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I haven’t liked anything I drew since I got back from Hawaii. ;o;  I think a hit another art block.  Shauntal is really cute though, been drawing her today.  There isn’t enough fanart of her on tumblr, so I’m going to add to that.

All the Threes for a 3rd Birthday

@FKARuthless asked for 3 times they just couldn’t stop laughing XD

1. The one with Nick’s bad knees

2. The one where Nick and Gemma can’t stop laughing about Neighbours

3. The one with Fifi and the banana

@jeyhawk asked for 3 times they had to mind the gap…

1. The one where Fiona has a few technical hitches


3. The one where Nick messes up and no-one is angry, they’re just disappointed.

greedydancer wanted 3 times the team were too busy messing around and did their jobs wrong.

1. The one where Finchy’s prank backfires

2. The one where they were late for the news because reasons.

3. The one where Nick’s too busy downloading Breaking Bad

@aurora_84 wanted 3 times the team sang together!

1. The one where the team were feeling festive

2. The one where the team sing Casualty

3. The one where we get DOUBLE singing

slowestdive asked for 3 times Finchy fangirled the hell out of Bond

1. The one where Finchy does not want Nick belittling Bond

2. Finchy has STANDARDS for Bond song performers

3. The one where Nick is introduced to the world of Bond

carswinky wanted 3 times Nick sang over the end of songs

1. Let me be Matt’s fantasy….

2. He’s still into it ;)

3. The day Nick wouldn’t stop singing

@liteavallt asked for 3 times Nick annoyed Collette

1. The time Nick ignored Collette’s phone calls

2. The one where Nick is going to Brazil

3. The time they just played Collette’s voice down the phone to her

slowestdive asked for 3 times Nick flirted with Matt

1. Fifi ships it 

2. Daddy Fincham

3. The one where they love each other really (because I didn’t clip up a lot of the early clips individually, they were for a montage)

And then another last minute one for @aurora_84 - 3 times the team joked about Uranus. TRAGICALLY I CAN ONLY FIND 2 AT HAND so have a bonus one about space instead.

1. The one with Lady Gaga and Uranus

2. How’s Uranus?

3. Does anyone want to see Nick’s space flute?

Aaaaaaaand I am DONE.  Happy Thursday fellow breakfast show fans!