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After All (Jackson/Stiles)

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And after all that we’ve been through
It all comes down to me and you
I guess it’s meant to be
Forever you and me
After all

After All by Peter Cetera & Cher

Teeny Fic #1 inspired by the above lyrics from my playlist

After All. Jackson/Stiles. Any Age. Also on AO3.

Stiles isn’t expecting to find Jackson standing on his front porch at nearly midnight.

The sound of the doorbell draws Stiles’ attention away from the case file he’s been studying for hours. A quick glance at the clock tells him it’s after eleven, which is too late for unexpected visitors. Did he order pizza? He sometimes unconsciously sends in an order on his phone while he’s hyperfocused on a case, especially when he hasn’t eaten in a while, so maybe that’s who it is. Just in case, he grabs his wallet as he walks to the door.

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i wanted to make a more serious post about this but i guess i wont and anyway i know im about to sound soap boxy lol so ………..we all go this hard over gay sherlock evidence…AS WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD? but he’s never said he’s gay. he hasn’t yet. but that doesn’t change what we know to be true because we have analyzed the data and the evidence and built a strong case.
which is exactly what those of us who preach trans sherlock based on evidence do but like….everyone supports trans sherlock in theory but not practice. i feel like the burden of trans stories and art tends to fall on trans people MOST of the time but i implore u, if you reblog posts about this if you see it- because, frankly, at this point? this is beyond projecting of individual trans people it REALLY really is- i implore u to explore depicting trans sherlocks in your works more! please! if you’re cis then i promise if you JUST TRY it will be so much better than YET ANOTHER cis sherlock. u dont need to go into graphic detail honestly. and you can ask me for advice (within reason) like please! the time has come! this is! really! like! yall!!!!!!!!!!! the evidence! is overwhelming!!!! to ignore!!!! anyway thanks


Retour vers le Future X Breaking Bad - Fanart de bienvenu à Marty McFly le 21 octobre 2015.

Back to the Future X Breaking Bad - Special welcome fanart for Marty McFly on 21th october 2015.


Rayman doodlies from the stream I had the other night! 

I realized that my floaty-skull persona could fit nicely into the Rayman world!  We’d be bros, acting silly and probably getting in trouble by accident. Hehe!


I’ve been having kind of a rough time lately just dealing with everything going on in my life with school and friends and my mental health isn’t spectacular right now. I’m trying to limit my technology usage and focus on the real world and I’m only going to check my tumblr once a day if that. I’m also turning off notifications, so if I’m not getting back to you right away or replying, that’s why. I just need a bit of a break and when I get everything together I might be more active. Sorry guys.


Great Scott! Doc Brown joins Superman, Sensei Wu, and more of your favorite characters in LEGO Dimensions!



Sooooooo since I’ve been in AZ (so almost two months now), I’ve been cutting back on heavy lifting and focusing on more of a fitness change. I love lifting, but my body and mind really needed a break from it. I definitely plan on getting back into a routine in the future, but for right now I’m taking it day by day and doing what feels most right for my body.

I’ve still been lifting 2-3 days some weeks, along with yoga twice a week (which I’m finally able to do more often again). I also walk A TON each day because of my job. It’s nice to remind myself that I have the freedom to choose how I want to be active.

Since I’ve been in Arizona, I’ve been hiking at least once a week. Last week, for example, ended up being a 7 hour round-trip of a hike with over 400 floors climbed and 14 miles walked. I consider myself to have a strong legs but they were dyingggggg by the end. (Something around 31,000 steps for the entire hike). @fitnika has touched on this subject before, saying that there are so many amazing ways to be active that don’t include staying in a gym. MOUNTAIN WOMEN, UNITE 🏔☀️

But here’s some selfies to remind myself that even though I’m not pushing through hard lifts as often as I was in the past, my muscles are still growing and supporting me in ways that I need them to.

These thunda thighs can carry me up mountains. I’m damn lucky and proud of them ❤️

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Things I’m in love with.

One song: Nothing Left to Lose by Transit.

Two movies: Stand By Me and Back to the Future.

Three shows: Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and South Park.

Four people: Stephen King, Rob Lowe, Adam Storke, and I would say Anthony but everyone is sick of hearing about him so I’m gonna opt in @v-otg 💕

Five foods: Pizza, pasta, apples, cashews, salad with extra onions on it

I tag Val (of course), @whatpunk, @rest-inpeaches, @darknpretty, and @spaceydragons


some of the quotes from the last episode of dc’s legends of tomorrow.

What breaks my heart every time I watch ‘Back to the Future’ is imagining Doc’s long, friendless wait between 1955 and 198X. No one to confide in, just the better part of thirty years with only his dogs for company in a town that ostracized him. When Marty was born, what did he think? He probably had no idea how or when they’d meet and become friends.

I think the writers said Marty was ~13 or so when he broke into Doc’s shop to see what the fuss was about. Doc was flattered when Marty decided it was cool - presumably, no one else was ever particularly nice to him or reacted positively to his inventions - and gave him a job. Did Doc catch 12 year-old Marty spying through the window and wonder, “Is this the day? Is he going to work up the nerve? What should I say to him?”

And then, once they DID meet, Doc would still have to go four or five years biting his tongue until the day he could finally talk to Marty about their adventures thirty years before (some of them, anyway… by the third movie, Doc would also know about sending Marty to 1885). I find that a horrifying thought… imagine your closest friend having no idea who you are, and having to play it cool for years while building that friendship back from square 1 until the day you can finally talk about your past adventures. While being terrified of the possibility of somehow fucking it up and causing a paradox!