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Name: Abigail (Abi)
Age: 16
Country: Ireland

Hi I’m Abi! I’ve never had a pen pal before but the idea of having someone thousands of miles away to spill all my weird thoughts to definitely interests me. (you can live anywhere tho lmao) I’m starting my 2nd last year of high school (5th year) this autumn. My favourite subjects are Art and English probably because those things come most naturally to me (I’m working on not wanting to blow my brains out when it comes to maths.) I love every single genre of film and music although I am partial to a good 80’s flick. (my 12 year old obsession with river phoenix has made a come back) I adore travelling and have fallen in love with the idea of living in NOLA for a time after a short visit there. I sometimes write poetry though you’d have to pry it out of me and my taste in shows ranges from rick and morty and community to breaking bad, firefly, tvd and adventure time although I can love anything good. I would prefer to send letters starting out as it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience but wouldn’t mind transitioning to social media after getting to know eachother.

Preferences: 14-25 with a little wiggle room. Any country, any whatever as long you’re not a complete a-hole and have a sense of humour

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You should draw some ararezi

ur right i should…. good ask anon