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if i decide to raise kids i’m going to speak to them like people when they do something wrong. i can’t believe there are people who got hit as kids who are already determined to put their potential kids through the same trauma! maybe you can look at it with humor now (defense mechanism btw) but hitting babies is not a funny or lighthearted thing. most of the issues i had with my parents stemmed from the corporal punishment they misguidedly used in their parenting

A to-do list for 2018

1. Set some goals. Big or small.
2. Organize your life. 
3. Spend more time outside.
4. Gain a new skill. Practice a new hobby.
5. Become a bit healthier. Small changes in your diet, hitting the gym.
6. Try yoga.
7. Become a tourist in your own town.
8. Save more money than you did 2017.
9. Print out your favorite pictures. Take some more too.
10. Make plans and go through with them.
11. Break a bad habit.
12. Drink more water.
13. Read a book. or two.
14. Paint something for yourself.
15. Go outside of the city and look at the stars.
16. Be more positive and kind.
17. Go on a roadtrip.
18. Film more videos.
19. Tell yourself to “just do it”. No one is stopping you but yourself.
20. Release the past.
21. Do something you’ve always wanted to do.
22.Try meditating.
23. Volunteer at a dog shelter.
24. Try food you haven’t before. Something might surprise you.
25. Change how your hair looks. Try something new!
26. Surprise someone.
27. Get a full body massage.
28. Take note of the little things that make you happy.
29. Declutter. Whether it be your room, your mail or the people in your life.
30. Go camping.
31. Send a letter.
32. Do random acts of kindness.
33. Achieve your ideal weight.
34. Don’t go out to eat for a whole month. Cook at home!
35. Push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while.
36. Do photoshoots with your friends.
37.Start early, procrastinate less.
38. Remember your goals. There’s always a bigger picture.
39. Watch more documentaries.
40. Start your morning with a stretching routine.
41. Visit a museum.
42. Start a blog. (-;
43. Make a time capsule.
44. Stand up for someone who can’t do it themselves.
45. Redecorate.
46. Go to a concert.
47. Put yourself first.

~life by maddie