breaking dawn scene


Embry: You know if you wanted things different you should have become alpha.
Jacob Black: Turning it down seemed like a good idea at the time.
Seth: Jake, you really think you could kill Bella if she comes back a vampire?
Leah: No. He’d make one of us do it and then hold a grudge against us.
Jacob Black: Shut up, Leah.
Leah: Would you just get over it? It’s not like you’ve imprinted on her.
Seth: At least they seem happy.
Embry: Yeah, some people are just lucky I guess.
Jacob Black: Lucky? None of them belong to themselves anymore. And the sickest part is their genes tell them they’re happy about it.
Leah: At least if you imprinted on someone you’d finally forget about Bella. I mean, being any kind of happy is better than being miserable about someone you can’t have.


I love the parallel in the Breaking Dawn battle scene; the parallel between jumping from and clinging to the edge. In both of her lives Esme was presented with a precipice, an end. The first time around she was alone and afraid: she had nothing and no-one worth staying for, and she jumped from the edge. She welcomed the end. The second time around, she was surrounded by family and friends; people she loved and who loved her. So she clung to the edge with all she had. The Cullens and the family she found in them gave her something worth clinging on for, more than her biological family ever had.