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Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include Pt 2

i was requested to do elliot again as i’m getting so much positive feedback from you guys about the first one, so why not do a second one?

- while elliot is on his computer coding and hacking, you stand behind him to massage his shoulders
- occasionally wearing his hoodie whenever he doesn’t have it on
- coney island dates on ferris wheel’s
- “hey el, what does that button do?”
- being shyly introduced to elliot’s mother
- him finally being confident to come out to you about mr robot
- when no one is at the basketball court, you secretly shoot hoops and scream every time you get a goal
- elliot gets extremely excited over it
- letting him touch you whenever he wants, to get him use to touching in general
- when elliot’s high, he’ll start mumbling little things like “yo, dude..”, then start pecking your knuckles
- sleeping so closely together at night, reassuring that he won’t be alone
- “you won’t leave me..r-right?”
- “never, i promise.”

Returning Home chapter 1

A/n Please ignore spelling mistakes, I haven’t been able to go through and make sure everything makes sense. But I hope you in joy

Summary: Carlisle found you, wounded and practically knocking on deaths door, he turned you before you could die, the only thing is you don’t have very much self control, you lived the life Carlisle had requested you live while you lived with him. Bella and Edward had come back from their honeymoon with the news of Bella being pregnant, a month after you were turned. Fearing you would harm Bella or the unborn child you left them, your old diet dripping when a small group of nomad vampires and threaten to kill you if you were not strong enough to fight them when they tracked you down again. You knew you’d be able to finish them then and there, but you were still developing under your new life, and didn’t trust yourself to. You return homes 2 months later, your blood still running through your flesh, senses heightened and more alert. Your golden eyes tainted the blood red they were when you were first turned. Your self control better then when you left months ago.

“My my, now what would Carlisle think of his little Cullen?” The guy I held to the ground had stopped moving at this point. “Y/n” I stood up and looked back, I licked my lips and when I turned to see Garrett, the blood red eyed male stood leaned against the wall. “What happened to you miss vegetarian” I smirked, my own blood red eyes staring into his. “What are you doing here Garrett?” I questioned, my arms crossed over my chest. “I asked first vegetarian” I rolled my eyes at Garrett “the answer to that is self explanatory, now. Why the hell are you here?” He narrowed his eyes at me slightly “you truly don’t know?” He pushed himself from the wall and walked from the ally. “Know what” I demanded.

“It’s about Bella and Edward, they had a child” I quickly walked towards Garrett, my hand pulling him to a stop before I looked around quickly, noticing a few people walking around. “Come with me” I pulled him by the arm, my head turning in the direction of a hotel not to far away. I let go of Garrett’s arm once I knew he would follow me, my hand going to pull my wallet from my pocket. I looked back at Garrett and motioned to the hotel, he nodded in response and followed me into the hotel. “Excuse me, sir?” I asked quietly as I put glasses on, shielding my eyes from the male at the desk. “Yes ma’am?” He asked smiling up at me with an odd look. “I’m sorry this is sudden but would I be able to get a room with two beds?” He gave me an odd look “I’m sorry ma’am but you must have a reservation to get a room here” I rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses “please sir. It’s really late, we hadn’t expected it to to get so late suddenly, and our drive home is still another 5 hours, we really need a place to sleep, we will be checked out early tomorrow morning, I could pay for the room in cash or credit.” He sighed and started typing on his computer “name?”

*time skip*

“Alright spill it” I laid down on the queen sized bed as I waited for Garrett to speak, his hands roaming around the items in the room. “They are calling people to witness” he replied his blood red eyes finding their way to mine. “Witness what numbnuts” he rolled his eyes at my reply, “their child of course, someone went and to told the Volturi that they made an immortal child” I narrowed my eyes at the brown haired male. “So you’re telling me that their child was born?” I sat up and stared at Garrett “that’s impossible, and Bella is still alive?” Garrett nodded “I’m surprised you weren’t the first to know, after all you were always Carlisle’s favourite little Cullen” Garrett gave me a smirk and sat down on the other bed, his hand finding the remote to the tv. I sighed as he flipped through the channels, “I’m going out to hunt” I muttered as I walked towards the balcony. “You just ate” he muttered “are you one of those hunters who hunt for fun” I let out a quiet growl at that “I only kill those who are criminals, who do nothing but harass others and drink all day” I opened the sliding door, and climbed over the ledge. “What ever you say vegetarian, be back in 6 hours, we can leave by then”

*time skip*

“Who knew Carlisle would get the mutts to guard his place” I chuckled and looked down at the mutt growling and snapping his jaws at me, my sunglasses stayed over my blood red eyes, I snickered and mockingly whistled “good boy, now who are you” I leaned down closer to the sandy brown coloured shapeshifter. “Jacob” I smirked down at him as he snarled up at me. ‘Garrett is going to pay for leaving me alone here’ “Y/n?” I looked away from the mutt barking up my tree and smiled uneasily. “Carlisle” I glanced around at the others with him. “Mutt I’m getting out of this tree, I won’t hesitate to hurt you if you even try anything” I dropped from the tree my hand up to keep my glasses on. “I didn’t expect you to come” Carlisle wrapped his arm around Esme as he sent a smile in my direction.

“I’m sorry. But I don’t recall ever getting word of this” I ignored the mutt that growled at me as I walked past him. I looked to Edward who narrowed his eyes at me, I sighed quietly and hugged Carlisle “trust me, you would have be one of the first people to know if we knew how to get ahold of you” Esme smiled at me, as I hugged her also. “We’ve missed you.” I forced a smile to them as I stepped away. Fidgeting with the sleeve of my shirt, I looked over towards Alice and Jasper, my eyes lingering on my family for a few moments. I swallowed when a sudden scent hit my nose, it was an odd scent. Another lingered with in the odd scent, I took a deep breath. My head turning towards the forest ‘no stop it’ I thought turning back to Carlisle. “Y/n take off your glasses” I looked at Edward and stared at him, and held my breath as the scent of a human reached me once more.

“Come on Eddy” I forced a smile “it’s part of my outfit” I shifted my eyes between everyone nervously, Jasper looked at me suspiciously, probably noticing my nervousness. “That’s clearly a lie” I let my smile fall, before I walked past them and towards the house I used to stay. “Think what you want Edward” I put my hands in the pockets of my jeans. I cleared my thoughts and thought of nothing, my feet bringing through the forest, past my family. Edward didn’t say anything as I walked past him before he grabbed my sunglasses and I tensed up, Alice and Jasper looked straight into my eyes as I looked at them. Their eyes showing confusing, Jasper swallowed harshly, his eyes lingering on mine before I sighed and closed my eyes. “Y/n….” I turned to Carlisle, eyes closed before I opened them and looked up slightly to look into his eyes. Blood red met golden yellow, his eyes showed a hint of disappointment.

“Forgive me Carlisle…” I turned and walk towards what used to be my house, I could easily sense the other vampires within the house, mixed with the scent of wet dog.

My eyes lingered on everyone through the window as they stared in my direction. Blood red sets of eyes mixed with pairs of golden yellow. “So… where is my dearest niece?” I put my hands in my jacket pockets as I turned to look at Edward. “She’s with Bella” Edward answered his eyes looking at the female sitting on the porch with young looking child, her eyes a beautiful brown, she same brown Bella had when she was still human. “Renesmee… am I correct?” My eyes stared into Edwards, he nodded his head hesitantly. “Well” I turned and smiled at the brown eyed girl who looked at me questioningly. “Renesmee, hi” I walked up to the porch “I’m your auntie” I tilted my head with a close eyes smile.

“Why are your eyes red” I looked over at Bella, my eyes lingering for a moment before I looked at Renesmee again “well sweetie, my eyes are red because I have a different diet then the rest of my family.” I look a deep breath, she smells odd, good… but odd. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and before I knew it I was thrown through the air. I flipped myself and landed on my feet, my head quickly moving to stare at Edward. “She’s not a snack” I rolled my eyes and stood up straight, dusting my hands off with annoyance in my eyes “did I say she was a snack?” I looked over at Carlisle “clear I’m not very welcomed here”

“Auntie” I looked down slightly, not realizing that I had tunnelled my vision on a select few members of my family, my eyes met the brown ones of my niece. I smiled and kneeled down to her level, at the corner of my eye I saw Edward, stepping my direction, only to be stopped by Jasper, he said something very quietly to Edward. I focused on Renesmee, she placed her hand in my cheek. Memories she had when she was first born and till now, flashing through my mind. I smiled after a moment, my eyes looking into Renesmee’s “I’m sorry for leaving” Renesmee tilted her head “I left before you were born, when your mom was still human” I reached my hand forward tucking a piece of Renesmee’s hair behind her ear.

She smiled at me before she lunged herself towards me, her arms wrapping around my neck as she had successfully knocked me back and on the the ground. I laughed and returned the hug she gave, my arms staying very loose. “Okay, Renesmee” I pulled her from my body a little and looked into her eyes “red or gold” I smiled wondering which she would choose, she tilted her head “gold?” The word she let slip from her lips sounded more as a question then anything. I smiled none the less and stood up with her in my arms before I placed her on the ground “as you wish princess” I bowed to her playfully, my eyes holding playfulness as I folded on of my arms in front of my body and another behind my back. “Your Nobel knight shall return shortly”

I started walking towards the forest, I heard Renesmee giggle to herself before I felt a presence next to me. I looked to my left and noticed Edward by my side “what are you doing?” He stared intensely at me, his golden eyes looking for anything in mine, after all, I knew how to avoid his mind reading gift. “I’m off to hunt” without any other word I was walking in the direction of the forest.

*times skip*

I looked into the camera on my phone, my eyes a bright golden yellow, brighter then any of the other Cullen/Hale’s, I didn’t understand why they looked so vibrant. “Renesmee!” I called, jumping up the stairs of my old house. I opened the door and instantly saw Renesmee at the top of the stairs “Your Nobel knight is back” I smiled as she ran down the stairs before jumping the last few stairs and into my arms. “Your eyes are beautiful” she commented on my eyes, her brown ones fixated on my golden ones. I hummed in amusement “gold or red?” I asked once again as I tucked a piece of her brown wavy hair behind her ear. “Gold” she smiled up at me shyly. “Then gold it will stay” I placed Renesmee on the ground and she instantly grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs.

“I want you to meet Jacob!” My smile fell as I was pulled into the living room, my shy nature setting in as I felt many pairs on eyes on my form. The smell of wet dog hit my nose, although it wasn’t as intense as I remembered it being. “Jacob” I gave him a smile as Renesmee let go of my hand and ran towards Jacob. My eyes were quick to wonder, Alice and Jasper had not made another appearance since I left for my hunt. Some pairs of red eyes stayed trained on me before going back to looking at who they were conversing with before I had arrived once again. One particular set of red eyes hadn’t left my form, I smiled when I looked towards where I felt as though I was being watched an was met with a male who seemed around my age, young, at least when he was turned he was young. He smiled at me before he looked right into my eyes, I stared into his red eyes for a few moments more before I realized he was moving in my direction. His short black curly hair stood out to me along with his red eyes, his pale olive skin making them stand out more. “Your a Cullen correct?” He questioned, his voice lulled me slightly and I found myself drawn to him more then I already was.

“Y/n Cullen, pleasure to meet you” I held my hand out to the male vampire in front of me for a handshake. He gave me a charming smiled and grabbed my hand bringing it to his lips before he placed a lingering kiss to the back of my hand “Benjamin” he smirked up at me “but the pleasures all mine.

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Favorite Breaking Dawn Moments ( */👑)

“Amun, if you want to go, no one is forcing you to stay,’ Carlisle said calmly.

“You’re stealing half my coven, Carlisle!” Amun shrieked, stabbing one finger at Benjamin. “Is that why you called me here? To steal from me?

Carlisle sighed and Benjamin rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Carlisle picked a fight with the Volturi, endangered his whole family, just to lure me here to my death,” Benjamin said sarcastically. “Be reasonable, Amun. I’m committed to do the right thing here - I’m not joining any other coven. You can do whatever you want, of course, as Carlisle has pointed out.”

….He turned on Benjamin. “I gave you life. You’re wasting it.”

Benjamin’s face looked colder than I’d ever seen it; the expression contrasted oddly with his boyish features. “It’s a pity you couldn’t replace my will with your own in the process; perhaps then you would have been satisfied with me.”

Amun’s eyes narrowed. He gestured abruptly to Kebi, and they stalked past us out the front door.

- Breaking Dawn, Chapter. 34

Dating Benjamin Would Include

i was requested to do benjamin, rami’s character in twilight: breaking dawn pt2! hope you all enjoy!

- sitting in the bath together, him making ripples and other little tricks of his from his element powers
- “ wanna see something cool?”
- taking your hands in his, spinning around dust into a spiral, watching it float off your palms
- small nibbles along your neck and earlobe
- walking along tree branches barefoot
- him telling the story of how he got turned
- “no way! you’re sparkling!”
- watching cheesy vampire films, glancing over at him every now and then to see him cringe at almost every scene
- staying up late as he never sleeps, making sweet and warm love
- him eventually digging his teeth into your neck, sucking out your sweet and juicy blood to mark his territory as your mate
-fighting together against the volturi

Dating Ahkmenrah Would Include

you all asked for a new one !

- you sitting beside his sarcophagus, waiting for him to awake from his slumber
- “good morning, ahky..”
- “good evening, my princess”
- him taking off his golden headpiece, placing it on top of your head, helping you balance to the weight of it
- listening to the stories he’s experienced in ancient egypt
- “what happens if i see you next and you’re gone?”
- “i swear to the name in ra, i will never leave you.”
- you begging to know actual age
- him retelling the story of how you met, you thinking he was an actor at the night exhibits
- “goodnight, ahkmenrah..”
- “good morning, y/n..”

Returning Home Chapter 2

Benjamin and I had talked for awhile, we both seemed to listen intensely when the other was talking, holding on to everything the other had to say. I memorized the information I was given, smiling to myself at the interactions I had with Benjamin a few hours ago. I was now playing with Renesmee she would show me things every once and awhile, she didn’t talk much, it was one thing I noticed, along with the fact that she seemed to look right into my eyes, like they were made of pure gold. ‘I wonder if she does this with everyone, after all her and Jake are the only ones with their natural eye colours in the house as of recently.’

I missed my e/c eyes, I missed the life my eyes used to hold, I had about 3 months of being a newborn left, before my skin completely turned to the tough crystal like stone. I ran my hand through my hair, my short/long hair gliding through my fingers effortlessly.

I smiled at Renesmee as she said a few words, although her voice just seemed to be falling to deaf ears, I watched her movements as she spun in front of me, a smile ghosting her lips as she stayed focused on keeping her spin going. I zoned out my eyes unfocused as my mind wondered once again. ‘I haven’t talked with anyone since I was turned, four months ago, did anyone even try search for me?’ I hadn’t really thought of that till now, when I first woke up again I was drowned with the feeling of a scorching red hot hunting knife being slowly shoved down my throat, for weeks I was like this. Carlisle had brought me hunting many times, trying to calm my thirst. I had fought him on a few occasions, my thirst getting the better of me. Jasper was always the one to calm me, he was one of the bigger roots keeping me grounded while I was transitioning from the natural thirst for blood I had to the vegetarian life style the Cullen’s had.

There were many unbearable nights, where I begged Carlisle to just kill me, to keep the people of Forks safe, days where I went out to hunt all day with Emmitt, although no matter what I did my thirst still choked me, begging for the sweet flavours of human blood. My natural instincts to hunt and kill were on over drive on these types of days and a lot of the time the only ways Carlisle, Emmitt and Jasper could snap me from these phases were the the bags of stashed human blood Carlisle kept locked away in case of emergencies like that.

The forest around the house have many hidden places where I’ve ripped apart things, and ripped roots from the ground. I am still confused on how I was able to do casually walk through all of Forks and many other cities with Garrett without feeling the need to hunt, perhaps it was the fact that I was more worried for my family then anything else, even myself, I would lay my life down for them, without a second thought if it meant they would live, or not live in a sense. We were soulless after all, no beating heart or flowing blood.

The one major difference between most of my sibling and I is that the shape shifters don’t phase me, they don’t have a revolting stench of wet dog like Alice and Rosalie both claim them smell like. There are of course the few that just stink of dog but they really only ever smell pine, and the forest, some days I can catch the smell of smoke, bonfires. I used to love them, sitting with my family, and friends, listening to stories while roasting food over the open flames. I miss the tastes of my favourite food dishes, and the candies that littered my room. “Auntie!” I snapped myself from my thoughts right as Renesmee threw herself at me.

I caught her startled, but smiled none the less. “Seth and Leah are here!” I froze momentarily ‘Seth…’ Renesmee stood up and pulled on my hand to get me to stand up with here. “Seth and Leah Clearwater?” I asked. I knew the two before I was turned, the last I saw of Seth was before I was told he had come down with mono. Which now looking back on seemed completely false, he had phased. Renesmee only nodded to my question, her focus on bringing me to where Jacob was a little ways away with a white wolf and a sandy brown one. Their eyes showed who was who, the white wolf held protectiveness, pain, and a little bit of aggression ‘that’s Leah’ I put a smile on my face before I looked into the others eyes. Playful, understanding, protective, Seth. He seemed the same as I remember him. A childish boy charm, it was something that had all the girls swooning over him.

“Leah… Seth, do you remember me?” My voice was quiet as I looked between the two. Seth’s ears twitched slightly when I quietly spoke before he focused his eyes on me. It took a moment before he seemed to give me a wolf nod. I hummed happily and took a step towards Seth, my hand up and hovering close to his head before I caught myself and stopped before I could pet him. “May I?” I asked quietly. He nodded his head once more and I rested my hand on his head. My hands running through the soft fur. “So… mono…” I touched his ears gently, he in turn flattened them on his head slightly “sorry?” I replied with slight question. I wasn’t sure if the ear flattening was because I touched his ears or not but retracted my hand and gave him an apologetic look.

I looked over at Leah’s wolf form and she gave me a quiet growl. I smiled none the less and looked to Jacob “do they need clothes? I can go get some if they do.” Jake looked to Leah and Seth. “No we have spare clothes it’s fine.” I nodded and turned back to the two “can you both turn back?” Seth nodded his head and trotted back to the woods. Leah let out a growl and walked back towards the woods. “She’s not changing back is she?” I was disappointed at that, we both were never really close but I still cared for her. Jacob sighed and shook his head “give her some time. She and Seth have both basically just found out that your aren’t exactly… human anymore. You’re the thing we were basically designed to kill. They were worried when you just disappeared…” I looked over at Jacob “they were?”

He nodded his head and looked into my eyes “now they’ve found out You’re a cold one, someone their instincts are telling them to kill.” I looked to the ground “I’m sorry…” I heard Jacob sigh before a hand was placed on my shoulder “don’t apologize, Carlisle told me why you are what your are today. You were dying, and being the good guy he is he decided to let you… cheat death in a way” I turned my attention the the boy who emerged from the forest. His head down, he wore a dark brown sleeveless sweater (?), and tan shorts. He looked up at me with a neutral face. Eyes searching my golden ones. I sense of guilt washed over me for a moment when I realized her could have been looking into red eyes if her had shown up a few hours ago.

“When?” Was his first question. I gave him a small smile “I was changed two days after I disappeared, I woke up again two days after I was brought here.” I answered quickly, it seemed almost rehearsed with how smoothly the words rolled off my tongue. “What happened?” He asked his eyes focused on mine. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. “I was headed into Forks… decided ‘why don’t I bike, it’s I nice day’….” I looked up to the sky “worst decision of my life, held at gun point, and forced into a car with some guy” Seth let out a quiet growl at my words. “Calm down guard dog” I sent him a playful smile “I’m fine” Seth clenched his jaw before speaking again “Leah and I should have been there to protect you… I’m sorry” he looked down at the ground, his hands clenched at his sides.

“Seth don’t apologize for something that wasn’t your fault.” I placed my hand on his cheek to make him look up at me. His skin was inhumanly warm, my hand was left with a warmth I had long but lost. “I honestly don’t mind.” I smiled before bringing him into a hug. “You’re cold….” I laughed at him and let him go, his smile catching my attention right away. “Well your warm, it was actually quite a nice change”

Seth’s smile dropped as he looked over my shoulder, I followed his gaze and my smile grew “did you need something Benjamin?” Benjamin smiled and walked up to me, standing close to my side as his gaze landed on Seth “you’re friends with the wolves?” His voice didn’t hold any hostility or any other meaning besides it being a genuine question. I looked up at him slightly and nodded when his red eyes met mine. His red eyes faded slightly from the intense red they had before. ‘Is he trying to change his diet…’ I tilted my head slightly and continued to stare into his eyes. “They smell of wet dog….” Benjamin took a deep breath before a look of slight disgust washed over him. “It’s not that bad” I took a breath also, the smell of pine over powered the smell of wet dog everyone spoke of. “They smell like wet dog but I really only smell pine”

Benjamin tilted his head and nodded his head at my words, confusion held in his eyes. “I used to nearly live in La Push when I was still human. Carlisle turned me when I turned up in their hunting area, after being attached by a newborn and nearly killed, Seth and Leah were my friends, I’d even call them family.” I smiled at Seth who gave me a smile of his own. “You’re still a newborn then?” I nodded my head at his question “you seem to have control over your thirst” I looked back up at Benjamin “you could say that” Benjamin looked over to the house over his shoulder, Amun was in a deep conversation with Carlisle who smiled to us from where he was before looking back to Amun and nodding to something he said. “Come on” Benjamin grabbed my hand and pulled me with him, running quickly through the forest. He smiled back at me before he stopped suddenly and stopped my momentum by catching me in his arms. “I’ve waited a long time to find you” Benjamin nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply.




Imagine finding out that you’re Benjamin’s mate.

Part One

“So, why would a witch want to help a bunch of vampires?” You turned away from watching Bella work on her shield to see the vampire who was staring at you before now standing next to you.

You gave him a smile. “Alice is a friend, and she called in a favor.”

“Forgive me, I seem to have forgotten my manners.” He grabbed both of your hands and placed his cold lips on your knuckles is a short kiss. “I am Benjamin, of the Egyptian coven.”

Your gave turned into a curious one. “Edward has mentioned you.”

He looked surprised. “Did he now?”

“He told me about your abilities.” You turned your body to face him. “Your control over the elements more specifically.”

He smiled. “Would you like to see?”

When you nodded, he stepped back and created a dragon made of fire, much like the one you yourself had created. Deciding to have some fun, you created another dragon and made it fly alongside his. Together, you put on a show and caused them to dance around. When you both decided to stop and put out the flames, you heard clapping. When you turned, you saw that everyone had been watching.

Emmett step forward a bit and looked to Benjamin. “You told her that she was you mate, then?”

You looked at Benjamin in surprise, and you could faintly hear someone smack Emmett. “What?”

He looked shy and embarrassed. “I didn’t want to say anything, yet, but yes, you are my mate, Y/N.”

You just smiled up at him.