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Seokjin and Yoongi Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang


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Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au


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DATELINE! Japan - Yoshi is going to be making a cameo appearance in next week’s episode of “Ninninger”! This is the first time that one of the Ranger actors is appearing in a Sentai series, so congratulations on making history, Yoshi! We’ll all be watching for you!

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Most of my followers know that I am not one for the whole sharing is caring meme within the RK fandom…most of the time the whole thing just irritates me.  

So when I see something that makes me raise an eyebrow and registers as significant in my book than you know it’s gotta be big.

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So…Kristen was seen wearing the Cincinnati sweatshirt once again.  A sweatshirt we KNOW is Rob’s!  There isn’t any doubt that it’s the same sweatshirt, there can be no argument that some small detail was overlooked and they aren’t the same shirt. It is The same shirt it is Rob’s!

Since Rob wore this first back in 2011 as with much of Rob’s clothes Kristen got a hold of it and took ownership.  But in all these years how many times has Kristen worn this shirt?  I can tell you how many, this makes it the third wearing in public for this top.

First she wore during promo for Snow White.  The next time she wore it was while out with friends  (including Rob’s really good friend Marcus) while waiting for Rob to return from filming The Rover in Australia and finally the other day when she was pap’d once again on one of her frequent coffee and green juice runs.

This is not some random shirt that one would grab out of the closet.  For those that pay any attention to Kristen you know that she is fully aware of what fans talk about and she knows that we pay attention to every little detail.  So of all the sweatshirts she could grab from her closet to wear if you think it was an oversight that she chose this one you are living in lala land!

I have friends that have some of their ex’s cloths that they stole…because they liked it.  But these friends are not in the public eye.  They don’t have ppl looking over every detail of what they wear every fucking day of their lives, so if they run out wearing their ex’s sweatshirt, no biggie.  It truly doesn’t mean anything.

But for Kristen Stewart who again is fully aware of this crazy fandom there can be no second guessing that wearing that particular shirt was meant to send a message.  There are those of us that understand loud and clear the message she is sending…..There are No Problems (The hat paired with the shirt) between her and Rob. And for those that have been reading my blog for awhile may pic up on another message as well but that discussion is for another day and time.


I commented upon this yesterday and these are some of the messages that I had in my inbox regarding this discussion:

(all comments/questions are from anon unless noted otherwise)

Hi Mama :) Quick ask if I may… Sweater? What sweater? Are you referring to the LF coffee run on Jan. 21? I don’t usually put much weight behind the whole clothes exchange thing, unless it’s clearly recent… If it’s his, was he seen wearing it recently-ish? Thanks for clarifying… :)

Anon…I hope this post will clarify all for you….

Are you kidding?! Why would Kristen give a damn and send messages through her clothes. You think that maybe she is just wearing clothes that happen to have words on them.

OMG no one can proof that it’s truly Kristen sweater or Rob’s besides she’s allegedly likes to wear his things when they were dating right? So who can confirm that Rob didn’t give his sweater then or that he didn’t buy one for her. What I’m saying is don’t get too caught up with this his or her things. No solid proof of RK together but I won’t deny the possibility of ur belief. Let’s see in the next few months. The singer’s tour will end on March right? If Rob still w her after that, then….

Why would she publicly wear Rob’s clothing if they weren’t together anymore?  Wouldn’t that make her seem a bit pathetic?   And there’s not a pathetic bone in Kristen’s body. 

If one was truly paying attention to the details than one would know that Rob’s currently in LA and hasn’t been seen with the singer since early December.  No matter what the sessed would have you think!

U are right, it’s a sign, no problem in turning from straight to lesbians, no problem wearing supposedly ex BF’s sweater which easily assumed given to her way before they broke up coz I remembered her wearing that sweater at SWATH promo. It’s a shame that u who used to not care about hers/his things n all that sharing is caring seems to agree on this sweater thing. If u look closely, u’ll see more of sharing is caring going on between Kris n A compare to Kris n Rob. Is it a sign u chose 2 ignore

Just because you ppl are offended by the obvious meaning that we find in what Kristen is wearing doesn’t mean we aren’t right on the money.  As I’ve said and as everyone by now knows…Kristen is fully aware of what is going on in the fandom and what is being said.   And she was fully aware the impact that particular sweat shirt would have.  

And my dear anon…nice try to just pass it off as a shirt with some words on it…maybe you should know wtf you are talking about before you put in your two cents.

And finally to my anon that is dying to make the no problem hat have a completely different meaning…nice try but I’m giving you an F for creativity.  If you’re going to go for it why not be a bit more creative?  Why keep up the same tired BS.  If Kristen was going to tell us that there was no problem with her being with Alicia than she wouldn’t do it while wearing Rob’s sweatshirt.  And frankly if I was in a relationship with someone that kept wearing their ex’s cloths all the time especially when we were together it would piss me off!  

But for some of you this is the last straw you can cling to.  Your last holy grail in your delusional hope that Rob and Kristen aren’t together anymore.  So keep clinging to it please.  It will make the pain so much worse when the truth finally smacks you upside the head!

People are stupid, they put together this collage of RK wearing the Jungle sweatshirt and a pic of A and K wearing the Riot one. Damn, I thought RK and A were trying to hide their threesome, the cat is out of the bag now I guess… PMSL are they that stupid? So they acknowledge A wearing K’s shirt but not K wearing R’s shirt, double standards much fandom?

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to you anon…this is brilliant!

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Dammit!  I was trying to lay the ground work for this news in just the right way.  First I needed everyone to realize that RK were still together before I broke the added news that they had all converted to Mormonism with a twist.  Instead of Rob taking multiple wive’s Kristen now has a husband and a wife!    Damn Kristen and Alicia they couldn’t stay out of each other’s closets!  I was really trying to get everyone prepared the right way for this late and breaking news!

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The sad thing about my little tale above…some of you will actually believe me…but no…there is no epic love story between Alicia and Kristen and all signs point to them not only being really good friends but actually being related as well.  So…those that are constantly trying to put those two together as a romantic pair just need to stop already.  

Kristen played with you all and now you just need to repeat after Frank….
Airports, Designed for Everyone but the Passenger
As big-name architects create airports with ambitious goals in mind, it’s the smaller things — like comfy seating and adequate heating — that are missing.
By Chris Holbrook

Airports have been drastically transformed since the 1970s, when you could smoke anywhere, stroll leisurely through security and hug your loved one at the gate before boarding the plane.

Passing through security these days takes forever and sometimes borders on harassment. The lighting is brighter than a World Series night game. Almost all the chairs have armrests, preventing you from splaying out. And the ambient noise — the endless gate changes, the last calls for boarding, the CNN late-breaking news — makes it almost impossible to relax.

Architects may need to spend more of their creative energies on the traveler’s experience than on creating an interactive postcard.

Moreover, Mr. Rogers and other airport architects are designing for a post-9/11 world, where security concerns often trump comfort and, sadly, good architecture.

Read the full article here.

So, here are some things that have happened and are strange.

A “fan” takes a picture of Niall sleeping on the plane, then posts it online. The fandom response is fast and loud and very, very angry.

The following day, Niall posts the pic with the comment “I think this shit is unreal. I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you,what can u do” Which is strange, because these guys don’t normally respond to things like this.

The following day, @Louis opens his DMs. Which is SUPER strange. The call goes out: “Louis opened his DMs!” Thus, a LOT of fans are online when…

Louis posts an IG of Conchobar Freddieson playing guitar.

Niall (who plays guitar) responds with enthusiasm. This makes sense… but it’s still strange, because the boys don’t talk about Conchy.

The following day, Niall flies to LA. Given the strange comment the day before, fans wonder if he’s going to see Freddieson.

Niall is “mobbed” at the airport, and posts shortly thereafter “wow that was intense . Talk about claustrophobia !😥 didn’t enjoy that for a second ..”

Which is strange because
a) It really didn’t look like much of a mob
b) This is the guy who takes public transportation without being noticed
c) These guys generally don’t complain about fans
d) “if you don’t want to get papped, you don’t get papped.”

Clearly someone wanted us to see Niall stalked on the plane (establish crazy fans) arrive at LAX (establish location) get mobbed (establish crazy fans).

Late breaking news: SAME group of stalkers just “mobbed” Louis (re-establish crazy fans).

So what is the point?


And why is that bit of info relevant?

Well, it would be terribly relevant to me if I were, say, the non-mother of a non-existent baby whose non-father is a member of 1D and has requested to take said baby on an airplane at Christmastime.