breaking bad todd


This is something that really grinds my gears. Remember how “Ozymandias” was a literally flawless episode and how “Felina” was a virtually perfect series finale? Not many people think much of “Granite State”, the falling action episode in between those ones, and maybe this is one of the reasons why. If you ever want an absolute perfect demonstration on what Women In Refrigerators or getting Stuffed In The Fridge are all about, this would be where you should look - a female character gets unceremoniously killed off for the sake of giving something for a male character to have pain and anguish over. That’s how it typically goes, but it does NOT get any more BLATANT than this. I mean, just LOOK at how it’s done here - Todd lures Andrea out of her own home, Andrea shows she has zero stranger danger senses (because she’s more a prop here rather than a thinking, acting human being), we’re shown Jesse watching this all happen from a distance inside the van he’s being held captive in, and then Todd pulls out his gun, says his line, and BAM! Andrea is shot dead…in a distant shot, as though seen from Jesse’s POV. We never see her up close as she gets her head blown off and her body hits the floor, because the focus is not on the victim of this horrible murder: it’s on the man who loved her and is being forced to watch her get killed. The second after we’re shown Andrea’s murder, it cuts to Jesse spontaneously breaking down in anguished, crying, screaming, thrashing, pure unadulterated manpain. And the worst part of this? Normally the manpain is used to motivate the male character to act as the writer wanted them to act and thus the plot to take a certain direction that the writer thinks would best happen if a female character that the guy likes gets killed off. Here, though? We have literally ONE MORE EPISODE after this one, so how does this service the story? What does this motivate Jesse to do? To kill Todd? He’d already want to kill him for being one of his captors and abusers. Is it to show us just how awful these Neo Nazis are? We already know how awful they are, we saw Jack kill Hank in just the last episode! So this was ultimately just some random cruelty done to make Jesse suffer more than he already was suffering, and it actually harms the conclusion of his story. We’re supposed to feel happy for him when he’s finally set free to live his life without any of these horrible criminals making him suffer anymore, but where and who does he have to go to now? What’s he going to do with his life? How is he going to cope with all the trauma he’s endured? Had Andrea been kept alive, we’d assume that he had a woman he loved that he could return to and the two of them could help each other move forward in life together. There was simply no reason to kill Andrea off in the second-to-last episode of the show, and if you took that scene out, what would be changed about the last remaining episode? Nothing - I don’t think Jesse so much as mentions Andrea again after she’s dead, another thing that made this senseless. If anything, the narrative and Jesse’s character arc would have benefited far more from Andrea being kept alive than Andrea getting fridged.

Why’d you do it, Breaking Bad? I expected better from you.