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48 years ago, the LGBT community stood up and began fighting back. 48 years ago, we made a promise to never be silent. In those 48 years, we have made a lot of progress, but we are seeing that progress slip away and we must reaffirm our place in this world. Let us remember history so that we may look to the future. Let your rainbow shine, let your voice bellow, let your pride be a badge of courage.

everybody listen to Once on This Island RIGHT NOW!!!!

R.I.P. Miosotis Familia of the NYPD, a 12 year veteran and mother of three who was shot and killed while on duty this morning in the Bronx. There are no words to describe this heinous act of violence, there simply are none. Godspeed Officer Familia, thank you for your service and sacrifice. My heart goes out to her family and all her brothers and sisters with the NYPD.

I just spoke to Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who is running for New York City city council...

on a platform that argues that “Jewish landlords” are kicking black and latino residents out of their apartments. This blatantly antisemitic and dirty tactic for winning his race led me to call his office. And he picked up.

I spoke to him in length about the history of Jewish money lending, and why portraying the corrupt landlords as “Jewish landlords” labels them in a way that is bigoted. I continued to reiterate my values as a Jew, that all human beings were created in the Image of God, and all of the social justice issues that the Progressive Jewish community prides itself in. I emphasized that in New York City institutions of higher Jewish learning, gathering, and prayer constitute large populations of social justice activists who continue to fight for what is right. I argued that if he publically resigned his antisemitic comment, thus referring to the “Jewish Landlords: as just "landlords,” then he would have more Jewish supporters. Not only did he refuse, but he explained that he will make a public apology to the Jewish people AFTER “he wins”.

After 40 minutes, he still did not know why his platform is antisemitic. But apparently, I will be receiving a call “after he wins” in September?

Clean and Simple Questions part1

A. What makes life worth it?
B. Hidden talents?
C. Last book you read?
D. Are you seeing anyone?
E. What color do you look best in?
F. Favorite place to nap?
G. Last film you saw?
H. Best advice you’ve given?
I. How many languages can you say hello in?
J. How often do you nap?
K. Favorite fast food?
L. Piano or drums?
M. First thing you ate today?
N. Best Birthday party you’ve attended?
O. What’s your typical Tuesday?
P. Celeb you’d most like to meet?
Q. Weirdest phone call you’ve had?
R. Favorite memory?
S. Who gives the best hugs?
T. Sitting on laps or piggy back rides?
U. Best holiday song?
V. Last shoes you bought?
W. What’s your skin care routine?
X. Coolest thing about your best friend?
Y. What’d you have for lunch two nights ago?
Z. Something kind you’ve done recently?