[BREAKING] Dispatch Reports Birth of a New Star Couple: Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

Official Dispatch Article

According to an exclusive report by Dispatch, actors Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have been dating for about four months!

It is reported that the former on-screen couple have progressed into a real-life couple. Dispatch has shared that Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye began their relationship earlier this year in January, following the completion of “Pinocchio,” and have continued their relationship over the past four months.

The news outlet has spotted the couple on multiple dates during the last three months. It is said that the two have enjoyed dates both in Korea and overseas, usually taking advantage of overseas schedules to spend time with one another.

A source close to them revealed, “Magazine photo shoots usually wrap up in two days. The rest of the time is free. The two would make time for each other while working to go on dates secretly.”

It is also reported that the two actors would meet late at night to go on dates most of the time, which usually consisted of going on drives together. Most often, Lee Jong Suk would switch between his first car (Mercedes Benz) and his second (Porsche) to pick up Park Shin Hye from her home. When meeting at night, it is said that they would go on drives for two or three hours at a time, but would not stay out later than 1 a.m.

Source (1) (2) (3) | Translated by soompi

Esta condenação
era prevista
antes mesmo
de surgir.
Só poderei pagar
com a minha vida
pela gula.

Saio pelo mundo
devorando amor
mais do que posso digerir.

Igor, capital.

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Há palavra que serve
para perfumar o mundo.
Ela passa sobre toda

Que se por palavra
não entende
esta forma de amor,
que ao menos a respeite.

Se é da vida certos
rompantes de rancor,
caia na realidade.
Sobre a desventura,
se deleite!

Sabererá que neste muro do mundo
somos todos iguais.
Nada mais que um tijolo na parede.

Igor, Tijolos.