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“I should have killed you.”

“Maybe I should have killed you.”

“I wish you had.”

hypnotised | jughead x reader

a/n: wow my request box is overwhelming and quite frankly overflowing with love & requests and I want to take the time to say THANK YOU! lots of love 💐

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tonight was the first pep rally back since summer vacation and lets just say i were very eager to be cheering again even if it was just a school scrimmage i walk up to my mirror and fixing my hair before applying another coat of mascara on my lashes. 

a few knocks on the door break me out of my trance “come in” i yell spritzing myself with perfume. “they girls are waiting for you downstairs” i nod at my mother “okay ill be down in a second” 

i grab my bag and follow my mother footsteps down the stairs and out the door “see ya later mum!” i yell out “goodluck baby” she yes back as i close the door.

“you ready?” betty asks tilting her head to the side her blonde hair swinging in its pony tail “i sure am wheres V?” i glance past her to see the raven haired girl standing at the bottom of my driveway.

the three of us set off to the school talking a little before veronica brings up your relationship with jughead. all your friends were placing bets on how long it took for you guys to finally kiss and confess your undying love for each other.

you’d know jughead for most of your life and yes maybe i did indeed have a crush on the beautiful brunette boy but he didn’t know that and thats how i planned to keep it. 

“oh give it a rest, he doesn’t like me like that!” i defend myself annoyed.

“yeah funny thats exactly what he says” i roll my eyes growling loud “let me livvvveee” i groan crossing my arms across my chest.

“fine fine we’ll change the subject” it falls quite as the school comes into view “like how jughead is going to drool when he sees you on that cheer leading costume”.

“jeez V its a uniform! plus it won’t be the first time he’ll see me in it. he won’t care your reading way too much into it” 

she shakes her finger in my face “or maybe your not looking in enough? do you notice that when your in your uniform he cant seem to look at your face? or that he can’t form a single sentence?”

the clogs start moving in my brain and i come to a sudden stop “oh my god- wait does juggie have a cheerleader kink?” i giggle walking with the two giddy girls into the locker room.

“well you wanna know how he really feels right?” v ask as i shove my gym bag into the locker “V i don’t want to mess what we have up okay?” she rolls her eyes closing my locker and standing infant of me.

“so not a single thread of you wants to be with him?” i huff i am the worst liar so i just fess up “yes okay yes but i don’t want to ruin anything okay!” 

“i have an idea” she smiles wickedly “oh god what?”


veronica and betty hd proposed to me to test out the ‘cheerleader’ theory in order to figure out if the  reunites feelings were platonic or not. i was nervous for the first time rushing out to the field and pumping up the school students and parents in the bleachers.

i spot jughead during our stretches, he was leaning against the side of the bleacher searching the crowd of vixens for someone, his eyes settle on mine and smile and i put my hand up waving smally before returning my attention to the squad.

“okay lets go vixens” cheryl yells getting us all onto our feet as we pump up the crowd for the football boys.

we grab our poms and rustling them together hanging and cheering as the break through the banner the red header archie leading the back i smile brightly at my best friend.

the boys settle down and dissipate going their separate ways before meeting back up for the big game. i take this as my opportunity to walk over to the beanie boy.

i move past the crowd and smile at the brunette boy as i work my way over he moves off the bleacher and works his way to the half fence before the field.

someone grabs my waist before i have the chance to walk over the tracks “well hello this miss (y/n) (y/l/n)” i roll my eyes placing my hands over my chest “reggie.” 

“love to stay in chat but i got my important business to get to like clawing my eyes out” i go to push past him concern on jugheads face.

he grabs onto my waist and pulls me back “let me go reggie” i growl trying to get out of his iron grip, he doesn’t budge just smirks down at me

 “i said-” i didn’t even get to finish my sentence before someone does it for me

“she said let go” i glance to see jughead looking as angry as ever “what are you her boyfriend?” he teases flicking something him to launch himself at reggie shoving his chest.

reggie tosses me aside and i stumble to get my feet.

“c’mon just having a little fun with the little princess, we have a little thing us bulldogs. how many vixens can we hook with at these things and well-” 

he doesnt get to finish his sentence because jughead launches himself at the raven haired boy but he’s quick to retaliate throwing jughead on the ground and starting to throw punches to his face.

i run forward trying to pull the boys away from each other but i wasn’t strong enough i whirl around and everyone seems a bit curious in the events “arch!” i yell the red head sees his best friend in distress and rushes over healing reggie off.

i drop to the floor helping jughead sit up “oh my god jug-” i place my hand on his cheek and he winces slightly.

“I’m sorry” i tell him glancing at all he’s already bruising eye “its okay- i had to protect you” i giggle placing my hand on his thigh “thank you” i turn to see veronica and betty making gestures and i roll my eyes facing jughead

“whats got them all frazzled” he chuckles making me smiling stupidly “don’t hate me for this”

i lean forward and place a soft kiss on his split lip, he kisses back then pulls away wincing “okay ow!” he complains and i laugh before he faces turns serious “sorry” i giggle trying to keep a straight face.

“to be continued? when i can actually kiss you back when bloods not pouring from my lip?” i nod kisses his cheek and helping him to his feet

 “of course”

{ five’s company // ch. 18 }

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t/w: minor character death, some cursing

a/n: i will get better at updating i promise lol feel free to yell at me again. this one is very long so enjoy!

special thanks to @patron-saintof-sluts​ . jai, thank you for helping me figure this out. you’re amazing! i love you a ton. 

inbox || masterlist


When Martha called Hercules asking for a dress, he assumed it was for another gala. He assumed it was for another ball or dinner of some sorts. Maybe Mr. Washington was announcing that he would be running for president. He had heard Alexander talking about it once. Or maybe he was speaking at a convention at New York. 

 When Martha called Hercules, she asked that the dress be black. He was confused, but didn’t decline. If she wanted a black dress, he’d make her a black dress. Martha wasn’t the type of person to be unsure about anything. The Washingtons were headstrong and determined people, so he didn’t question it. It wasn’t a mistake or a slip of the tongue. He just knew that he should get started right away. 

He’d made wedding dresses for blushing brides. He’d made graduation dresses for promising students, but this was a first. 

 He didn’t realize he was making a dress for the funeral for her husband. When he heard the news, it made the dress harder to finish. 

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Conversations In Bed - 18/?

It was late and Cat was exhausted. The sun had gone down hours ago, but there was no chance of her sleeping tonight.

Instead, she was sitting at her vanity, quickly applying a fresh layer of makeup. Cat’s face was expressionless. She had steeled herself against her feelings earlier that evening. Looking over herself in the mirror, Cat noticed the paleness of her cheeks. She reached for her blush and and a brush and roughly rubbed the color onto her cheek bones.

As she put the items away, she caught her own eyes in the mirror. Despite the practiced, unreadable look, Cat could see that she wasn’t able to keep the emotion from her eyes.

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Ask Me Again 

Words: 1137
Tony Stark X Reader
Okies I got another one 😀 how about Tony purposing to reader ? Add all the fluff you want !!!!  - @tonystarksgirl 

The first time he asked you, you had thought it was a joke. It had been a long day of kicking butt and taking names. You were both exhausted. So tired in fact that you hadn’t even bothered unzipping yourself from your tight cat suit. You just flopped down onto the bed, your head resting on his chest. Tony was lying in bed next to you with one arm pulling you close. His other hand was busy twirling a piece of your hair around his finger.

“I love you.” He sighed in a matter of fact, and very Tony Stark, kind of way.

“I love you too.” You yawned, snuggling closer to him.

“Marry Me,” He said, craning his neck so that he could kiss you on the forehead.

“In your dreams.” You smiled. Then you closed your eyes and drifted off the sleep.

The second time the subject came up, he was a lot less subtle. The setting wasn’t one of his large swinging parties, but small gathering of most of the Avengers. Everyone was sprawled across the dining room for no real reason. There was a cake in the center of the table that Bruce had bought for whatever the occasion had been. Maybe a birthday or a new member joining the team, any chance to celebrate the small things.

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Flying High  (Clint Barton x reader)

Request from chris-evans-imagines:  Can I request anothr Daddy!Clint x daughtr readr where readr is a assassin like him but has the ability 2 shapeshift in2 a huge hawk & saves her dad from a fatal situation by transform. He nvr knew bout her ability until now & readr dies in his arms?

I took this one in the direction of a sequel to “Summer Break”- hope you wike it!  

Summer Break

“If you step out that door, you are an Avenger.”

You stared at your dad, incredulously.  

“Dad, seriously?  You really need to get a new speech.”

Clint looked at you, a small hint of hurt feelings crossing his face.  “But…it works!  It’s a good speech, I swear!  I came up with that on the fly!”

Without another word, you smiled and kissed his cheek.  Drawing back on your bow, with a deep breath and a nod, you kicked the door open.  Together you ran into the tiny village street, turning to rest against the back of the other, skillfully taking out the enemy one at a time with ease.

Clint mumbled under his breath, a pout in his voice, “It’s a good speech.”


Everyone on the jet was asleep on the way back to the tower; everyone except you and Steve.  Your dad was snoring in the chair next to you, and you could see his muscles twitch every few minutes as he was dreaming, his breathing deep and even.  Seeing the team together and so relaxed was a comfort to you.

It had been four years since that first summer visit to the Avengers tower; that terrible summer that led to your abduction by HYDRA for two months of torture and a failed attempt to break you.  You had returned to the tower every summer after that, refusing to let fear get the best of you.  During the school years you spent every minute of your free time researching HYDRA; their origins, their obsession with global control, the human experimentation, and their current state of dissolution.  

Almost every piece of HYDRA information made mention of Captain America, their greatest enemy.  Their enemy who had just happened to be in the same building, about 100 feet down the hall from your guest room.  You began to spend many late nights sitting on the balcony with Steve, watching the city that truly never slept.  He would tell stories of the war and his battles with the Red Skull, and how his life had changed since he woke from the ice.  He was so respectful with his recounting of events; the stories never focused on him, rather the pride in his Howling Commandos and some woman named Peggy who made his face look sad whenever he spoke of her.  It quickly became an easy friendship with Steve, and once you finally turned 18, you asked Tony if you could move in full time and train with the team.

“Hey, (Y/N), you look lost in thought.”  Speak of the devil.  “You want to talk about something?”  Steve raised his hand towards the chair next to you, asking for permission to sit.

You nodded, “yeah, Cap, of course.”

Sitting down, he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his legs, hands clasped together.  “You fought really well today.  Your skills almost match your dad’s.”  Steve sat up and leaned in to whisper in your ear, looking around at the others.  “Please don’t tell Barton I said that.”

“Secret’s safe.”  You whispered back.  He sat up straight again, waiting for you to continue.  “Just lost in thought, anxious to get back home.” Leaning towards him, you nudged his shoulder with yours.  “Hey, I don’t know if I’ve ever stopped to thank you for all the work you’ve done with me. The reason I’m doing so well is really because of you.”

“I had a little bit to do with it too, ya know.”  Clint groaned as he turned over in the chair, pulling the blanket over his head.  “But noooo, it was all Steeeeve….” You laughed quietly with Steve as the snoring began again.    


With your friends safely in their rooms, asleep, you had a moment to yourself.  Standing on the roof of the tower, you gauged the wind’s direction and velocity, preparing yourself.  The streets below were as empty as they were going to be again before sunrise, so now was your only shot at this, the only time that no one would see.  Steeling your resolve, you raised your arms out to each side, closed your eyes…

…and jumped.


There really was nothing else in the world quite like the feeling of flying thru the air.  It cleared your head.  Yes, HYDRA was evil.  They needed to be stopped.  But you couldn’t help but feel thankful for what they had done to you.  Once they had decided that getting information from you was useless, they stopped the torture pretty early on in those two months with them. Their focus changed to experimentation. They released you back to your family when they thought that their experiments weren’t working; but one night, a year and a half later, you felt the changes happen.

Your bones felt lighter, but stronger somehow.  Your vision became sharp and you could see miles away.  The urge to be in the sky was overpowering, the need for the freedom of flight was unyielding.  You desired a hunt, though fighting against the programmed thoughts of the Avengers as your prey.  You were becoming a hawk, developing your new shape-shifting powers.  The irony in their choice for metamorphosis wasn’t lost on you.  They knew exactly who they had and what they were doing.

And your father could never know.


A few weeks had passed before your next mission, and you were anxious to get back in the field. You had your gear packed and ready to head to the jet when there was a knock on your door.

“Can I come in?” Clint was already opening the door as he asked.

“Looks like you already are.”  Your father’s face was serious, cautiously approaching you.  “Ok, dad, what is it?”

He took a deep breath and clasped his hands behind his back.  “Would you be mad at me if I asked you to sit this one out?  I’ve got a bad feeling, and I can’t seem to shake it.”

You dropped your pack on the ground with a heavy thud and stepped forward to match his stance. “You’re damn right I would be mad! What the hell is your problem?”

His spine stiffened. “Listen, I don’t care if you are legally an adult now; you’re still my daughter. Don’t speak to me like that.”

You hated when he was right. Your respect for him as both your father and your teammate had to take precedents.  You were expected to behave like an Avenger now, and you would never speak that way to Bruce or Tony, so you can’t speak that way to him either. “I’m sorry, dad.”  Stepping back, you sat on the edge of your bed.  “I trust you.  But, when you get back can we talk about it and how I can work harder so this doesn’t worry you so much next time?  Can I at least have that?”

He stood still for a moment, contemplating.  He looked down at you and nodded.  “Sure, kid. You got it.”  Leaning down, your father kissed the top of your head. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Oh, I’m going to know exactly where you are.” you said under your breath as he walked from your room.


Your dad was right. This was bad.  Very, very bad.  Iron Man had been reduced to just Tony in a metal suit, relying on hand-to-hand combat with the suit disabled.  Steve had pulled Nat behind his shield, the barrage of gunfire almost too much to stop. The only one making a dent in the enemy’s progress was the Hulk, but even he would never win this alone.  They were in over their heads.  You couldn’t let your friends fail, even if it meant giving away your secret.  With your massive, strong talons, you pulled a large oak tree from the ground, it’s roots hanging behind you.  Swooping down into the crowd of HYDRA thugs, you swung the tree thru, quickly knocking the men down and allowing the other Avengers to overtake them.

“What the hell was that?!” Tony ripped off his helmet, wide-eyed and mouth agape as he watched you fly away.

Where was your dad?  

Circling the perimeter for several minutes, you finally saw him.  He was cornered near a broken down shack, about 200 yards away from the rest of the team.  You hung back, out of his line of view, watching.  He was cornered but he was holding his own, and you were so proud of him in that moment. It was then that Clint fell to his knees, taking a hit to his leg.

Diving quickly, you grabbed the back of his shirt and lifted him away as the guard fired once more.  You were jolted, and the new pain in your side was excruciating, but you weren’t about to drop him.  After a lifetime of giving him your attitude, scaring him when you stayed out too late, cursing at him out loud and under your breath, and causing him every one of the few gray hairs on his head, you were dammed if you were going to let him down now.

Now wounded, the metamorphosis was beginning to shift, and you could feel yourself coming back to a human form.  You lowered to the ground as fast as you could and crashed only a few feet as you fully transformed back.  Everything around you was spinning and you were getting cold.  Clint was limping towards you when your eyes began to get heavy.

“(Y/N)!  Oh, god, what just happened?  (Y/N)?”  He rolled you to your side, the wound in full view, a large pool of blood forming beneath you.  “No, no, no! You stay with me, do you hear? This is not going to happen!”

You could feel your breathing become shallow and strained, and your body was numb.  “It’s okay, dad.  It’s my job, remember?”

You began to close your eyes for the final time and whispered, “It is a good speech.”

Baby Hawk


Some kind reminders and inspiration from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes + friends


Betty: But before you disappear again you better leave me your number!
Bruce: Um, all I’ve got is Tony’s number…since I was living there for some time.

((I don’t care if the MCU writers have long forgotten Betty, she’s existed and she’s still a big deal to me. I want to believe he went to visit her at least after the events of AoU :T))

Preference #11

Your Breakup:


You broke up with Clint because you felt like the relationship had already ended. He acted as if he didn’t even like you anymore, let alone love you. You two bickered constantly, giving everyone around you headaches. He always slept on the couch, while you slept alone in bed. When you broke up with him, he didn’t fight it, leaving without saying a word.


Breaking up with Bruce was one of the hardest moments of your life. You could see the tears in his eyes as he tried to keep his emotions inside. You had broken up with him because he continually ran away from his problems, fearing that if he faced them he would turn into ‘the other guy’. Whenever you two fought or something came up, he would back away and avoid any kind of confrontation with you. He made excuses for not wanting to deal with his problems, and it pushed you over the edge. 


Thor was always gone for long amounts of time. He tried to split his time evenly between Asgard and Misgard, but it didn’t work out. You wanted to stay back on Earth, and didn’t feel like abandoning your life on here was the right thing to do. He could disappear for months at a time without telling you when he would be back. You were sick of it, and eventually your feelings started to fade. You wanted to move on, but Thor would always love you.


Tony would sacrifice himself for a random stranger. That was the problem. You were sick being too afraid to turn on the news, in fear that you would see a headline telling you Tony was dead. He didn’t care what his sacrifices could do to you. He didn’t care that you were always worried sick about him and how hard it was to function knowing he could be dead at any second. Tony saw it as heroic, but you couldn’t live like that anymore. You needed someone who gave a shit about your relationship, and although you loved Tony, it could never be him.


After Pietro became an avenger, he couldn’t go anywhere without being flirted on by a hot girl. He checked them out, and became less and less interested in you as time went on. He was never noticed by girls in Transia, and often gave in to the willing girls who only saw him as some hot superhero. You were suspicious, and you looked through his phone, only to find hundreds of numbers of girls, along with promiscuous messages to girls other than yourself. You knew the relationship had been over for a while, so you broke up with him.


With Wanda, your relationship had faded. You were over the honeymoon period, and it felt like neither of you had love to give. You stopped doing the little things, like buying each other flowers or telling each other to have a good day. Wanda felt the same way about the relationship as you did, and you decided it was best to breakup.


You and Natasha broke up because you had different goals in life. You wanted children and a traditional family, you wanted to grow old with her while sitting on a porch swing. Natasha didn’t want any of that. But she also didn’t want to let you go. You and her sat for hours, trying to find a way to make it work, but nothing came out of it. You both knew what you wanted, and neither of you could make it work for the other.


You broke up with Bucky because he was controlling of you. He got jealous easily when other men even looked at you. He didn’t trust you when you went out alone, and he didn’t trust other men around you. He was too afraid of losing you. You assured him many times that he was the only one you wanted, but he couldn’t help himself. It became to exhausting for you to keep up with his control issues, and you had to break up with him.

Summary of the Circles Music Video
  • Nice shoes, Mike
  • Creepy ass hotel
  • Jaime: yo someone wanna remind me why we’re staying here” Vic: “awh you too scared?”
  • Vic @ Jaime: Come on big boy
  • Creepy ass hotel manager
  • Was he just crouching under the counter waiting for some band to come through? Seriously? Jeez get a life
  • Vic is discriminatory against warm keys
  • Creepy ass eyeballs in the jar
  • Dirty ass hotel room in one scene but perfectly clean during the music segments
  • Okay but I’m seeing two beds, so does that mean both Fuenciado and Perrentes are cannon? Or is this just gonna be one of those weird ships like Victony and Fuencest. If so, I’m out.
  • Don’t put your face so close to the screen Vic tf
  • The fact that they had to stick around the room to observe it more like “yes yes it’s very dirty and disgusting. Let’s look at it some more before going downstairs”
  • The fact that they still haven’t registered that there’s something wrong and go grab drinks from the creepy ass man
  • Why do you need a sun visor indoors?
  • Pierce The Veil are idiots who let creepy people take their IDs
  • And remember kids, don’t drink things that creepy people give you
  • Ffs Jaime look what’s in the drink before you drink it
  • Vic is going rainbows (more than usual)
  • The most overdramatic faint ever great job Vic
  • Okay but like did the guy just carry them to their room? Seriously? How? Like these fuckers probably weigh a ton
  • Fuenciado in which Jaime gets rejected
  • Vic is a crybaby (fuck off Melanie Martinez fans)
  • Tony being done with Vic’s shit (as am I)
  • Jaime slaps Vic
  • Let’s go through this random ass door
  • Sleeping With Sirens gone missing (wowza such a shame)
  • Hidden Kellic photo
  • All Time Low gone missing (did Maria forget to count them in?)
  • Wtf how much money did this guy have to rig all these hidden levers, switches and trapdoors around
  • Don’t just blindly run around you idiots now you’ve fallen through the floor
  • Wait but I thought Mike came through first so like why did Vic, Jaime and Tony fall through the floor first? And even if Mike didn’t fall through the first time, you’d think he’d be able to see the other three fall through the floor and have half a brain cell to think to look where he’s going.
  • Okay but there is virtually no way Vic could’ve gotten that bone caught in his shirt
  • Why would this creepy guy let them fall through the floor to a place where they can mess with the main power circuit?
  • Vic: “Okay so we should press these switches” Mike: “Fuck that *Bashes main power with a piece of bone*”
  • Music-segment-Vic looking slightly creepy at this point in time
  • Okay but just by smashing that power box could not have started this big of a fire like don’t these things take time to burn? And even if the fire did start off that big there is no way PTV could’ve gotten out in time
  • Also, assuming none of them knew of the exit when they first fell in the room, and with the presumably unrealistic rapid rate of the fire, there is no way they could’ve gotten out of that in one piece
  • There is no way the fire would’ve spread from what I assume to be the basement (or at least one of the lowest level of the building) up to the very roof in the time it took for PTV to get out
  • Adding onto that point, it appears the lower levels look perfectly fine, what with no fire or smoke coming out through the windows
  • Okay but Vic needs more shirts like I’ve seen him wear that shirt in at least 10 videos already
  • News banner thingy: Breaking News - Historic Hotel Destroyed In Fire - Authorities are looking into signs of foul play. “Right now, we can’t determine anything. Mostly because the hotel was really gross and we’re having to pick up everything with sticks.” Police chief Rod Johnson..
  • Rod Johnson is a shit police chief (well I mean it is America so)
  • Fun fact: I went and googled who Rod Johnson is (bc why not) and turns out he’s an Australian computer specialist who created the Spring Framework. This has nothing to do with the video I apologise 
  • See? This is why you don’t let people keep your ID
  • Tony jumps on seat as though that’s gonna help him get away from the creepy ass man through the screen great job Tone Tone
  • Great job Vic you just broke a perfectly fine glass jeez what is wrong with you
  • Same, Mike
  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: i litERALLy just joined this mcu fandom 4 days ago. what the fuck is going on. i am the human epitome of wreckage. is it just me or is everything on fire. MY tears are streaming at a rate faster than when steve goes to protect bucky in CATFA. i have never scrolled through a tumblr tag so damn hard before in my entire life. "YOUR BUCKY" ? hold on let me weep silently for another 2 hours. team iron man ?? team captain america ????? and what's this about people saying say iron man being the villain in Civil War ??!??? how about u back the fuck up before u get smACKED the fuck UP. in fact refrain from coming near me unless you have the Civil War trailer or I WILL GET SNOT ALL OVER YOU. i swear to god if the trailer isnt released likE ASAP, i will charge down to marvel's doorstep and cause a civil war