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☾,♥, and ♦ for jason

☾ sleep headcanon

  • he can’t sleep with thick blankets.. sleeping with them usually end up giving him really bad nightmares so he prefers to invest money on a good heat system
  • the first thing he did when the cat was out of the bag and everything calmed down a bit, was break into the manor and steal his old pillow. He’s really picky about pillows for some reason, and he hadnt been able to find one that was as comfortable as the one he had at the manor. The first thing he does when he’s in good terms with Bruce is ask where the hell he got that pillow.
  • (the next day he finds twenty two pillows on his bed, with a little note from Bruce. He didn’t bother reading it, but he kept the pillows once he moved away from that safe house)

♥ family headcanons

  • jason prides himself in not having favorite siblings, ( *edgy Jason voice* i hate you all the same amount) but the cold truth is that he favors damian and cass the most.
  • he tries to have lunch with alfred at least twice a week, and they fight to pay the check every single time. (They both want to pay, and the idea of paying half and half never crosses their mind)

♦ quirks/hobbies headcanons

  • the first and last thing he does each day is hack into arkhams security system and check the jokers cell. He cant go to sleep or carry on with his day if he doesn’t do that.
  • (barbara is the only one who knows. She gets it.)
  • he still collects books, but not first edition or anything like that. He gets the books on its original language, and always bought on the country where it was printed.
  • (the others caught up on that, and if they visit another country they usually bring him back a book. Kori has even got him books from another planets, and Jason is determined to learn those languages so he can properly enjoy them instead of having kori read them to him, even if he does enjoy when she does it.)

Matsuno Osomatsu

  • Leader of the group
  • Best/skilled fighter 
  • Weapon is a metal pipe
  • Trying his best to look after his brothers
  • Hides his emotions to protect his brothers

Matsuno Karamatsu 

  • Second strongest and most skilled fighter
  • One eye was blinded from an accident
  • Helps Choromatsu investigate 
  • Normally prefers not to fight unless himself of his brothers are in danger
  • Strong mental and physical ability

Matsuno Choromatsu

  • Collects useful information about zombies and the cities’ geography and writes them on a journal he kept
  • Carries important items in his bag (etc, Food, water, small weapons and hand grenades.)
  • Organised roles for each brother to do
  • Weak physical ability yet very intelligent 
  • He’s the medic of the group and obsesses over his brother’s health

Matsuno Ichimatsu

  • Good sense of hearing and smell ( keeps alert most of the time)
  • Carries his knife most of the time
  • His depression gets really bad at certain times
  • Moves freely like a cat
  • Can collect information from cats

Matsuno Jyushimatsu

  • The strongest matsu but can’t control his power properly
  • Often gets into trouble
  • Mental breaks down when there’s too much to handle
  • Gets injured easily 
  • Carries a bat with him when he fights zombies 



Wonder why Todomatsu’s not here? e w e

You’ll find out soon….

Line art done by me (Mod Llama)

Colour done by Mod J

Halloween Fic.

based off this post.


“Please?” Cat Noir asked again. Ladybug sighed “Why do you want to go so badly?” she asked “I’ve never been trick or treating! I wanna try it at least once! And like this, people may just think I’m someone dressing up as me!” he said.

Ladybug sighed softly “Fine…we can go after our patrol” she said. Cat smiled, his tail wagging behind him “Are you a cat or a dog?!” Ladybug said, pointing at Cat’s tail. “I am a Cat with dog like tendencies my lady” he said before the two went off of their patrol.

In the end, there wasn’t anything to report “I guess even bad guys take a break on Halloween…come on!” Cat said, jumping into an alley below, dragging Ladybug with him. “alright…and what about treat-” Ladybug looked at Cat Noir as he pulled out a pair of treat bags from behind a box. “You were planning on this, weren’t you?” Ladybug asked.

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so i was thinking (while cutting my nails)… superstitions are so weird. because even though I try to avoid them and be like ‘yeah that doesn’t work’ I managed to come up with some reaaaaly weird stuff I regularly do (or avoid doing). for example in my family it is known that:

  • after cutting your nails you should never throw them out through the window. not sure if or what’s gonna happen but it won’t be anything good.
  • spilling or God forbid breaking a bottle of oil - bad luck, no going back something horrible is going to happen, you’re fucked pal, sorry
  • your nose is itchy? you’re gonna be angry (??)
  • that weird pimple on tongue or in your mouth - someone’s talking shit about you. wanna get rid of it? spit in the fire.
  • going to bed with wet hair? you’re practically dead already.
  • opening an umbrella while inside is a big no-no.
  • leaving your bag on a floor - you won’t have money (I guess that’s why I’m broke all the time….)
  • young moon? show it some money!
  • black cat? spit three times and it’s fine.
  • if you step over a child lying on the floor they will stop growing. you can reverse this if you step back over them. 
  • if you see a chimney sweep grab a button it’s good luck!  
  • if you go under a bridge while a train is passing make a wish and it will come true.
  • if you eyelash falls out you take in and put in on a tip of your finger, press your finger with someone else’s and you both make a wish. whoever gets the eyelash he, gets the wish! (ohmyGod!)
  • ladybugs are good luck. set them free!

….and so on and on and on I don’t even know where all of these came from… they’re just here my whole life and I don’t even think about it. and if I do I end up with ‘ ok but what if…. it’s the rules. you don’t make the rules. better safe than sorry’ (??)

The Sass is Back (The Sword of Summer Chapter Title Masterpost)

1. Good Morning! You’re Going to Die
2. The Man with the Metal Bra
3. Don’t Accept Rides from Strange Relatives
4. Seriously, the Dude Cannot Drive
5. I’ve Always Wanted to Destroy a Bridge
6. Make Way for Ducklings, or They Will Smack You Upside the Head
7. You Look Great Without a Nose, Really
8. Mind the Gap, and Also the Hairy Guy with the Ax
9. You Totally Want the Minibar Key
10. My Room Does Not Suck
11. Pleased to Meet You. I Will Now Crush Your Windpipe
12. At Least I’m Not on Goat-Chasing Duty
13. Phil the Potato Meets His Doom
14. Four Million Channels and There’s Still Nothing On Except Valkyrie Vision
15. My Blooper Video Goes Viral
16. Norns. Why Did It Have to Be Norns?
17. I Did Not Ask for Biceps
18. I Do Mighty Combat with Eggs
19. Do Not Call Me Beantown. Like, Ever
20. Come to the Dark Side. We Have Pop-Tarts
21. Gunilla Gets Blowtorched and It’s Not Funny. Okay, It’s a Little Bit Funny
22. My Friends Fall Out of a Tree
23. I Recycle Myself
24. You Had One Job
25. My Funeral Director Dresses Me Funny
26. Hey, I Know You’re Dead, But Call Me Maybe
27. Let’s Play Frisbee with Bladed Weapons!
28. Talk to the Face, ’Cause That’s Pretty Much All He’s Got
29. We Are Falafel-Jacked by an Eagle
30. An Apple a Day Will Get You Killed
31. Go Smelly or Go Home
32. My Years of Playing Bassmasters 2000 Really Pay Off
33. Sam’s Brother Wakes Up Kinda Cranky
34. My Sword Almost Ends Up on eBay
35. Thou Shalt Not Poop on the Head of Art
36. Duck!
37. I Am Trash-Talked by a Squirrel
38. I Break Down in a Volkswagen
39. Freya Is Pretty! She Has Cats!
40. My Friend Evolved from a—Nope. I Can’t Say It
41. Blitz Makes a Bad Deal
42. We Have a Pre-decapitation Party, with Egg Rolls
43. Let the Crafting of Decorative Metal Waterfowl Begin
44. Junior Wins a Bag of Tears
45. I Get to Know Jack
46. Aboard the Good Ship Toenail
47. I Psychoanalyze a Goat
48. Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)
49. Well, There’s Your Problem. You’ve Got a Sword Up Your Nose
50. No Spoilers. Thor Is Way Behind on His Shows
51. We Have the Talk-About-Turning-Into-Horseflies Chat
52. I Got the Horse Right Here. His Name Is Stanley
53. How to Kill Giants Politely
54. Why You Should Not Use a Steak Knife as a Diving Board
55. I’m Carried into Battle by the First Dwarven Airborne Division
56. Never Ask a Dwarf to “Go Long”
57. Sam Hits the EJECT Button
58. What the Hel?
59. The Terror That Is Middle School
60. A Lovely Homicidal Sunset Cruise
61. Heather Is My New Least Favorite Flower
62. The Small Bad Wolf
63. I Hate Signing My Own Death Warrant
64. Whose Idea Was It to Make This Wolf Un-killable?
65. I Hate This Part
66. Sacrifices
67. One More, for a Friend
68. Don’t Be a No-bro, Bro
69. Oh…So That’s Who Fenris Smelled in Chapter Sixty-Three
70. We Are Subjected to the PowerPoint of Doom
71. We Burn a Swan Boat, Which I’m Pretty Sure Is Illegal
72. I Lose a Bet

La Seine

Summary: After a quiet night of patrol, Ladybug and Chat Noir decide to take a stroll down Pont Neuf across the river Seine. So how did they end up dancing together? (Based on a Monster of Paris and Miraculous Ladybug crossover I wanted to do but what beaten to it. Curse you college schoolwork and midterms! So I did a fanfic of it instead.)

Rating: K+

A/N: I can’t write fluff or romance for the life of me, sorry. I wrote this in the span of three days, in between classes. I’m in Ladybug hell right now.

“I swear, Kitty,” hissed Ladybug, “If another cat pun or flirty remark passes thoses lips, you’ll be taking a bath in the Seine.”

“So harsh, my Lady,” whimpered Chat Noir, giving his partner the sad puppy…er…kitty cat eyes.

The bells of Notre Dame echoed throughout the city, signaling midnight and the end of Sunday. Class started in a couple of hours and Marinette still had to finish the last five question of her algebra homework and squeeze in some hour of sleep. The dark circles under her eyes were getting worse, so much that both Alya and her parents were concern about how well she was sleeping. Heck, Ms. Bustier pulled her aside after class and asked if she needed to visit the nurse’s office, which she refuse and stated that she was fine. Marinette ended up downing four cups of coffees to stay away that day.

She blamed Hawk Moth and his increasing akuma attacks on the Parisian citizens. Seven in the last month, a record. Five students from their schools and two adults, all of them deadly and persistent with their attacks. It had gotten so bad that she had to exchange her elbow length jacket and capris for long jeans and full sleeve shirt to cover the bruises and cuts from the battles. Thankfully, it was autumn so no one questioned her change in outfit when the weather started to get a bit chilly.

You’d think that my cleansing power would heal these injuries,’ thought Ladybug, rubbing her wrist. It was still sore after fighting that evil acrobatic performer two days ago. That villain could kick, hard!

She was incredible grateful for quiet, non-eventful patrols at night. Not only was the air crisp and refreshing in the dark of the night, but the lights of Paris were always breathtakingly beautiful. Marinette sometimes wished she could bring her sketchbook with her on patrol and just draw the cityscape and get inspiration for new designs. It was a wonderful night.

Now if only Chat Noir could shut his mouth for a minute.

The only downside to this night was his non-stop flirty remarks and annoying cat puns. Don’t get her wrong, Marinette trusts Chat Noir with her life, he’s her partner, her other half, she cares for him and often enjoys his company. But his coy attitude and teasing remarks were driving her up the wall, more so than usual. Chat Noir must have had a good day to be acting like this.

And indeed, Adrien had a great day! He manage to ace two test he previously thought he flunked, his father, still on his business trip in Italy, permitted him to stay overnight at Nino’s home next weekend and Plagg had slept through majority of the day, giving Adrien a break from his bad luck and, for once, didn’t have his bag stinking of camembert cheese all day. Topping off the fact that there was no akuma attacks and could spend a quiet night with his beloved Ladybug, Chat Noir was on cloud nine.

The two decide to end their patrol on Pont Neuf, taking in the sight of Paris’ famed river. Ladybug felt at peace watching the water flow underneath the bridge, taking in the slight breeze blowing from the north. Chat Noir took this opportunity to stretch his cramping limbs in a cat-like manner. Marinette had to slap her hand over her mouth to keep herself from giggling, she’d never admit it but Chat looked cute when his cat-like instincts too over. Like the incidents with the ball of yarn and laser pointer. Poor Chat couldn’t look at her in the eye without turn red from embarrassment. The duo was then startled when they heard a loud foghorn-like noise mixed with a stream of music and chattering.

Gliding slowly over the river and anchoring under the bridge was a small yacht, a rather luxurious one at that. Onboard were multiple people all dressed impeccably, mingling about the upper deck while a group of musician played songs. Marinette watch the festivity in envy, wishing she could partake in such gatherings. Dancing among the high class, in a gown design and made by her, being admired as Marinette instead of Ladybug. She often dreamed of having a Cinderella-like moment at these events, her being Cinderella and Adrien being her handsome prince. Oh, who was she kidding? These people were clearly above her social standing. Chloe and Adrien were more fit to be among these people than the clumsy, baker’s daughter.

Adrien, however, silently groan at the boat upon closer inspection. He could recognize it as one of Chloe’s father’s friends, a couple whom enjoy throwing lavish parties until the early morning hours. Chloe ‘persuaded’ him to attend a few of his parties, each more boring than the last. Hours of people merely showering the two teens with complements on how influential he and his father were in the fashion world and how Chloe looked so nice and the wonderful improvements her father made as the mayor of Paris. No dancing, no games, it was merely people standing around in fancy outfits, brownnosing it with other wealthy socialites and listening to music.

“Oh, I love this song,” cooed Ladybug, leaning over the edge of the bridge. The music wafted up from the boat into the air, the upbeat tone lightening the mood around them.

Chat Noir followed her example and lean over too, he recognized the tune as well, “La Seine, right? That’s the name of the song?”

“Yeah, my mom used to play it over and over when I was a kid,” Ladybug could see the trio of musicians playing in a little booth at the front of the boat. Looking closer, the guests were all decked out in designer cocktail dresses and three-piece suits, drinking champagne and munching on hors d’oeuvres. Mon Dieu, she was hungry. Dinner was hours ago and all that running around on patrol left her stomach growling.

“No singing,” stated Chat, looking over the party in boredom, “Guess it’s just instrumental.”

“What a shame, I’ve always like singing along to the song,” Ladybug tapped her fingers against the stone, matching the beat of the song.

Chat raised a masked eyebrow, “You sing, My Lady?”

“Yeah, a bit,” said Ladybug, “Though it’s nothing to brag about. It’s just normal singing like you do with your favorite songs or in the shower.”

The song ended with the crowd of partiers clapping and raising their glasses in approval. Some called out for an encore, which the musicians seem happy to comply. The song started off again, the uplifting beat echoing through the canal and up to the bridge with towards the two heroes. Ladybug started rapping her fingers against the stone in harmony with the melody, the lyrics appearing in her head.

She’s resplendent, so confident, la Seine, la Seine, la Seine,” sang Ladybug, swaying a bit to the music, “I realize, I’m hypnotized, la Seine, la Seine, la Seine. I hear the moon singing a tune, la Seine, la Seine, la Seine. Is she divine? Is it the wine? La Seine, la Seine, la Seine.”

The musicians from the boat started to pick up the beat and with it, Ladybug couldn’t help but start dancing. Years in ballet taught her balance and fluidity as well as a sense of gracefulness. Too bad Marinette, shy and clumsy in a crowd, couldn’t transfer that same grace without tripping on her feet. But as Ladybug, it was second nature to her.

I don’t know, don’t know, so don’t ask me why, that’s how we are, La Seine and I,” Ladybug swayed her hips, her feet gliding back and forth with the beat, twirling back and forth, “I don’t know, don’t know, so don’t ask me why, that’s how we are, La Seine and I.”

As Marinette spun around, she felt an arm wrapped around waist and pulled her towards a warm body. Chat Noir, who watch his Lady elegantly dance about herself, grew reckless and bored of watching her dancing alone and decided to join in. Adrien remember how she teased him for a while for that ridiculous Gangnam style dance he did and how silly he looked to her. He wanted to show Ladybug what an expert dancer he really was, plus it was a valid excuse just to be close to her.

I feel alive when I’m beside, la Seine, la Seine, la Seine,” sung Chat Noir, holding his lady in a closed position, his hand resting on the curve of her back while his clasp her right hand together with his, gliding his partner into a waltz, “From this angle like an angel, la Seine, la Seine, la Seine.”

Marinette let out a small laugh before placing her other hand on Chat’s leather-clad shoulder and followed in step with his waltz, “I don’t know, don’t know, so don’t ask me why, that’s how we are, La Seine and I. I don’t know, don’t know, so don’t ask me why, that’s how we are, La Seine and I.”

When Chat has spun her around, Ladybug saw her chance and let go of his hand and jumped onto the stone parapet. She beckoned her partner onto the edge to continue their dance. Chat accepted the challenge and jumped onto the edge, dancing next to his Lady. “Upon the bridge…” sang Ladybug, “My heart does beat,” finished Cat Noir.

Between the waves,” Ladybug jeté across a foot in front of her, before twisting her body towards Chat Noir, “We will be saved,” Chat Noir held his arms opening, like he was expecting Ladybug to jump into his arms. Ladybug giggled and spun her body towards him, “The air we breathe,” wrapping one arm around her waist and locking his other hand with hers, Chat Noir held his Lady as she did an arabesque pose, “Can you believe?” Chat Noir spun Ladybug to face him, back to their waltz position, “Learn to forgive upon the bridge.”

The two jumped down and continued their waltz upon the streets, the music still going on strong, “That’s how we are, the Seine and I,” they fell into rhythm, each steps perfectly alined with one another, “That’s how we are, the Seine and I,” their movements became faster, their dance fluctuating from a waltz to a tango to paso doble then back to a waltz, “That’s how we are the Seine and I. That’s how we are the Seine and I.”

The song ended just as Chat Noir elegantly dipped his lady. Applause could be heard coming from the boat though the two didn’t seem to notice, too exhausted from the improve dance and song they just broke out in. Ladybug’s chest rose up and down rapidly as Chat Noir gently pulled her back upright, both staring into each other’s eyes.

They didn’t register the yacht moving further away, taking the music with it. Nor did they notice when they were plunged into utter silence, with only the sound of their hasty breathing. All they could do was staring at each other. Marinette never notice how beautiful Chat’s eyes were, a shade of green that reminded her of the leaves and plants in the spring. Alive, encompassing, with a hint of mischief nestled inside. Likewise, Chat gazed into Ladybug’s piercing blue eyes that, to him, shone brighter than the Earth’s sky. Adrien knew she was half Chinese and thought of how lucky she was to have such a rare and beautiful shade of blue for eyes. Eyes that radiated confidence, strength and warmth, he wished he could drown himself in those eyes.

Suddenly, the two were snapped out of their daze by the beeping of their Miraculous, signaling their time limit running out. Ladybug jumped out of Chat’s arms and placed some distance between the two of them. She placed a gloved hand over her heart, trying to calm herself and catch her breath. Why was her face so hot?

“That was fun,” smiled Ladybug, trying to contain the butterflies in her chest. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest; she couldn’t believe she had done that! And with Chat Noir of all people!

Chat Noir grinned, his cheeks slightly red, though she didn’t know if it was from the dancing or how close they were moments ago, “Indeed, my Lady. We must do it again sometime.”

“In your dreams, Kitty,” she panted, trying to regain her breath. Great, now she was tired, sweaty and sleep-deprived. Marinette made a mental note to shower before climbing into bed.

“You know what they say about dreams,” purred Chat, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true. And I’ll be sure to dream sweetly of you.”

Ladybug groaned, back to the flirting. She bid her partner a good bye and a goodnight as she strung her yoyo to the nearest building ledge and swung upward. Chat Noir remained in that spot for a while, watching his beloved companion swing from building to building until she was out of sight. Only then did he start jogging towards the opposite direction, praying that Natalie isn’t having another all-nighter for his father. The women had the ears of a hawk!

Five minutes after the two superheroes left the scene of the dance, Alya came out from hiding behind one of the bridge’s curved stone bench, her body covered by one of the pillars. She had followed Ladybug and her partner Chat Noir for hours during their patrols, hoping to get any action by Paris’s heroes or juicy hint on their identity. Sure school was in a few hours and Marinette would fret about her being out so late but who cares! After what she just witness, the punishment would be well worth it.

Who knew Ladybug could sing so well or that she and Chat Noir could make such beautiful music together? Alya replayed the video on her camera zooming in on the faces of Ladybug and Chat Noir as the dance and sang; look directly into each other’s eyes. If she weren’t so tired, she would have busted out squealing at the obvious attraction happening. Mon Dieu, they were so cute together!

I don’t get why Marinette keeps saying they aren’t a couple,’ thought Alya, scoffing at the idea of Ladybug and Chat Noir NOT being romantically together, ‘I think it’s pretty obvious that they have some relationship going on. How can they not?!’

Alya yawned loudly and panic when she saw it was 1:38am. She stashed the camera into her bag and started jogging back to her house. Thankfully, her parents are heavy sleepers so she’ll have time to sneak in, upload the video to her blog and get into bed without anyone being the wiser. While Alya could have just wait until morning, but with a video as juicy as this, she risk falling asleep in class.

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a part 2 for this fic, purely for the reactions.

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what's your theory on some wholesale websites having irregular service? because ive kind of had nice and normal experiences with some of the 'scam' websites like BH and sammydress, but other people say at the same time they've had really bad experiences? are they just a bit erratic?

ooooooooooooh i have a lot of thoughts about this, actually. so i’m going to put this under a cut, because it’s something i think about a lot and i’m afraid it will get long, lmao!

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awkwardpariah said: What prompted this new addition?

(In re: Jiji’s introductory post, because I am that slow about answering these things.)

We’ve been kicking around the idea of adopting a third cat for some time now, mostly for the benefit of Konstantin and Peter. Konstantin is a very attention-centric cat who likes to roughhouse, but since we work all of the time and Peter doesn’t enjoy rough play, he’s been getting a little neurotic. And I mean, trying to eat plastic bags and lick everything to death neurotic. Peter, on the other hand, seemed in need of anything to divert Konstantin’s attention away from him – he was getting smothered and stand-offish because of it.

So! The solution seemed simple enough: get a new guy to break up bad habits. We wanted our new cat to be one that was in genuine need, such as an older cat (not the best option, since its main job was to be a playmate) or a young cat with a non-limiting disability of some kind. Unfortunately, those sorts of cats hardly ever get adopted, so we kept our search strictly to that criteria.

We found one cat, had our heart set on him, but the application fell through. We went to the shelter again, not expecting to actually find one, mostly to just enjoy visiting some cats, but there (soon-to-be-)Jiji was, mewing and reaching out from his cage. Everyone else in the shelter was ignoring him, except for a couple who, no joke, said “ew” when they saw him. So, we popped open his door and he immediately crawled onto K’s shoulder and fell asleep purring his head off. K got misty-eyed and just stood there, stroking him in silence while I had a laugh about it. The shelter volunteer who checked on us didn’t even ask if we wanted him, she just said, “I’ll go get a box for him.”

Since then, he’s been a perfect fit for our little creature-based family. Konstantin hasn’t been acting neurotic thanks to long play-sessions and Peter, weirdly enough, has been more social towards us than ever. I don’t believe much in fate, especially when it comes to life’s minutiae, but this is pretty damned close.

And sorry that your innocent question got a torrent of new-pet-parent gushing. It had to come out.