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An entire city in the Philippines is being controlled by ISIS-linked group. Please pray, like seriously pray for the city of Marawi and its people being held hostage.

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I'm following your blog from France and I honestly love it. Thank you for keeping Leverage alive specially Parker/Hardison whom(who) I think are the cutest couple in tv show ever. And I also love your hair, you are a princess I'm so jealous we don't have prom here 😤Anyway keep the good work. Merci beaucoup et à bientôt. Love

FRANCE?!?!?!? That’s crazy! I’m seriously so happy that you enjoy my blog!!!! Pardison is the ship i will die defending lol there can never be enough pardison 

you are so nice omg! de rien! je t'aime <3 :)

EDIT: sorry i just re-read this (bc i answered it on mobile) and I am so sorry to have left out that prom actually isn’t that fun, the most fun part is getting ready (which is actually really fun. I did it last year by myself (because none of my friends wanted to get ready with me lolololol) and it was still super fun. this year my friend abbey did my makeup and it was extra fun. At least, at my school where no one know how to dance but everyone knows how to grind, prom is not fun. Me and my friends were the last people to leave and go to after prom and that was honestly the most fun i’d had all night) Do you guys have homecoming? 

Yeah, because Canadians are wasters of money.

5 Movies and TV Shows That Sent the Opposite of Their Intended Message

#4. Breaking Bad: Walt’s Evil HMO Was Right

In the first episode, Walt is told by his HMO-approved doctor that his “inoperable” cancer gives him “a couple of years” to live. Walt rejects this downer diagnosis and chooses an out-of-network cancer-killing regimen that he pays for with his meth wages. Now, how long would Walt have lived if he’d survived long enough to die of cancer, rather than from the dragon that swooped down and killed him in the final scene (man, that was one unexpected twist ending)? Judging by his awful health in the last episodes, the answer is: about two years. In other words, Walt’s out-of-network treatment with the “oncology dream team” doesn’t actually achieve anything, except maybe provide an excuse to wear an awesome hat.

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