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I put this up on Twitter earlier, but figured I’d add it here too. I’m really happy that Trinket turned out so well, especially since this is my first completed intarsia project. (I’ve had most of the Hylian crest cut out for a while, but once I had the pattern for Trinket figured out I had to finish it.)

Anyway, I can’t wait to hang this guy on my wall :D 


x men: wheelchair parkour

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After All (Jackson/Stiles)

sterekseason said:Stackson for the tiny fic meme 

And after all that we’ve been through
It all comes down to me and you
I guess it’s meant to be
Forever you and me
After all

After All by Peter Cetera & Cher

Teeny Fic #1 inspired by the above lyrics from my playlist

After All. Jackson/Stiles. Any Age. Also on AO3.

Stiles isn’t expecting to find Jackson standing on his front porch at nearly midnight.

The sound of the doorbell draws Stiles’ attention away from the case file he’s been studying for hours. A quick glance at the clock tells him it’s after eleven, which is too late for unexpected visitors. Did he order pizza? He sometimes unconsciously sends in an order on his phone while he’s hyperfocused on a case, especially when he hasn’t eaten in a while, so maybe that’s who it is. Just in case, he grabs his wallet as he walks to the door.

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Favorite Lyrics in Newsies Songs

Santa Fe (prologue): “Don’t you know that we’s a family, Would I let you down? No way, Just hold on kid til that train makes Santa Fe.”

Carrying The Banner: “Uptown to Grand Central Station, Down to City Hall, We improves our circulation, Walkin’ til we fall.”

The Bottom Line: “And the power of the press, yes! Once again is mine!”

That’s Rich: “Hey baby, I was just talkin’ bout you.”

I Never Planned on Someone Like You: “I got no use for moonlight, or sappy poetry.”

The World Will Know: “And this ain’t for fun! And it ain’t for show!”

Watch What Happens: (the whole song tbh) “This is big lady don’t screw it up!” And “So he’s a flirt, a complete egomaniac.”

Seize the Day: “Once we’ve begun if we stand as one, Someday becomes somehow, And a prayer becomes a vow.”

Santa Fe: “Where does it say you gotta live and die here? Where does it say a guy can’t catch a break? Why should you only take what you’re given? Why should you spend your whole life livin- trapped where there ain’t no future, even at 17, breaking your back for someone else’s sake” And “Just be real is all I’m asking, not some painting in my head, cause I’m dead if I can’t count on you today.”

King Of New York: “I gotta be either dead or dreamin, cause look at that pape with my face beaming!”

Watch What Happens Reprise: pO0r GuYz hEaD iS spInNînG

The Bottom Line (reprise): “Like the pied piper you know what to play, til those kids all believed you were right.” (Don’t really have a favorite in that one tbh)

Brooklyn’s Here: “They’s a joke but if they’s thinks we’re joking!”

Something To Believe In: “You’re not really scared of my father.” “No… But I’m pretty scared of you.” “Don’t be!” (I know it’s not technically part of the song but still. Also the second to last “Now that I know you believed in meeeee” you know the one I’m talking about)


Finale: “Don’t take much to be a dreamer, all you do is close your eyes, but some made up world is all you ever see.”


Post 5.15 Review: How Adrian is both Vigilante and Prometheus!

I will start with what my mind has processed so far:

Adrian Chase is Prometheus.  He has also been Vigilante.  He switches personalities and masks to fit his needs. 

So go along with me please in this thinking process:

Until episode 15 we have seen Prometheus and Vigilante fight people separately never together for one scene. That is because Adrian was the same man.

After Adrian put Oliver Thea Quintin and Dinah in that Limo tonight he crossed over the building across the street changed into Vigilante and went to attack the limo.

When Dinah broke a piece of his mask, he literally grabbed the evidence off her hands in a very suspicious manner.  Dinah suspected him. 

At this point Adrian needs to get rid of Vigilante. Vigilante has become a liability, because that piece will give him away.

The scene atop the roof: is a battle in Adrians mind.  Adrian is a psychopath.  Has anyone seen Alfred Hitchcock’s original psycho?  The Bates motel? Girls keep dying at a motel; you hear the boy who runs it argue with his mother all the time, you see her shadow in a wheel chair across the window, and every girl that check in dies.. you assume by the hand of the mother; but truly it is by the boy who was emasculated by his mother, killed her, donned her wig, and kills in her persona.

The scene atop that roof goes on in his mind; there are no witnesses. The body of the Vigilante is male; his voice is Adrians.  There is no proof.  He later reveals himself as Prometheus and reports a Vigilante sighting at that address, hoping the team will come; because steeling that piece off Dinah did not gain him anything; but bought him time. Time for what? Time to call in a sub!  He then conveniently leaves the peace on a desk for Dinah to take!

As Oliver disavows the Green Arrow we see Adrian standing next to him; and Susan in the crowd.  Yet the team is fighting a Vigilante inside the building.  But how you ask!  Adrian called a sub?  Notice anything different about the body of Vigilante in the building?  It was female, the way she walked, the swing to the hips, the smaller frame.  The padding was hiding a chest!  The stunt double was definitely female.  You know why, because Prometheus/Adrian called his associate Evelyn to sub as Vigilante. That will be revealed in 5.18. This is the jaw dropping reveal.

Olicity: Silver Lining?

Tonight marks a year to the break up!  The reasons for the breakup have long bothered me. After long discussions with @nalla-madness we figured the rush for the breakup happened because the writers needed to breakup Olicity before they killed Laurel.  5.15 before 5.18  We also figured that they couldn’t bring them back together until a new BC was brought in.  They also need a scape goat!  That scape goat that symbolizes all the crimes committed by the Hood/Green Arrow.. one man- a sin-eater- to represent every kill Oliver has made since day one; and innocent kill and that man was William Malone.

Finally I see a point to William Malone; not only did he bring about the Prometheus set-up of Oliver; but he is the reason Oliver disavows the Green Arrow; an integral part of himself.  This is where the Pendulum swings.. Oliver just burned his GA bridge.. he can only fight for the city as mayor; and as Ollie and yes I am calling that man who betrayed his alter ego Ollie.  All that was brought on by William Malone. William Malone was brought on by the breakup.

Why did it have to be Felicity’s boyfriend?  Because Oliver needed to be the one to push Felicity into the darkness by killing Billy?  He had to be the one placing that final straw.  The writers are twisted, but for a reason!

For Oliver to come though he has to realise that he has to tell the truth; he has to reveal himself; he has to declare he is the Green Arrow; he has to withstand a trial by jury and get acquitted.  That is the only way Oliver Queen will be redeemed. In order to do that he has to bring in Prometheus to prove the setup. Billy Malone served the purpose of Jesus on a cross.  He is there to represent Oliver’s past and he is the path to his future! 

Back to the break up.. tonight Adrian walked in on Susan about to kiss Oliver; and later he decided to abduct her. In the Promo we see Oliver dressed as the hunted GA going to save her.  Aren’t you glad now it’s not Felicity?  I have to admit that was my first silver lining and I have been looking for them.

The other question is: why did have to be Oliver pushing Felicity to the dark by killing Malone?  Because when Oliver finds out he will blame himself.  The jury might acquit him of Billys death but whatever happens to Felicity; he will not forgive himself for. 

This is where my processing stops.. how will it turn out?  How will the writers treat his realization; how she gets in and out of her dark ark?  I don’t know yet.  I don’t know if Alena is Brie’s sister anymore.. I don’t know if Helix is involved with Adrian.  The only thing I see is that Oliver will resolve his Billy problem before he faces his feelings and regression over loosing Felicity!

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Retour vers le Future X Breaking Bad - Fanart de bienvenu à Marty McFly le 21 octobre 2015.

Back to the Future X Breaking Bad - Special welcome fanart for Marty McFly on 21th october 2015.

conclaved replied to your post

what if costia was there though like what if lexa died in her arms also that emo makeup is cute af

it would RUIN her —– she’s spent so long hating lexa , but still with that little sliver of i love her , our history still replays in my head over and over because i loved you so much , you were practically my soulmate. then she finds out hey you didn’t actually abandon me and then there’s all the guilt and mess between them because costia’s trying to adjust to life again outside of nia’s rule and it’s still a big giant mess in polis.

but she hears the gunshot and she runs and she hopes but when she sees lexa on the floor , it b r e a k s her. she shoves titus and clarke out the way like please lexa , you ca make it , you have to make it. her hands are bloody and she can bearly see through the tears but the way lexa’s breathing and the shakiness to her hands – she knows she wont make it so she just holds her close , begging anyway.  it’s not fair , they only just found each other again and she’s been cruelly ripped from her again and costia can’t handle it. 

also thank u it’s from hot topic

  • politicians who got their university education for free: you know what, let's make people pay even more for their education because NOTHING IS FREE BLOODY YOUTH