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Q: Vince and Peter have said they are interested in Gene, the identity Saul takes on to live in exile in Omaha post-Breaking Bad. What excites you about seeing more of him?

A - Odenkirk: “Gene is completely shut down. He is hiding his name and his identity, but he’s also hiding his personality and that’s what’s killing him. That’s what’s suffocating him. He can’t let go of the Saul Goodman side of him, the side that likes to be talkative and active — and he has to swallow all of that, and that’s why he faints I believe in that scene in season three. He’s just not breathing. He’s completely submerged and some part of him can’t take it anymore. We’ll see what happens. But I don’t think he can live that way entirely.”

– from Bob Odenkirk Wants ‘Better Call Saul’ to Feature 'Breaking Bad’ Scenes by Aaron Couch, The Hollywood Reporter


“I eat a lot of frozen stuff. It’s usually pretty bad. The pictures are always so awesome, you know? It’s like ‘hell yeah, I’m stoked for this lasagna’ and then you nuke it and the cheese gets all scabby on top. It’s like, it’s like you’re eating a scab.”