-kill potions that will turn whatever you contact with them into a puddle.
Beat didn’t buy anything because they weren’t confident it wouldn’t break in their pack and melt them, but both Larry and Cyrus decided to buy one, since it was so cheap.
So we headed into the town and… It was on fire.
We headed to help out some of the villagers trying to fight the fires and asked what was going on and they said it was a dragon.
Larry decided to check if their denomination’s church was in the town, intact or not. It was right behind us on the docks, and burned down.
We went over to investigate and… Dragon head pokes out of the door.
Everyone panics a little OOC as me and Cyrus’s player tried to determine what the fuck the Challenge rating of this big of a dragon would be. We figured it to be 17.
Beat and Larry thus were wanting to move but Cyrus got an idea.
Cyrus: “Hey dragon, you want some desert?”
Me (OOC): -Sudden realization- Ooooooh you, you have some balls to try this
The dragon lazily opened up their mouth, and Cyrus tossed in the force-flask of acid.
Cyrus (OOC): So how long’s it going to take for the acid to melt that much dragon?
DM (OOC): … About an hour.
Cyrus: Alright I come back an hour later.
DM: -Visibly annoyed- The dragon is now a skeleton on the floor.
Me (OOC): … Holy crap, how much EXP was that big of a dragon worth?
Cyrus (OOC): -Casually writing ‘the Dragonslayer’ as an epiphet for their character on their sheet- … MMm! Where’s it’s hoard?
DM: -Annoyed DM Noises as they try to figure all this out-

All the players leveled up immediately to level 4 at the end of the session, and in total we got like 40,000 gold.

Dating Emmett Cullen would include:

-arm wrestling (him letting you win)

-Piggy back rides

-Him being super protective of you

-him being jealous if you hang out with nay other man (especially in the pack)

-The other Cullen’s being protective of you

-lots of cheesy jokes 

-playing baseball together

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Who do I choose?

Summary: Your Paul’s imprint but your also Emmett’s mate ( Rosalie does not exist in this story, nor does Paul’s imprint in the movie! )

Characters: Paul Lahote, Emmett Cullen, and you of course!

    Ever sense you moved to Forks with your sister Bella things have been getting weird. It started off when you went to Billy’s with your father Charlie. Jacob had some friends over, you remember meeting Quil, Embry, Seth, and Jared. But there was this other guy, his name was Paul. When you locked eyes with him it was like everything stopped. For a minute, just a minute it was only you two in the room. You had to shake your head just to get the thoughts of him out of your head. Everyone in the room was looking at you with a shocked face.

Ever sense then you’ve felt a pull towards him. Like he needed to be there at all times. 

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