breaking bad rv


HAPPY BELLARKE FAM SELFIE NIGHT! Love see y’all!! Who else is ready to die tonight??? 🙋🏼

Sothese picture are all from this amazing opportunity I got to travel to LA this past Friday and visit the Creative Artists Agency (one of the largest agencies that work for Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence, and many other a-list celebrities). It was amazing to talk with them about what they do, and hear their advice about the industry!

Then! We got to take a tour of the Sony Studios lot which was amazing!! Got to see so many cool things, like the stage where they filmed the Wizard of Oz, the Breaking Bad RV, Seth Rogen (who just happened to be there???) and we got to speak with Adam Goldberg the showrunner and creator of The Goldbergs!! It was an amazing day trip and I’m so happy to have done that and I hope I can do more like it! 

Anyway! I’m super excited for tonight! Looks like it’ll be an intense episode!

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