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doto isn't a dlc, it's a stand alone game. you don't need dh2 to play it

Yup! :) I think the concern regarding the statement is that the game, itself, is a “perfect entry point for those new to the Dishonored series” not whether it is a DLC or stand alone game. 

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You finished your exams? Lucky you! I still have mine ahead of me😩 Eight days of absolute torture😭 At least I have you to brighten up my day with your fics!

i did finally finish them after five weeks (??) anyway good luck to you and im happy the fics are helping!! maybe i should hide some maths formulae or something

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Breaking Bad “Heisenberg” Shots

These shots were inspired by the TV series Breaking Bad. In the show, “Hesienberg” is the King Pin known for his specialty product “Blue Sky’”. These shots are super easy to make once you track down the dry ice. You should be able to google or yelp where you can find dry ice in your local area. You can serve these for a “ Breaking Bad” marathon party! In case you missed the series, it’s definitely worth watching!

if i decide to raise kids i’m going to speak to them like people when they do something wrong. i can’t believe there are people who got hit as kids who are already determined to put their potential kids through the same trauma! maybe you can look at it with humor now (defense mechanism btw) but hitting babies is not a funny or lighthearted thing. most of the issues i had with my parents stemmed from the corporal punishment they misguidedly used in their parenting