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Imagine newt having to say goodbye to you :(

Breakin’ my heart here, Anon.

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Imagine: Newt saying good-bye to you.

“I won’t forget you.” Newt called out, his jaw tightening, attempting to keep his tears and emotions back. But, it wasn’t easy and the tears still formed behind his green eyes. The rain falling softly around you both. The New York streets were beginning to empty, and you both stood in front of one another…knowing this would be the last time you’d set eyes on each other.

Love was a tricky thing like that, but it was better for the both of you. At least that’s what you told yourself.

“Nor I, Mr. Scamander….” You put on a straight face, hiding your true feelings for the wizard as you began to walk away…knowing you’d soon forget the adventures you had with him.

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