The bumblebee was officially added to the endangered species list.


  • Go plant an organic flower native to wherever you are
  • Leave your “weeds” alone they probably aren’t hurting anything
  • Stop using/buying Roundup and all other insecticides, herbicides, pesticides. 
  • If you have a bee problem (which almost never happens) call a local beekeeper! They will remove them safely free of charge
  • Bumblebees usually nest underground and just wanna be left alone! They won’t hurt you. To prevent destroying their habit during hibernation, avoid mowing yards until April or May. If you do mow, raise the blades to the highest setting

Please save my fat clumsy fuzzy friends I love them and they’re very good pollinators.

Maybe in ten years from now they’ll make a movie about the world today.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about a father in Syria contemplating whether to kill himself, his wife or his children in a desperate attempt to stop the Regime from getting their hands on them.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about an 8 year old Rohingya boy who was thrown into the fire in front of his mother after his village was set alight.

Maybe they’ll make a movie about a young orphaned girl in C.A.R, crying as she remembers her sexual abuse at the hands of UN “peacekeepers” who do as they please without consequences.

Or maybe they’ll make a movie about a daughter in Gaza who picks up the phone to hear an unfamiliar voice letting her know her family has 60 seconds to run before the bombs drop.

And maybe we’ll see it and shed some tears - but we shouldn’t be crying because of the atrocities that occurred.
We should cry because we watched as these horrors unfolded and in our silence betrayed them.


BREAKING: ACLU takes Trump to court over Muslim refugee and immigrant ban, judge grants stay

  • The American Civil Liberties Union took the Trump administration to federal court Saturday night over its new restrictions on immigrants and refugees coming to the U.S. — a policy many have linked to President Donald Trump’s promised Muslim ban.
  • After about an hour of arguments in a New York City court, a judge granted a stay effectively blocking Trump’s executive order and barring customs officials from detaining immigrants and refugees at U.S. airports, according to Dale Ho, an ACLU representative. Read more

BREAKING: Carrie Fisher has died at 60

  • Actress Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60, according to E! Online. Billie Lourd, daughter of Fisher, confirmed her mother’s death.
  • Fisher reportedly had a major heart attack on a plane from London to Los Angeles Friday, going into cardiac arrest 15 minutes before landing. 
  • Among Fisher’s most memorable roles were, of course, Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy and 2015’s The Force Awakens. 
  • Fisher also appeared in Shampoo, The Blues Brothers, Hannah and Her Sisters and When Harry Met Sally.
  • She was the daughter of famous Hollywood couple Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher and was on a book tour in recent weeks. Read more

Scientists have discovered six more bursts of radio signals coming from a place in deep space outside our galaxy from where similar signals were detected earlier this year.

A total of 17 such radio signals have been received from this location in space, and given their nature, speculation has already begun on whether we are being hailed by extra-terrestrial life forms. What’s special about these signals is that even though they exist for only a short durations, they tend to generate so much energy that it could parallel the amount of energy generated by our Sun for a whole day! It is this aspect of the signals – as well as the fact that now a total of 17 such signals have been detected so far from the same region in deep space well beyond our galaxy – that is leading to speculation that there may be a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilisation behind them.

The amount of energy in these signals cannot be produced by any conventional means known to man, but could be emitted by an artificial source from a civilisation that has harnessed the power of an entire star, these signals that are being received from well beyond our own galaxy, the Milky Way came six at a time, putting a big question mark on their origin. [the truth is out there]


BREAKING: Dylann Roof found guilty of all charges in massacre at Charleston church

  • Dylann Roof was found guilty of hate crime charges stemming from the 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that left nine parishioners dead.
  • On Thursday, a 12-person jury convicted the 22-year-old on all 33 charges related to the murders of nine “Mother Emanuel” members and their pastor, as well as the attempted murder of three others.
  • The jury’s next task is deciding whether he should receive the death penalty or a life sentence. 
  • U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel last week suggested the sentencing would take place in early January. Read more
Imagine #114

Imagine you writing this column about when you caught harry and Draco making out

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Executive action has been used to halt DAPL construction in Standing Rock and have it re-routed away from Sioux reservation. This shows the power, magnitude, and spirit of Indigenous resistance, infused by solidarity all across the world.

This does not mean “look, we won!” It means “let’s keep resisting and keep winning!” There are hundreds of oil pipelines across the US, with an overwhelming majority of them running directly through Native and Black communities. There are current pipeline battles happening in Florida, Alabama, and South Caroline, for example, that are not getting as much media attention as Standing Rock who still need our support.

Let it be good news that the people of Standing Rock have radically shaped the course of history, but also let it be a message that we have to continue to do this work. Remember: an Indigenous struggle is an environmental struggle. And an environmental struggle is inherently a PoC struggle.

This is not a chance to praise President Obama for waiting over 5 months to step in and put an end to the madness taking place at Standing Rock, rather a chance to recognize the power of the people to create change. The power of organizing revolutionary community-based resistance. This is a chance to ask the government why they waited over 5 months to stop the construction of this pipeline through Native land. A chance to realize that there are over 75 pipelines in construction right now across the US, and they are overwhelmingly through Indigenous and Black communities. 

With a Trump presidency coming in a month, the Indigenous resistance will need more and more of the solidarity we’ve demonstrated this year. We all will.

*This does not mean “look, we did it! We won!” This means “let’s continue resisting, let’s keep winning!”*


Breaking: Ohio State University reports active shooter on campus

  • Ohio State University’s emergency management team tweeted Monday morning of an active shooter on its campus
  • The shooter is reportedly at Watts Hall, which the school website lists as a “materials science and engineering” building. 
  • Thus far no information has been released on whether there have been injuries or fatalities. This is a developing story