breaking bad alchemy

the big guy’s a highschool dropout who just wants to get by.

the little guy’s a famed chemistry professor in the academy, suffering from

What do they have in common? The need for cash.

So they teamed up and started cooking Crystal Concoctions, to sell to junkies. They don’t know what they’re getting into.

-big guy after cooking up a batch of 96.2% pure Crystal Concoction


Aaron and Bryan were still out there on the set, and we went again: Walt’s telling Jesse that he knows what they can make to save them, and Jesse’s trying to figure out what it could be.

And Jesse turns to Walt and says, “A robot?“

That wasn’t in the script. Apparently, after we wrapped, one of the camera assistants said, “You know what? He should have said ‘a robot.‘” And the crew said. "That’s so funny, we need to shoot it.” So they’d made up this hair in the gate, because we’d wrapped, to bring everyone back.

That’s Breaking Bad: here’s a crew on a Friday night, and everybody wants to get home to their family, but they had an idea that would make it better.

(с) Michelle MacLaren [Breaking Bad: Alchemy]