breaking my heart already

New HQ!! Recap Movie - Seijoh Side Story

New HD versions of the screencaps from the upcoming Haikyuu!! Recap Movie coming out in September! The movie will include the post Karasuno match Seijoh story!


Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 

“Why couldn’t you ever just choose me? Are you really that scared of me?” I said defensively.
He took a long breath.
I hadn’t thought he was going to respond because he never has when I got like this.
Demanding answers.
He usually runs.
But the words spilled from his mouth.
“Yes, and I can’t have you because I fuck everything up.
I would love nothing more than to let myself be with you.” He said running his hands through his hair.
“You know I love you.” He said, eyes meeting mine as my breath stilled.
“But I will not hurt you like that.
Because I know I will,
It’s what I do.
You know it and I know it.
I will break your heart.” He told me as he cupped my face and kissed my forehead before turning away and leaving.
I was stunned in that moment.
I wanted to stop him.
But the words were stuck in my throat.
Of all the things I’ve always wanted to say in a moment like this.
I knew this was my one opportunity.
Because he was a runner.
But I couldn’t get past the lump forming.
We never spoke of it again.
But I wish I had told him that,
this already hurts.
Having him,
but not completely.
Loving him but knowing
that we would never be together.
That this was already breaking my heart.
That I would have risked the pain and heartache,
Just to have a chance together.
—  melindacarolinee

What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

It hasn’t even been officially announced that we might be getting Force Ghost Anakin as played by Hayden or even that Ewan McGregor will be coming back to Star Wars, but you can bet your ass I’m already sobbing just thinking about Obi-Wan getting to see Luke again, to see the Jedi he’s grown to be, about Anakin getting to watch over his son as a ghost, since he couldn’t when he was alive, both of them knowing what the lure of the Dark Side can mean, in different ways, but both so sympathetic and understanding, just thinking about how kind they’ll be to Luke and how much my heart is going to break is already making me cry.  And that’s not even if we get any, “I’m sorry, Master.” “I’m sorry as well, Anakin.” scenes between Ewan and Hayden.  I’m crying just thinking about it.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what you thought of red paladin lance because if keith goes to the black lion then sadly that means that lance is probably going to lion the red one. Thinking about it breaks my heart since red is already super attached to Keith and lance is going to feel terrible and think he's only good enough to be Keiths replacement.

it’s moooost likely going to happen, that Lance moves up to the red lion while Keith takes the black one, since in each voltron before hand, Keith always piloted black and Lance was in red.

…personally? the thought of Lance piloting the Red lion feels really uncomfortable to me. it feels like….something that would be forced. and y’know, Allura said that the bond between a paladin and lion cannot be forced. so, i get the feeling that they are gonna have a very rocky start. a veeeery rocky start.

first off, the Red lion’s trust is hard to gain. clearly, we’ve seen that Keith and Red are very close, and the red lion seems to be extra protective of Keith. his bond with his lion was highlighted in this season for a reason, so i get the feeling that it’s going to come into play later on. 

i feel like Red will not be super willing to accept another pilot now that it has grown so attached to Keith. if it’s trust is hard to gain, then Lance will already off the bat have a hard time piloting Red.

there is also the fact that Red is impulsive, like Keith, and relies more on it’s instincts than skill and planning. that is the opposite of Lance, or at least, for the most part. Lance is impulsive, however more so in the “heat of the moment if i don’t do something right now something bad will happen and i gotta stop it” kinda way. like, how he threw himself over Coran when the bomb went off, or when he thought Coran was trapped in the airlock and charged in there to get him out. 

Lance plans things out, he’s patient and tactical and very balanced. the red lion, however, is the most unstable of the lions. this isn’t a good mix for the two, obviously. it doesn’t seem like they will be compatible.

however, that’s where i think Lance’s insecurities might come into play. because even if he’s supposed to be the balanced one, the well-rounded one, his insecurities make him unstable. 

they give him doubts in himself

cause him to lash out and snap at people and become defensive 

and have driven him to believe that he is worthless and contributes nothing to the team, while everyone else does

so i wonder what that would mean for his and Red’s bond?

cause like, i can kinda see them having a bond through being unstable, however it wouldn’t be….healthy?

not for Lance at least

what Lance needs is to learn his worth and to work through his insecurities, he needs to know he’s important and that it doesn’t matter if he’s the hotshot or the sharpshooter or the 7th wheel, he is important. he needs to stop comparing himself to Keith all the time, but if he’s piloting the Red lion, the one that Keith used to pilot, then how is he gonna stop himself from comparing himself to Keith even more?

he’s going to feel like he has to live up to everyone’s expectations as the new red paladin. he might feel like he’ll need to act more like Keith and less like Lance in order to be able to be a successful red paladin. and that’s……not good at all. i don’t want that for him.

that wouldn’t be healthy for him. 

i think their bond would be built on instability and forced feelings, and that’s going to cause a lot of issues with the team forming Voltron.

@ vld writers, please just give him the black lion or keep him in blue!

an apology letter to my muse
—  i am sorry that i made a poetry out of every word you said and i am sorry that many a times i painted you as the villain of my stories when you probably were the hero. i am sorry that i told the world your secrets that you shared with me at 2.17am on the nights when it rained a little less and at 1.39am on the nights that were warmer than usual. i am sorry that i talked about you to complete strangers and that i knew more about you than you yourself did. i am sorry if someone ever comes up to you to ask about why you broke my heart, because you didn’t break my heart, i did that and put the blame on you. i am sorry if i made you stay up nights with me because no one could calm down the voices in my head like you did and no one worried about me like you did and so i told you my problems and sometimes made them yours. i am sorry that i talk to my friends about you and sometimes things get out of hand. i am sorry that i never told you how much i love you because i can’t bear to lose our friendship and i can’t bear rejection. i am sorry for all the times i cursed you at 3am because my stupid brain couldn’t stop thinking of you.
i am sorry that i kind of used you to break my heart over and over again even after it was already broken just to feel the pain so that i could write about it all. i am sorry that i couldn’t let go of you when i should have, i am sorry that i am still holding on, i am sorry.

i love the power of pov, how sana always looked like that Strong af Girl™ who stands up for herself and her friends and now that we truly see her, you can just see how lonely she feels even when she’s surrounded by people and it’s already breaking my heart