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"Well that's tragic."

“Oh come on.” Vivi rolled her eyes and moved her flashlight to face Arthur. “You can’t tell me you aren’t just the tiniest bit curious as to how this thing works.”

“…” Arthur crossed his arms. “I admit nothing.”

“And that just proves to me that you wanna turn this thing on as much as I do~”

“I don’t want to turn it on, Vivi.” Arthur groaned and walked around to the giant device. It looked incredibly old fashioned, even cartoonish in a way, especially the giant tank labeled “INK” on the side of it. “Okay yeah, maybe I wanna know how it works, but you know the second I get this thing up and running, all hell’s gonna break loose, right?”

“He has a point.” Lewis chuckled as Vivi pouted at him. “That’s how things usually go, anyway.”

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An HC where the readers a hamilton fangirl and ethan always has to deal with her making refrences and is also really impressed hearing her rap the songs so well

Of course!! Please enjoy😊😊💕💕


- ‘How does a bastard-’

- And that’s when it all breaks loose

- Belting the lyrics in the shower

- Rapping both Jefferson and Lafayette’s parts perfectly

- ‘Why do you know all of this?’


- Saying 'Hey’ multiple times in a row


- He’s impressed no doubt, but how

- I’m sorry, am too, Hamilton trash

Pyre PSA, (as such)

Hey guys.

I know I’ve not been particularly great at engaging lately, especially on a fandom front, and I’m sorry for that. As you’ve all no doubt noticed, its been an incredibly tough couple years for me, both on a personal and family basis, and that’s obviously ended up with my blog turning into something of a farce with regards to what I originally set it up for.

I’m hopefully going to be posting some of my old fanfic over on Ao3 fairly shortly, things from the early days of Bound Universe (Bound was five years old on the 5th!!) seeing the boys in my fanon as they were before Bound began, and all hell started breaking loose on the family…

I have my fanfic masterlist on here in my links section, (a little out of date with recent additions) but would people like to see them in separate text posts too? I want to get back to writing Boundverse, and subsequently Fulcrum as a distraction again, as well as updating my other WIPs, but I want to make sure you guys are interested before I shove them down your throats.

What do you all think? I want to thank you all profusely for being patient with me, it means the world. I’m trying to be brave, and this fandom helps me do that. It’s a mark of how incredibly beautiful you all are that I’m keeping on going, despite everything.

Let me know, okay? Gotta make sure I clean the messes I’ve made of the boys and their lives, somehow.

My favorite kind of characters are those goofball, comic relief characters that are very happy and nice. then we learn bit by bit about them and their underlying traits, maybe some self esteem issues, maybe why they’re so happy and optimistic. they get some character development here and there and maybe a bit of subplot revolving around them

and then we see them break


Lovesquare week Day 3 Secrets I didn’t really know what to draw for secrets so instead I doodled some of the love square in different AU’s sorry it’s like 3 am and I’m studying for my last two finals so these are really messy. From left to right it’s @frogopera‘s witch au, @caprette‘s scary Sabine AU, @starrycove breakdance AU and @edendaphne Bonnie & Clyde AU.


I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]


the tension around the dinner table is high. chan’s jaw is clenched, the muscle in the side of his face twitching. everyone is waiting.

jeonghan opens his mouth but chan cuts him off.

“jeonghan, whose mother are you?”

there’s a moment of silence as chan stares directly at jeonghan who appears to have stopped working. the silence is broken first by food falling out of someone’s chopsticks, and then all hell breaks loose.

cries of “OH SHIT” and “FUCKIN REKT” sound around the room, the other members are jumping up and down as chan and jeonghan are still frozen in place. seokmin somehow has a kazoo and is using it to play a poor rendition of john cena’s theme tune. jeonghan starts to fade. seungcheol’s face has been drained of all colour. joshua is wiping away tears of joy. 

finally, among the chaos, chan allows himself the hint of a triumphant smile. he is jeonghan’s baby no more. 


There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall

And the bells in the steeple too

And up in the nursery an absurd little bird

Is popping out to say, “Cuckoo”

Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us cuckoo, cuckoo

But firmly they compel us

To say, “Goodbye”, to you

So long, farewell, Goodbye

 - The Sound of Music - “So Long, Farewell”