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Top 10 film/book/TV characters??

That’s a tough one!!! Lemme have a good think. Naturally, the first one won’t be surprising. ;) 

Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)

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The Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

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Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

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Thor (Marvel)

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Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

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Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

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Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

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Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf)

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I actually can’t think of another two who I particularly like, but I’ll definitely update this list if I think of the last two. :) 

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Please, please, please TCR Promot#18 Make me cry and kill me with the feels over and over again until all I can do is stare into space cause I've run out of tears to cry. Pleaseeee~

AN: Haha, alright, alright, I’ll do it! I’d suggest sending more TCR prompts towards my TCR blog! I’ll answer this here, and reblog it with the other blog, but my TCR blog is where all things TCR goes! Don’t worry about it, though :)

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“I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

Salt dripped from her eyes, down her cheeks of pristine white, and off her chin to her hands in her lap. There was no response from the other party, simply waiting for the words to flow and the tears to run dry.

Words were often unwanted during times like this.

“I shouldn’t, I really, really shouldn’t.”

The other nodded, eyes sympathetic as they felt their own tears come to light. They longed to reach forward and wipe away the sorrow and pain coming from the eyes of the one they loved, but… They couldn’t find the strength.

“I want to be sure of who I was, but they all want something. They all want a part of me that I simply cannot give.”

She coughed, feeling her chest tighten as the words tumbled out, without grace, without restraint. They shattered her teeth and made her gums bleed. Made her throat bleed and bruised her lungs. She didn’t want to say it all, but she had to.

“I can’t be who they want me to be.”

They reached out to trace along her jaw, feeling her cheek rest against their touch. Silent tears stopped, changing to whimpers and whines that she tried to stifle. They shushed her gently, daring to touch her shoulder.

“I shouldn’t be in love with you, but I am. Even if I used to love someone else. I don’t know anything anymore, but I know you.”

The pairs eyes met, warring shades of blue. They dared to speak, voice light against the tense air. They would be the strong one. The one who would know, the one who had the answers the other seeked when the world took everything away.

“Who do you want to be?”

She shakes her head, but looks back. Stares long and deep, traces the features that surround the eyes. The curve of their ears, the way their nose twitched.

“I want to be the one you love and loves you.”

They collapsed into each other, held tight until their hearts were almost one. Beating softly underneath chests of cloth and fur.

“You can be whoever you want to be. No matter what, I will always love you. You choose your name, who you are, and who you will be.”

They stared past, over the weeping one’s head, and at the door that lead to the home of the others. The ones who wished to steal their beloved.

“I’m… I’m not Haru anymore.”

“Then who are you?”

“I’m Louise. And I’m in love with you, Persephone.”

Hey guys!

Looking for some blogs to follow that have:

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-King of the Hill 

-Parks and Rec 

-The Office 

-Orange is the New Black


-Fall Out Boy

-Panic! At the Disco



 -Bob’s Burgers 


-Marvel (Avengers, etc.)

 -Breaking Bad 

-Filthy Frank 

-animals, cats 

-funny shit in general 

 -dank memes 

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i need more blogs to follow!

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breaking bad 



it’s always sunny in Philadelphia

game of thrones

the office 


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Hearing a sound coming from the living room, Google turned around ready to fight an intruder, only to find the cat eating the fish sticks off the floor, having knocked over the plate. When the cat saw him, she looked up and let out a soft meow, face covered in bread crumbs from the fish sticks. Confised Google checked the bedroom and sure enough, there was a kitten shaped dent in the bed where she had been. Going back to the cat, she was now licking the floor clean of and leftovers.-Kitty

Google knelt down and patted the cat’s head. “Im glad I found you.” He then picked the kitty up and sat down on the couch. He turned on breaking bad and put the cat in his lap.

Reblog or message me if y’all post anything listed.

ⓍOne Direction
ⓍDoctor Who
ⓍBBC’s Sherlock
ⓍGhost Adventures
ⓍAdventure Time
ⓍRegular Show
ⓍSteven Universe
ⓍThe Amazing World of Gumball
ⓍMy Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic
ⓍThe Golden Girls
ⓍInvader Zim
ⓍGravity Falls
ⓍTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
ⓍNASCAR(Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch,Jimmie Johnson)
ⓍRatchet and Clank
ⓍSly Cooper
ⓍKingdom Hearts
ⓍAnything PlayStation
ⓍThe Nightmare Before Christmas OR anything related to Halloween
ⓍThe Lion King
ⓍThe Cheshire Cat
ⓍBreaking Bad
ⓍDonnie Darko
ⓍJim Carrey
ⓍAnything to do with the Furry fandom as long as it’s not yiff
ⓍCreepypasta Stories
ⓍCreepypasta/Marble Hornets Characters (Slender,Splendor,Trendor,Offendor,Jeff,Masky,Hoodie,Toby,Ben, etc.)

ⓍAnything to do with serial killers.
ⓍHorror in general
ⓍAll Time Low
ⓍBlack Veil Brides
ⓍBreaking Benjamin
ⓍBreathe Carolina
ⓍBring Me The Horizon
ⓍCute Is What We Aim For
ⓍA Day To Remember
ⓍEd Sheeran
ⓍEscape The Fate
ⓍFall Out Boy
ⓍFalling In Reverse
ⓍThe Fray
ⓍGet Scared
ⓍGood Charlotte
ⓍGreen Day
ⓍGuns N’ Roses
ⓍHollywood Undead
ⓍI See Stars
ⓍIcon For Hire
ⓍIn This Moment
ⓍKaty Perry
ⓍLinkin Park
ⓍMarina and The Diamonds
ⓍMayday Parade
ⓍMemphis May Fire
ⓍMy Chemical Romance
ⓍNirvana (Or Kurt in general)
ⓍOf Mice & Men
ⓍPanic! At The Disco
ⓍPierce The Veil
ⓍThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
ⓍThe Script
ⓍSet If Off
ⓍThirty Seconds To Mars
ⓍThousand Foot Krutch
ⓍThree Days Grace
ⓍThe Used
ⓍWe Came As Romans
ⓍCorpse Party
ⓍJohnnie Guilbert(And of course Robby,Bryan,Damon,and Kyle)

ⓍRhett & Link

*awkwardly rolls away*