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There is a hole in my heart where once Breaking Bad was.

One of my favourite quote spoken by my favourite character from my favourite series. Too many favourites?!

Well, the quote always buoys my spirit when life seems downtrodden, love-less and lustreless.

Annotating Breaking Bad: the Half Measures speech

I love Mike and I love the Half Measures speech (and I’ve memorized it and say it to my dog all the time) but there’s so much about Mike’s character packed in there that we have to talk about it. 

As we all know, Mike uses a personal story to give Walt some advice he doesn’t want to hear: Jesse is trouble and there’s only one way to deal with trouble. But the speech is much more about Mike than it is about Walt and Jesse.

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Walter White Pixel Art Transformation by Catalina Rom in Argentina

From the artist: “These are all the moments I consider crucial in the transformation of Walter White. I’ve invested a lot of time and emotions on this show and I was really sad to see WW go, so this is some kind of closure to me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it, pixel by pixel.”

Links: Prints available on Society6 / Tumblr / Vimeo