breaking bad reactions

When Tadashi ran in the burning building:

When the building exploded:

Tadashi’s funeral and seeing Hiro alone on top of the stairs:

When Yokai was revealed to be Callaghan not Krei and said Tadashi’s death was “his mistake”:

When Hiro turned Baymax in an unstoppable killing machine:

When Hiro screamed “TADASHI’S GONE!”:

When Hiro leans on Baymax’s belly and you hear “This is Tadashi Hamada…” :

In the portal when the building debrit was charging on the pod and Baymax protected Hiro:

When Hiro said “I’m satisfied with my care” and had to leave Baymax behind:

Big Hero 6, A Summary:

when u and the squad waits for the light to shine and it shines and u guys are like “yOOOOO…lets do it again”


Here’s what we are most excited about at SDCC this year.

We’re missing some booth numbers so if you know shout us out and we’ll update.

Look at this ridic swag. Hope you cashed in your 401K because the Exclusives this year are awesome.

Let’s shut up and show the sexy parts: 

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Open rp (Angst warning)

Jess let out a soft sigh when she heard the knock on the front door, she was not up to company right now but…whoever they were they probably knew how to get in anyway and not going and answering the door would scream that something was wrong. She splashed her face with water and dried it off with a towel before going and answering the front door, hoping they didn’t notice how much paler her skin was and wasn’t able to see the light shaking to her hands.