breaking bad bear

I know everyone hates this shit but...

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow. Please like/reblog if you blog about any of the following:
- watercolor art
- clouds/the sky
- photography in general
- lace
- monochrome
- calligraphy
- tattoos
- coffee/tea
- pastel colors
- pixel art
- impressionist art
~ shows
- Rick and Morty
- Breaking Bad
- Bob’s Burgers
- The Office
- Weeds
~ animals
- SHARKS!!!!!!
- bears
~ mass communication/journalism major
~ political science
~ political things
- civil rights of ALL people
~ atheism/agnosticism

“Wanna cook?”

A special person who is a big fan of Breaking Bad is celebrating birthday today, so I made him a gift.
He’s also a very good cook.
Who’s familiar with the serie might get the simple crossover depicted in here.
I am usually unsatisfied about these kind of works (commissions, presents and stuff) but this time I’m kinda happy with the final result.