breaking bad rv

Jesse Pinkman: RV. That’s what you want.

Walter White: What, like a Winnebago?

Jesse Pinkman: Yeah. I know a dude who wants to sell his. He just goes camping with it… but a mobile meth lab? That’d be the bomb. I mean, drive way out in the boonies - be all evasive.

- Breaking Bad, “Pilot”

A bit different from what I normally do – both in subject matter and overall style. I previously said that I wanted to do some Breaking Bad digital paintings, so here’s the first one! Featuring one of my favorite images from the series: the RV smoking out in the desert.

I have to wrap up by asking about the scene with Mulder stopping the out of control RV. Can we trace the origins of Breaking Bad back to that moment?
“I grew up in Virginia and we had RVs, mobile homes, and probably meth labs — although I didn’t know about those at the time. I always think mobile homes are interesting; whenever I drive past someone driving one, I think, “I want to tour the country in one of those!” They’re funny looking, especially the old ones like the Winnebagos with corrugated sides. They look like bread boxes on tiny wheels.

“In terms of that scene, there was a guy when I was in elementary school in Farmville who had a fair measure of local acclaim because he had stopped a runaway car that was circling around a convenience store parking lot. It had been left running and slipped into reverse, and as I recall, he dived through the open drivers’ window and stopped the car before it careened out into traffic. I always remembered that story and thought we could do it in ‘Bad Blood’ just with a Winnebago. I remember that it was quite a feat of engineering. The effects department figured out how to replace the steering wheel and gas pedal and brake at the opposite end, so they could drive it forward even thought it was going backward. It was a good trial run for Breaking Bad all those years later! [Laughs]”

– from ‘The X-Files’: Vince Gilligan Looks Back on 'Bad Blood’