breaking my no spoilers rule just this once for these two panels

[Bruce, Jason, & Damian Panels] The New 52′s “Convergence: Batman and Robin” (2015)

Writers have shown us time and time again that fatherhood does not come easy to one Bruce Wayne. It definitely wasn’t easy raising a Dick Grayson or a Tim Drake, let alone a Jason Todd or a Damian Wayne, even with Alfred Pennyworth around. (Not to mention his “daughters” and other less-troublesome “sons”). But we’ve gotta hand it to the ol’ Bat - he never stops trying.

This miniseries is aptly entitlted “Fathers & Sons”, and it’s easily becoming one of my favorites.

We’ve seen the pattern of resentment among the Robins that comes with feeling replaced. All the four (main) Batboys have gone through it at one point in their vigilante careers: Dick with Jason; Jason with Tim; Tim with Damian. And now, interestingly, Damian with Jason?

You’d think that the li’l former assassin would have gotten over his insecurities after having proven himself a more-than-capable Robin to both Bruce and Dick… Perhaps, it’s a testosterone thing? Or possessiveness over their father?

Whatever the reason, it paves the way for combination angst-and-fluff interactions that I absolutely adore!

A little backstory (and some spoilers):

“Convergence” was a company-wide DC Universe crossover event during the New 52 run focused on Braniac’s obsession with collecting cities from ended timelines and trapping them in domes on a planet outside of space and time. It has several spin-offs, including this two-issue one.

In a domed Gotham City, Batman and Robin rescue Poison Ivy from some rogues. She had been cultivating Robinson park in order to feed the citizens for free, and her colleagues basically saw it as bad for criminal business. When Killer Croc attacks Batman, Red Hood (with his assistant Duela Dent, a.k.a. Scarlet) shows up unexpectedly and saves him.

“Jason… Todd? Why’s he here?”

In the next set of panels, both Bruce and Damian question Jason’s sudden appearance - but probably for different reasons. Bruce seems genuinely curious but welcoming, while Damian’s more he’s-not-supposed-to-be-here.

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SasuNaruSasu – Analysing Their Love (Chpt. 1–8)

I’m going to analyse a couple of moments between Naruto and Sasuke. Online translations are used, so I’m sorry if something doesn’t add up. Furthermore, since Naruto doesn’t interact with Sasuke in certain chapters (or better to say, since nothing really special happens between them in certain chapters), I’ll leave some details out. 

Anyway, let’s get started!

Prologue – Land of Waves

Chapter 1: Naruto Uzumaki!!

The fox demon stuff happens, Naruto causes trouble, Mizuki tries to fool him, Naruto masters the Shadow Clone Technique, his bond with Iruka is showcased, yada yada yada. 

Chapter 2: Konohamaru!!

The second chapter is about him and Konohamaru. They become more or less friends, Konohamaru admires him, they talk about the whole Hokage thing and so on. The Harem Technique is introduced, blah blah blah.

Chapter 3: Sasuke Uchiha!!

Okay, this is basically their first on-screen interaction. We know that they thought about each other before their first on-screen interaction, but that fact is revealed later, therefore, I’m not focusing on that—for now. 

Naruto is at school, sits down, sees his crush (spoiler alert, it’s Sakura), and assumes that she’s going to sit next to him. Nope, instead, she behaves rudely towards him (what a surprise), and says he should move because she wants to sit next to Sasuke. Then, it happens. Naruto and Sasuke are talking for the first time with each other on-screen, da da dam! Sasuke is introduced as this cool emo kid. Naruto apparently hates him.

Of course, Naruto stares at him with anger, and Sasuke notices it. They start bickering and shit, and yes, it comes off as a pretty generic rival dynamic. Naruto thinks stuff like “Oh, what’s so cool about him anyway?” and whatever. He suddenly jumps on the desk, and leans into Sasuke (who the fuck does that? Do you jump on desks, and lean into your… never mind).  

And now comes the infamous moment. A dude, everybody mistook for Shikamaru at one point in their life (his name is Tobio by the way), pushes Naruto accidentally. 

Heh, Naruto falls, and kisses Sasuke on the lips. (Please bless Tobio, my brother from another mother!) 

Okay, I’ll give the haters that: Yes, both look disgusted, and shocked, and nervous. And yes, what they are saying isn’t that… um… you know… They definitely aren’t aroused. 

But what’s so significant about that scene? Why are we SNS shippers always mentioning this? 

Sasuke thinks about the kiss before he’s about to die:

Like, seriously? That’s what you do when you’re kissing a guy without having feelings for him?

There is even a filler where Naruto blushes, and says that he had his first kiss (with Sasuke), but I’m ignoring this info since I don’t count fillers as a source. 


Made by Kishimoto, that’s an official statement.

Anyway, Iruka divides the class into groups, Team 7 happens. Summed up they react like this:

Naruto ➜ “Yeees, I’m on a team with Sakura-chan! Ugh, but there’s Sasuke… I hate this asshole! I’m too good for him!”

Sasuke ➜ ”Fuck… humans.” 

Sakura ➜ “Sasuke ♡! And also, ewww, Naruto!”

Later that day, Naruto… is stalking Sasuke? He’s still mad because Sasuke didn’t take him serious before.

That guy seems obsessed with Sasuke. 

How many times did he stalked him to know that? 

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anonymous asked:

Shepard/Garrus - Zinnia- I mourn your absence

This is a companion fic to Scattering Grief that I have wanted to write forever, so thank you, anon! This is set on the SR-2, before chapter 1 of SG. No spoilers for the SG are included. 


The Normandy is in mourning.

Cortez takes another sip of his beer, watching the various crew members talk and drink and in one corner, dance. Not like any memorial he had ever been to before, but then again, Commander Shepard had been unlike any other commander he had known.

Williams ordered the memorial, saying the crew needed to grieve and hoping this might give them some closure. So tonight, an Irish wake, even though Shepard had no idea what nationality she was, and tomorrow, they’d place her name on the memorial wall.

And maybe someday they’d actually get off this rock and find their way back to earth.

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