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Let’s talk about Sock Opera!

We all remember this moment right?

Bill, unable to understand human love and relationships, accidentally says the exact thing Mabel needs to hear to remind her how much her brother does for her, how much she loves him and how important it is that she help him now. Sibling love triumphs over evil and a heartwarming conclusion is arrived at.


Bill may be alien enough that human emotions are hard for him to understand. But he ought to know a lot about human behavior. He’s older than our universe, has eyes everywhere and one of his main skills is manipulation and trickery. Why would he make such a seemingly obvious mistake?


For most of Sock Opera, Mabel is pretty focused on completing this play and impressing Gabe. Bill is completely confident that she’ll care more about the project that she’s been working obsessively on than the needs or desires of her brother.

I wonder who could have given him that impression? Made him confident that she’d place the object of her obsession above everything else? Made him believe she’d put it above the needs of her brother? Made him believe she’d abandon him?

Personally I can’t think of anyone.


gravity falls + text post meme (5/?)


Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, where Bill pokes around in Wirt’s mind and opens something he shouldn’t have, resulting in Wirt passing out and meeting The Beast

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i work at the golden arches, and we’ve never accepted 50s or 100s, and every time, without a doubt, when i tell ppl this, they start yelling at me about how:

“other [store name] accepts it!!!” (not true)

“ive done it here before!!!!” (also not true)

“how am i supposed to pay for my food!!?!?” like buddy pal theres signs on every door and window telling you we dont accept them okay this isnt a new policy and its 100% not my problem that you only carry 100s!!!

and 99% of the time, after they’ve yelled at me for a solid 5 or so minutes, they pull out a 20. like. dont yell at me bc you’re too lazy to go to the bank to break your bill!!! your entire order costs less than $10.00 and its not my responsibility to provide you with small bills lmao bye!!

I can’t believe you’re working through your break. Worry about the bills later, and travel… that’s really going to be better for you in the long run.
—  English professor as I checked her out for a 200 dollar sale at the store

headcanons? headcanons

-bill secretly likes doing cheesy couple stuff with dipper. when dipper takes him out roller-skating or on a milkshake date or for a walk in the park he acts cynical about it, but deep inside really actually loves it
-dipper, when he first starts dating bill, doesn’t think it will last long, seeing as how him and bill are polar opposites. but as time goes on, he starts to realize that he never wants to break things off with bill, that he actually enjoys spending time with him. and their relationship evolves
-bill sometimes gets a little enthusiastic about kissing. he gets way too passionate and it kind of freaks poor dipper out
-dipper doesn’t mind sharing his clothes with bill. they’re relatively close to the same size, anyways. but bill loves throwing on one of pinetree’s favorite shirts the morning after, feeling its warmth and the smell of his lover
-bill exposes a lot of feelings to dipper he wouldn’t to anyone else. like what he’s afraid of, what makes him sad. but also how much he loves his pinetree
-dipper starts to feel safe around bill. even though he’s powerless now and not a very good protector, he tries his best. he comforts him after nightmares and gives him gentle kisses. he hugs him when he cries, and wipes away his tears. something about bill just makes dipper feel.. protected