breaking bad tuco

the signs as characters from breaking bad

aries: Tuco Salamanca 
taurus: Gustavo Fring
gemini: Skyler White
cancer: Jesse Pinkman
leo: Saul Goodman 
virgo: Walter White
libra: Marie Schrader 
scorpio: Jane Margolis 
sagittarius: Walter Jr.
capricorn: Mike Ehrmantraut
aquarius: Todd Alquist 
pisces: Hank Schrader 

My hommage to one of the finest feats in modern day storytelling. A ‘thank you for the good times’, if you will.

I would have loved to include every single character from the show, but in order to avoid overkill and keep the composition readable, I decided to stick with who I considered to be the most important core characters. Sorry, fellow Huell fans.