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Amber Alert for missing Blairmore girl stretches into second day, 22-year-old man arrested
Hamori said the Amber Alert in effect for two-year-old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette will be extended this afternoon. He added police are “hoping and praying” the toddler will be found safely.
By ,Annalise Klingbeil, Calgary Herald & Clara Ho, Calgary Herald

Police say they have arrested a 22-year-old Blairmore man in connection with an ongoing homicide and abduction investigation in Blairmore, Alberta.

A white van has also been located in the area, RCMP Supt. Tony Hamori said at a press conference this afternoon. Investigators are determining if the van is connected to the case.

Hamori said the Amber Alert in effect for two-year-old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette will be extended this afternoon. He added police are “hoping and praying” the toddler will be found safely.

As the Amber Alert for the brown-haired girl stretched into its second day Tuesday, police combed yards near the southern Alberta home where the two-year-old’s dad was found dead.

RCMP believe Dunbar-Blanchette was taken from the Blairmore home where the lifeless body of her father, 27-year-old Terry Blanchette, was found Monday morning.

Investigators are treating the death as a homicide, and are linking the two investigations.

Mounties will be holding a media update about the case at 1 p.m. in Airdrie.

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Amber alert cancelled; child found safe
By Will Campbell

Ontario Provincial Police have issued an amber alert after a young boy was abducted in Orillia.

They described the child as a white male, 8-13 years old with thin build. He was wearing a dark blue winter coat with neon green accents, matching snow pants, dark winter boots and winter hat.

They say he was seen getting into a silver newer model Toyota Sequoia around 6 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of West Street South and Bond Street in Orillia. The vehicle was last seen driving southbound.

Police say the man driving the vehicle had an “interaction” with the boy before he was removed.

The man is described as a 5’11” white male with medium build, dark thick hair, wearing a black jacket with blue jeans.

The Orillia OPP is requesting the assistance of the public in identifying the parties involved in this incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Orillia OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 222-TIPS. (1-800-222-8477) or submit your information online at if you have any information on this crime or others.

A young boy who was subject to an Amber Alert in Orillia, Ont., has been found safe, police say.
MI Amber Alets

An AMBER Alert is being issued for 18 month old, black female JAZZ BARRETT. JAZZ was last seen wearing a pink or peach colored jacket, leopard print pants and orange colored shoes. JAZZ was last seen with her mother DONNA BARRETT. DONNA was last seen wearing blue/greenish colored hospital type scrubs. Both subjects were last seen on foot in the area of 8 mile and Wyoming in the city of Detroit. Their destination or route of travel is unknown at this time. Law Enforcement officials are concerned for the child’s safety and welfare due to an ongoing investigation. Any persons with information are asked to contact the Detroit Police Department at (313)-220-8886 or the Michigan State Police, Intelligence Operations Division at (517) 241-8000.



Donald Trump addresses the leaked audio tapes in this breaking news alert.


I woke up this morning to a disturbing Breaking News Alert on my phone that the U.S. Supreme Court will permit Texas to enforce its clearly discriminatory voter ID law. The law allows voting officials to accept gun licenses and military ID to vote but not student ID from state schools or ID from federally recognized Indian tribes. The trial court struck down the law as an unconstitutional poll tax that could disenfranchise 600,000 Texas voters, most of whom are black or Hispanic.

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Chapter 1/?- Getting the gang together

Words- 1673

Prompt- Paige gets kidnapped by “A” & is beaten up & the whole thing is broadcast to the police & liars. After finally locating the place where paige is held the police rescue her. When they make an arrest later it is revealed that Allison was behind the whole thing & that she’s been A the whole time

The television was on and the family was sitting in the living room watching the news after dinner. Paige had gone home a couple hours ago to have dinner with her family because her dad was actually home right now. Emily’s dad was on leave as well and she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could since she started being the assistant coach and spending her afternoons at the school pool again. A ‘Breaking News’ alert came on and the news anchors started to show video of someone who had been kidnapped recently. It was unusual for a kidnapper to show live video so this was a big deal. That was when everyone in the room sat bolt up and couldn’t breathe.

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anonymous asked:

Hope gets seriously injured in a game and Kelley is thousands of miles away

She finds out from a tweet, of all things. A soccer journalist she follows sends out the latest in a series of breaking news alerts just as they hit the locker room after a hard-fought draw against DC, and Kelley’s heart skips a beat as she sees it just above a missed call from her mother.

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LUA Breaking News Alert: Radiation levels in California rise to 500% the normal level thanks to Fukishima.

Short new article for Liberty Under Attack. This needs to get spread everywhere. Share it with everyone you know, on every social media site, literally EVERYWHERE!

“Last week, the government requested 14 million doses of potassium iodide. If you are unaware of what that supplement does, it is a thyroid supplement to protect your body from radiation. Why would they need this, you might ask? 

The Fukishima disaster has left the Pacific Ocean and almost all of Japan with massive amounts of radiation. It has now hit the West Coast of the United States as the levels of radiation increased 500% in comparison to the normal levels in California. 

Now the most obvious reason as to why the government would be stockpiling potassium iodide (don’t forget about all of the ammunition, and the MRE’s) would be to keep the government staff safe from the radiation. But just like the ammunition, it is to dry up the supply for the public. If you have tried to buy ammunition, you understand that it’s in extremely short supply and if you are able to get it, it’s about 10x more expensive than before.

The recommendation from us here at Liberty Under Attack:
1) Have a bug-out area planned and ready.
2) Have a long-term food supply.
3) Have plenty of clean, unfluoridated water.
4) Order enough potassium iodide to take care of you, your immediate family, and close friends.
5) Discuss a plan with the ones you will be bugging out with. 

It never hurts to be prepared and in these crazy times, you will most likely need it- actually, you will need it.”


Killing the black body,

How the AP: ( white people) Robbed Renisha McBride of Her Dignity in Death

News organization characterizes the 19-year-old as a “woman who showed up drunk on porch” in a tweet.


By Keith Boykin


Moments after a Detroit-area jury announced its verdict in the Renisha McBride murder case, the Associated Press sent out a breaking news alert on Twitter. ”Suburban Detroit homeowner convicted of second-degree murder in porch shooting.”

Five minutes later, the AP updated its Twitter feed with more information. ”Suburban Detroit homeowner convicted of second-degree murder for killing woman who showed up drunk on porch.”

The only difference between the first tweet and the second is that the later post adds more information about the victim, 19-year-old Renisha McBride. Yet the AP’s second post used 34 precious characters to describe a teenager who could have been described in 15 characters simply by using her name.

Compare the AP’s sensationalistic, victim-shaming headline to the breaking news tweet from the Detroit Free Press, which announced,”Theodore Wafer convicted of second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearm in the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride.”

Fortunately, Goldie Taylor and other observers on Twitter quickly noticed the discrepancy and called the AP out for it. McBride’s status as a black teenager living in Detroit “certainly informed the way the AP headline was constructed,” Taylor told me during an interview this afternoon. AP chose “code words” that “seemed to be casting a moral judgment on the victim,” said Taylor. Rather than describing McBride as “unarmed,” which Taylor said was more relevant to the case, they chose to describe her as “drunk.”

While the country has been engaged in several racially charged controversies in recent years, the AP post does little to further our understanding of one another. Instead, “their headline does nothing more than stoke the flames of fear and racial tension to sell a story,” ColorOfChange executive director Rashad Robinson told me today. “No parent should have to fear that their child will be gunned down because someone assumes they are a dangerous criminal based on the color of their skin,” the group said in a statement.

It’s not just the description of McBride that raises concern. The characterization of Wafer as a “suburban Detroit homeowner” also reflected a “cultural bias” in his favor, Taylor suggests. Remember, Wafer, a 55-year-old man who claimed to be fearful for his life, shot McBride through a locked screen door last November after getting his loaded shotgun, releasing the safety, aiming it at McBride and then pulling the trigger, essentially executing her for the crime of knocking on his door.

Some have, understandably, drawn comparisons with the McBride case to the recent shooting deaths of two other black teenagers, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. In a society that reinforces violent images of young black people and empowers white men to arm themselves in defense, it’s not surprising that these incidents keep happening. What is surprising is that some juries keep believing these suspects even after they’ve killed the primary witness to their crimes.

Just as Michael Dunn never called the police to report the supposedly life-threatening incident that led him to kill Jordan Davis, Wafer also never called the police when he supposedly felt threatened by a young black woman knocking on his door.

And although George Zimmerman did call the police to report Trayvon Martin as a “suspicious” character in his neighborhood, he never bothered to wait for their arrival before taking the law, and Trayvon’s young life, in his own hands.

But the Wayne County Circuit Court jury of seven men and five women came to a different conclusion today. After listening to 27 witnesses testify over eight days, they found Wafer guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearm, despite the best efforts of Wafer’s defense team to demonize McBride.

Sadly, the type of overzealous defense work that portrays victims as deserving targets is all too familiar for women and people of color who have grown accustomed to such accusations. What isn’t as familiar is when the supposedly unbiased news media brazenly repeat the very same stereotypes to describe the victims and the perpetrators.

It’s no wonder that people like Wafer, Dunn and Zimmerman fear black teenagers when so many of the media images projected to them confirm their beliefs and stereotypes. And it’s no wonder that black kids aredisproportionately convicted for behavior that white kids engage in when juries repeatedly associate these kids with those dangerous media images.

It’s gratifying, to some extent, that the jury got it right, this time. But we all know it will happen again and again until we change our attitudes. Yes, it’s about time we hold these men accountable for their actions. But those of us in the media need to be held accountable for our actions, too.

(Author’s Note: The original headline to this column used the word “slander,” which is a legal term with a specific meaning. I’ve changed the headline and the column to reflect the incident more accurately. I apologize for the error.)

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Aug. 8, 1986

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