breaking benjamin confessions

“The first BB song I heard was Diary of Jane. I then googled the band, and fell in love with everything about them, especially Ben’s voice and lyrics. Everything he writes is worth more than a gold mine.”

“I checked The Shallow Bay today and instead of the usual site, this message was on the screen. This has got to mean things are happening in camp BB, and I am so excited!”

I’m not sure if the logo is supposed to cover the words a bit or not, but that’s how it looked when I checked the site for the screencap. In any case, “The tide is out, the bay is low. We will be back soon!” :D -K

“BB’s music is sort of cathartic, for me. It’s quite negative sometimes, but somehow it takes all the negativity from inside me and leaves me purified. I always feel much better, much calmer, after listening to breaking benjamin… it’s the feeling of calm after the storm has passed.”

“I love how often Ben tweets pictures of his cat. I think it’s really sweet, and it makes me feel like we have something in common.”

You can find Ben Burnley’s Twitter here. :) -K