breaking out of frame

Hybrid #1

My self-portraits explore my feeling that my body is too much; taking up too much space, too big to be attractive. For years I suffered from an eating disorder, obsessed with losing weight. Now in my photographs, I am reclaiming my body by taking up space in the frame. I felt locked in the cage that was my body. In my photographs the cage is represented by the edges of the frame and I am breaking out of it. I show my body stretching to the corners of the photograph, not letting myself crumple and submit to the passive female form.

Kelsey Michelle, 2015

thoughts i woke up with this morning, in no particular order

  • okay but if they do an even-focused season it would potentially be the most interesting season they ever do?
  • just in terms of cinematic storytelling style and technique
  • like you’re talking about a character who is into film! who actively cares about film style and directing choices and how films get made!!
  • “i think it’s possible to be the director of one’s own life”
  • so imagine that character trait paired with skam’s demonstrated ability to build really unique and immersive narrative povs for each of their focal characters
  • how! would that look!!! for even!!!!!!
  • would they adapt the camera work for the show to blend in aspects of even’s style?
  • like would we get more use of steady cam to set up deliberately framed/angled shots when we’re in the moment of even observing a scene
  • would the use of handheld and/or shaky cam become more pronounced to help break us out of even’s directorial/observational frame of reference and mark the times when he is reacting to something really emotionally
  • note to self: dig out old intro to film book to refresh on different types of shots
  • but also THE SOUNDTRACK
  • what kinds of songs would they use to characterize even’s pov
  • i hope it’s a super eclectic mix of genres with a few Iconic Movie Songs peppered in
  • even walking off into the middle distance at the end of an ep to “don’t you forget about me”
  • even goofing around at home to “old time rock and roll”
  • even and isak doing something cute and sweet while “time of my life” plays faintly in the background as diegetic sound like from a radio in the room or smth
  • just all these songs that throw back to the fact that even is constantly thinking about film
  • not bc he still thinks his life/his relationship is a film
  • but bc filmmaking is his passion! movies are his passion! and these are the moments in films that are deliberately created with the hopes that they’ll stick with you and spin through your head all the time waiting for you to connect them to your real-life experiences bc that helps them feel more personal! and even gets that!!!
  • okay this got way too long but on one final note
  • have u ever heard that idea that all movies are about making movies
  • well what if even’s season really unabashedly Went For That
  • and one of the major plotlines was him making a student showcase film for his end-of-year project or portfolio or whatever
  • (i was not a film student but i have heard this is a thing they do?)
  • and he’s struggling to find what perspective he wants to build and deliver as a filmmaker bc he has too many ideas and nothing feels exactly ~right
  • so it’s about even exploring and coming to understand his own perspective
  • while we, the viewers, are immersed in a season narrative that is all about exploring and coming to understand even’s perspective
  • what kinds of things would he learn that we wouldn’t? conversely what kinds of things would we learn that he wouldn’t? what kinds of things would we, he and us, learn together???
  • the great and glorious meta feedback loop
  • truly i would Die

PSA: Thace has a cute face ^3^

Yuri!!! on Ice Screenshot-related Screaming

Oh my god I just noticed something about the opening scene of Yuri!!! on Ice, when Viktor is dancing/skating for Yuuri. 

The song is “Stay Close to Me” and it’s about wanting to keep someone by your forever or something, right? Well, I downloaded a gif of that one scene where Viktor is reaching out to Yuuri, and I noticed something very important within the frames.

Check it out below the break! (Sorry for that cliff-hangery pause there.)

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  • Alyssa: TOM GIVE ME THe FUcKINg COoKiE
  • Mot: Tom, Alyssa- Why don't you share the cookie? Just break it into two equal hal-
  • Alyssa: *kicks Tom out of frame, cookie unscathed in her hands* SURVIVAL OF tHe FITTEST MOTHERFUCKER
  • Dianite & Mot: That' a girl
  • Tom: *screeches* TTTRRRIIIAAALLL

I don’t know I’m just more excited for Breath of the Wild than I ever have been for a Zelda game which is saying a lot because I was obsessed with Skyward Sword when it came out my senior year of high school but I just love the idea of the world it takes place in. Like an “after the end” scenario where Hyrule is in ruins and overgrown with nature while Ganon literally exists as a gaseous otherworldly embodiment of evil who can break out of his seal and Zelda’s frame of mind to all this is “shit time to wake up the guy in his underwear”. Link literally just woke up after 100 years and has this saving the world shit thrown at him. He still has bed head and no clothes but he’s asked to explore this skyrim sized world before he even gets to use the restroom. I can relate

arthurcurr  asked:

25. because i'm thrash

frank/karen + 25. we can never be together kiss

Karen’s confession comes late at night when they’ve had a little too much to drink, it’s slurred and for a second Frank thinks she’s fucking around with him. But when he laughs and her face falls, he realizes that Karen’s not joking.

Karen Page is in love with Frank Castle.

This wonderful person who bent over backwards to try to prove that Frank isn’t a bad guy and who tried her hardest to help him find the truth out about his family is sitting next to him on her couch and she’s just confessed that she’s in love with him.

And like an asshole, he’s just laughed in her face.

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