breaking bad cat's in the bag


Matsuno Osomatsu

  • Leader of the group
  • Best/skilled fighter 
  • Weapon is a metal pipe
  • Trying his best to look after his brothers
  • Hides his emotions to protect his brothers

Matsuno Karamatsu 

  • Second strongest and most skilled fighter
  • One eye was blinded from an accident
  • Helps Choromatsu investigate 
  • Normally prefers not to fight unless himself of his brothers are in danger
  • Strong mental and physical ability

Matsuno Choromatsu

  • Collects useful information about zombies and the cities’ geography and writes them on a journal he kept
  • Carries important items in his bag (etc, Food, water, small weapons and hand grenades.)
  • Organised roles for each brother to do
  • Weak physical ability yet very intelligent 
  • He’s the medic of the group and obsesses over his brother’s health

Matsuno Ichimatsu

  • Good sense of hearing and smell ( keeps alert most of the time)
  • Carries his knife most of the time
  • His depression gets really bad at certain times
  • Moves freely like a cat
  • Can collect information from cats

Matsuno Jyushimatsu

  • The strongest matsu but can’t control his power properly
  • Often gets into trouble
  • Mental breaks down when there’s too much to handle
  • Gets injured easily 
  • Carries a bat with him when he fights zombies 



Wonder why Todomatsu’s not here? e w e

You’ll find out soon….

Line art done by me (Mod Llama)

Colour done by Mod J

The X-Files pays homage to Vince Gilligan in New Season

Finder Spyder is the same search engine Skyler White uses to trace Jesse Pinkman’s phone number in the Breaking Bad episode “The Cat’s in the Bag” (1x02). We see Scully use the same search engine to look up Tad O'Malley’s show in “My Struggle.”

Additionally, a character in “Founder’s Mutation,” the son (and genetic experiment of) the Frankensteinesque villain of the episode, Kyle Gilligan, is named after the X-Files alum and Breaking Bad creator.